Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"DeAr" Hunting Season.

DeAr Hunting Season Analysis


PRE-SEASON: September 6th - October 30th

Set a few traps and get in a little practice. This will keep your skills sharp and prepare you for the upcoming season. It’s important to practice your offense as well as your defense.

The quality of DeAr is not as important as the quantity so get as much practice as you can during pre-season. As you get closer to regular season start selecting DeAr that meets with your desired requirements. Many good men tend to stumble or freeze when they come in contact with a desirable DeAr therefore practice is mandatory.

Beware of Poachers - Check traps on a regular basis because poachers will attempt to steal your DeAr that is caught in one of your emotional traps and is vulnerable.

REGULAR SEASON: October 31st - February 14th

The DeAr will allow you to approach them due to their desire for gifts and attention. Don't be tricked into believing just because she allows you in that she GENUINELY cares for you.

1st Quarter - October 31st - November 30th

The first official day is extremely important and you should be out there if at all possible. Why this day? Because it's Halloween and they tend to GET FREAKY, let their guards down, be open to approach and act out those inhibitions they have been suppressing during the post-season. This is the day, at parties especially, that they feel the rush of the season coming on and you have to take full advantage of it. You should have your game face on and you should be out there hunting. Don’t think about it, just go out and do it!!

2nd Quarter - December 1st - December 24th

By now you should be reaping the rewards of your traps because it's getting close to you know what (ho, ho, ho...). Choose that DeAr wisely because they are looking for gifts and someone to be with due to the seasonal pressure. They may not be interested in you initially and just caught up in all of the seasonal hype so take advantage of it.

Halftime – Christmas

"If Santa don't come to her on Christmas morning, YOU definitely won't cum with her on Christmas evening". Well, at least not with her and I am sure you know what I mean. Do you have any money left? Were you stupid and spent lots of your money on her and received an inequitable exchange in return. She knows that she can't just say thank you with a handshake so to continue to give you a FALSE sense of HOPE she may give you “a shoulder-to-shoulder, BOOTY OUT hug to avoid breast and lower body contact”, “a kiss on the cheek" or a "QUICK, tongue-less kiss on the lips" to keep you around? If so there is NO HOPE for you so cut your losses, simply quit before you lose more and wait until next season.

3rd Quarter - December 26th - January 15th

This is the time to trap that DeAr that ignored you during the first half of the season. They probably missed out on that Christmas companionship, those Christmas gifts and now refuse to wait on the sidelines for HIM (usually a married man or a man already in a relationship) any longer. They will want to make sure that they are not left out on Valentine's Day. Get rid of the DeAr that you trapped during the first half of the season and HAVE NOT MOUNTED that is a liability to you and make room for new prospects.

4th Quarter - January 16th - February 14th

This is your last chance to have a successful season if you haven't already been successful. If you have not trapped any DeAr by now you have to make your traps more desirable (i.e., do as most of them do and use DISHONESTY and/or DECEIT) or lower your DeAr requirements so that you can end the season with at least one capture.

The Holy Day, Super Bowl Sunday is an excellent day to hunt and there is always an abundance of DeAr at the right parties. They tend to group together so you have to show no fear of rejection or weakness in your attempt at breaking one away from the herd.

Sudden Death Overtime (Valentine’s Day)

The final official day, the second most stressful day and the FINAL opportunity of the season. The good man has been ALLOWED, during the season, to spend time with her and more importantly spend money on her and he has now become emotionally attached. He wants to pop the commitment question but knows, “I Love Her and She Loves Me Not”.

POST SEASON: February 15th - September 5th

Termination Notification Time (TNT). This is the DAGGER-IN-THE-BACK (that pierces the heart) time when Skeezers issue termination notices to the good men they suckered during the season. They have received enough attention, money, gifts and a huge self-esteem boost to last them throughout the post season. Notices to their victims are similar to the one below:

“Sweetie, thank you for the gifts, dinners and time we spent together these past few months. You’ve been a nice friend, a gentleman and a God sent blessing. Did I tell you that my ex and I are getting back together (or “Did I tell you I met someone”)? He is very jealous and would not like me spending time with another man. I am sure you will find that special someone. Thanks again for everything. WE wish you the best”.

The sad part about the whole ordeal is that most good men will NEVER change their behavior and will get USED AGAIN during the post-season and regular seasons to come. There will even be cases that the same Skeezer that terminated him will RECALL HIM after she has been dumped just before the season starts again and those same good men (i.e., Suckermen) will be more than willing to go back and cater to those Skeezers again.

Post Season Blues (PSB). This is the time when many good men (Suckermen) will enter that state of loneliness and depression after having been served their termination notice. They will have been stripped of their self-esteem and money.

This is the time to repair and heal any damages caused during the hunt, to relax, bond with other hunters, exchange experiences, share locations and ideas.

After a few months of healing, relaxing and reflecting you need to begin preparation in any manner you see fit (financially, emotionally, physically, etc.) for the next season.


1.  DO NOT put forth any extra effort on stray DeAr during the post-season.

2.  DO NOT return to any DeAr you DID NOT MOUNT the previous season.

3.  USE MINIMAL EFFORT during the post-season since they are too busy trying to GET BACK with the MALES THAT DUMPED THEM during the season.

4.  MANY DeAr tend to revert to their nasty and inconsiderate attitudes towards good men because they were USED and DUMPED so save the effort, time and expense for the regular season.


I can only provide information for you to cosider.  In the end, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE.


  1. I consider myself to be a good woman. I am in a good relationship and I don't pressure my man for money or use his desire for me to get what I want. I completely agree with you regarding these economic times. People should be spending only when necessary but I know several female friends that use their men but I must say they are grown men and know what they are doing.

    There are a lot of weak men out there and why they are that way I don't know. I am not a man so I can't answer that one. I have heard many of my girlfriends say that if a man is weak and they can use him to get what they want then they certainly will do so.

    I love this blog and will definitely share with my other friends. Don't be surprised if you get some angry comments from some of them. Keep up the good work.

  2. My girlfriend sent me this email and I must say that you are one pathetic excuse for a man. How dare you say these things. I think that if a man wants a woman he has to pay the price for doing so. Women are creations of God and deserve special treatment. If a man can't afford to financially support a woman then he needs to get a second job or just move on and let a real man step in and do what a man is supposed to do.

    Some woman must have really hurt you for you to say what you have said. I don't feel sorry for you and I hope the next woman bring even more pain and suffering to you. You are probably one of those men that spend your money on women and don't get what you want so you are angry and hate all women. Obviously your parents did not teach you what it takes as a man to have a woman so why don't you take it out on them. I bet you are one of those fat, lonely and ugly men that sit on the computer looking at porn every chance you get because you can't get yourself a woman.

    Get a life Mr. Duval since it seems as if you don't have and can't get a woman.

  3. I don't understnad why women such as Ms. In Your Face ..get so angry if she doesn't feel that she is the kind of woman that Mr. Duval talks about in his blog.

    Here's a tip for In Your Face..if you don't feel you have the amount of money you need or want, why don't you go out and get a second job so you can live your life like you see fit..stop being angry at men for speaking theirs minds and not wanting to support you and yourlife style..before you try to be "In somebodies Face" make sure you can bring to the table just as much as your excpecting "The Man" too..

    I was about to end my comment but one more thing..Men are creations of God also, so your telling me they don't desrve special treatment..c'mon Ms. In Your Face..that means from the comment you made..we as women need to support men too and if we can't we need to move on so the next woman can..remember we are all created equal..so the same expectations of a man should be put on a women too...watching what you write because believe it or not some of us are actually paying attention to what your saying...Oh and by the way I am a woman..making my own way, not expecting a man to come through for me because I live a certain lifestyle..it's all about being responsible for your self and your actions..stop looking for a bailout plan.

  4. To Ms. In Your Face: It is obvious, by your writing, that you are the one with issues. You failed to give me credit for acknowledging the GOOD WOMEN that do exist and I always praise them for participating in MUTUALLY HEALTHY relationships. My one regret about those good women is that there aren't enough to go around and there are TOO MANY like you. I am hoping that the decent males out there will avoid females like you and align themselves with good women who are seeking to enhance the happiness that THEY have worked for and have EARNED as opposed to sucking the resources and services out of males for their pleasure and gain.

    I won't wish you the worse because YOU are your own worse enemy and you will ultimately (if not already) receive which you JUSTLY deserve. In the meantime, I hope "God Continues to Bless Those Good, Decent Women out there with peace, prosperity and happiness".

  5. Thank you Ms. Anonymouse for your comment. It's obvious that you are a HAPPY, RESPONSIBLE and SENSIBLE woman based upon your comments. I can tell that you are not the Skeezer type and you realize that since those negative comments DO NOT apply to you, it does not upset you.

    I have no problem speaking about the negative and scandalous behavior of many females just as I have no problem giving applauds and credit to the good women out there functioning in a responsible, considerate and humane manner.

    Keep up the positive example Ms. Anonymous for we DECENT men truly need more of you and less of "Ms. In Your Face". Peace and Blessings.

  6. Duval you are a sick bastard. Why don't you do like many of the other weak black men and get yourself a docile white, asian or latin woman that will do what you say? I am a happily married black woman with a black man that caters to my every need. Black women don't need to have someone like you around them anyway. We need men that will take care of their responsibilities and treat us like the queens that we are.

  7. Ms. Queen (or Your Highness) if you are so happy, as you have claimed, why are you coming at me in such a harsh manner. Let me respond to your individual statements.

    I am not sick physically or mentally and I am not a BASTARD because my mother and father were MARRIED when they had me. She wasn't just a BOOTY CALL or one on the ROTATION that CLAIMED SHE made a mistake afterwards OR claimed God gave her a blessing by having a baby AFTER being bought a few dinners, had a couple of items purchased for her, taken on a vacation or just being a straight out HO by being given some money. Can you say the same about yourself and any children that you have?

    Regarding the docile women recommendation I want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH and I will certainly take your advice and see what other options life has to offer.

    Regarding black women NOT NEEDING me around them? Well, that's a NO BRAINER because I don't waste my time with someone that don't want to be around me, EXPECTS me to pursue them or EXPECTS me to lift up their low self-esteem by lowering mine anyway but thanks again for the information. DO YOU REALIZE how much MONEY will be saved and how much DRAMA FREE TIME I will have to enjoy my life with a DOCILE woman (as you say) and do productive things with black women NOT NEEDING to have me around them? I believe by respecting their DESIRE to not be around them is a WIN-WIN for both of us.

    There are tons of men that are out there catering to and desiring to cater to the women you speak of. I am in the minority of males that choose to not SERVE A QUEEN. Fortunately for you and those other QUEENS like you that 90 percent of the males WILL foolishly and freely cater to you and others like you. So why are you so UPSET with little 'ole me and my little blog page?

    It appears to me, "Your Highness", that you need to just go and sit on your throne and take one huge DUMP to relieve yourself. I think you will feel much better afterwards.

    1. I bought the dinners. And I still think children are a blessing.

  8. Ms. Often Mis-understoodSeptember 23, 2009 at 10:40 AM

    THE Professor! This link was sent to me by a friend of mine. Where did you find this J. Duval guy? His DeAr Hunting Season philosophy is clear, simple and ON POINT. I love this blog. It's obvious that many can't handle the truth about relationships or there would not be so many problems between the male and female. I am going to send this to my other female friends as well as read some of his other blogs. I hope to catch your program tonight as well. Keep up the good work.