Monday, October 5, 2009

She Has To EARN The Respect Before Being GIVEN The Respect

(Excerpt from Rules of Engagement)

This is one of the most effective moves that skeezers have. Most of them will use that mother-fuya punch if they want to cut through the crap and get you to conform quickly. They will tell you, “I want a man to RESPECT ME and treat me the same way he treats his mother”. CAUTION: She’s trying to punch you in your heart. This tactic works well on a moron or a momma’s boy so put some distance between those punches if that’s you.


Make sure you (not her) set the requirements so that she can earn that kind of treatment. She is attempting to use your feelings for your mother in order to get you to comply with her inconsiderate request and that is what that request is since she has not earned that kind of treatment.


She doesn’t give a crap about you or your mother. She is simply using that as a means of getting you to drop your defenses and allow her in with little or no effort on her part.

Your mother sacrificed herself unselfishly to raise you and provided unconditional love even when you sometimes didn’t deserve it. She probably put her life on hold, in many instances, to make sure that you would be raised to the best of her abilities. Is she doing for you as your mother did?

For you to give ANY female that kind of immediate respect and treatment when she did not earn it would be an INSULT to your mother and what your mother has done for YOU. If you have NO love and respect for your mother and what she sacrificed for you then go right ahead FOOL and give that skeezer all that respect and treatment she immediately expects.

No DECENT female genuinely interested in you, will expect that kind of IMMEDIATE respect and treatment or compare herself to your mother if she doesn’t spend time getting to know your mother and doing for you what your mother did.

If you fall for that one then you deserve the STRESS, pain and suffering you will receive while with her and AFTER she eventually dumps you.


  1. Very well stated Mr. Duval. I had gotten a couple of emails from my girlfriends about your blogsite and just was not interested because I thought you were one of those angry women bashing males. After reading this email and especially since I am a mother of 2 sons, I can truly relate to what you are saying.

    I have found that from experience when a woman wants a man to treat her in that manner before they have spend enough time together, she is usually a controlling woman that wants the son to eventually place her before his mother in every way possible. I know because it happened to one of my sons and she practically had him asking for her approval before spending time with me. In other words, if she had nothing she wanted to do or nothing she wanted him to do then it was acceptable to spend time with me.

    Although I hated her, I resented my son and lost some respect for his as a man for allowing her to control him like that. As you have stated in your blogs, women like that control until nothing is left and then they leave. Well, that is what happened to my son as he gave and gave while she took and took until nothing was left so she left him.

    I will definitely pass your blogsite on to both of my sons eventhough only one needs it for now. Thank you and continue to enlighten those mother's sons who won't listen to their mother's advice.

  2. Thanks Denise for your comment. You are part of a minority group of females that can sensibly read my blogs and realize that they DO NOT apply to all females and just those self-serving ones that take advantage of the decent males who may have a genuine interest in them. Please share with your other friends.

  3. Respect has a close friend called trust. I believe both goes hand in hand and both are earned over time and not given. They are the two things that are often lost in friendships, relationships and partnerships. Once lost they are hard to regain because of the time factor involved. One has no value without the other.