Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So She Has Expectations and Don't Want "No Mo Drama" Huh?

There are DECENT, SENSIBLE females out here but that number is RAPIDLY DIMINISHING. I suggest that ALL males that don't have a decent, sensible female in their lives DUMP that UNDESIRABLE SKEEZER and seek one of the decent ones that are left before it's too late and you are left with nothing but the UNDESIRABLES and SKEEZERS to choose from. You will ALWAYS be able to use the undesirables and skeezers as PAID BOOTY CALLS and PAID SERVANTS if you are strong enough to resist trying to develop any kind of HEALTHY relationship which is impossible with them.

I find it to be quite entertaining when I hear females speak about NOT wanting any drama in their personal, intimate relationship with a male. I also have found it to be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get MOST FEMALES to INTELLIGENTLY explain to me what NO MO DRAMA means WITHOUT the emotional rhetoric. Yes, I have had a FEW females give me an intelligent explanation but those are ONLY a few as compared to the majority. Why only a few? It's because the MAJORITY of them DON'T KNOW what a healthy, loving relationships is. Their interpretation of a healthy, loving relationship has ALWAYS revolved around the following and this is ALL that most of them know and want to know. Am I saying this is wrong? No. I am simply saying it is what it is:

- Dependent/Low Self-Esteem: What can he do for me to make me happy and upgrade my lifestyle,

- Solicitor/Wh^re: Give me the money and things that I want and I will provide you the service that you want,

- Suckerman/B^tch: Give me what I want and I give you the opportunity to give me more of what I want later on.

What is just as difficult to get from the majority of females is an INTELLIGENT and DETAILED BEHAVIORAL description of their expectations from that male in a relationship.

The reason why I ask for those expectations is so that RESPONSIBILITY can be assigned as well. Most females have perceived EXPECTATIONS OF HIM (whomever him is) to initiate and maintain those expectations with little or no expectations of HER being responsible for INITIATING or MAINTAINING those expectations.

Example: She wants a relationship yet she will take no action beyond perfume, clothing and a trip to the salon for her hair, face and nails.

What about being pro-active after all of that preparation and INITIATING contact with average looking, DECENT males and not just the PRETTY ones or the ones that have money/status or have the appearance of money/status? After all, the average looking, decent males EXPONENTIALLY out number the "high dollar/high status" males thus increasing her chances of obtaining and maintaining a HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE, ENJOYABLE and a more likely MONOGAMOUS relationship.

I would say that the majority of males (including myself) are average looking and a small percentage of males are the PRETTY BOYS and a small percentage of males are MUD DUCKS.

I have personally found that MOST of the drama females speak of comes from:

- Being questioned about HER behavior that she does not want to (or can't) explain,

- Arguments between she and the INCOMPATIBLE male SHE CHOSE to be with and she will remain in that drama-filled relationships as opposed to simply leaving, becoming more reasonable and finding a compatible male,

- Not having things go HER way most of the time. The majority of these things USUALLY has to do with unreasonable requests or requests requiring money being spent (by him of course).

My point is that MOST of the DRAMA females claim to not want are SELF-INFLICTED and the amount of drama in those relationships can be drastically or completely eliminated if they would make more sensible choices in males.

MANY females will ALWAYS have dysfunctional drama in their lives because that is THEIR MAKEUP therefore drama is what they are attracted to and is consider NORMAL in their eyes.


The next time you hear a female talk of not wanting drama remember that for most of them it is just talk. To prove that is it (or isn't) just talk, get her to explain specifcially what BEHAVIOR, in her present and/or past, is considered to be drama. Then ask her, "If drama is NOT what you want, tell me exactly the type of behavior you do want"? If she can't explain then the best thing a SENSIBLE male can do is to NOT allow himself to get emotionally attached to that female UNLESS she is willing to listen to you, CHANGE her behavior and behave in the manner described by you that will not only ELIMINATE THAT DRAMA but also benefit both of you.

Feel free to provide your helpful or hateful comments.


  1. The only way to eliminate Drama is having an honest conversation in the beginning of the relationship.In our society today I believe open relationships are the ticket to curve Drama.Why? because courting is gone, we don't take time to meeet the family and friends, couples have sex before they take the relationship to the next level.That only limits the relationship to a physical courtship, and if the panties are not coming off the relationship is stagnant then drama ensues.The male was not programed to love just one, he needs to love them all. A woman is not suppose to be a jealous creature, a posessive animal, she nurtures and sets free. A woman who tries to control a man goes against the laws of nature, and turns into an unhappy bitch.

  2. Thanks AP for your comment. Please share this blog as well as my other blogs with your friends. Unfortunately, I know a lot of "happy" bitches that men have ALLOWED themselves to be controlled by.

    Fortunately, time usually takes care of those types of bitches because MOST males will eventually reconnect their balls and DUMP THAT BITCH and leave her to deal with old age as a COUGAR and plenty of YOUNG dogs that are more than willing to PRACTICE with HER (i.e., spontaneous sex) until they find someone younger to settle down with.