Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are You Still Paying Her Way? Maybe You Should Give It A Second Thought.

There are MANY decent and responsible females out there that are traveling, paying their own bills and simply want enjoyment and companionship WITHOUT the expectation of YOU PAYING for them to travel with you or helping them pay their bills. You are not being a gentleman for paying, you are being a FOOL. I would DUMP ANY SKEEZING FEMALE that don't think and behave in the manner of those responsible females UNLESS she provides you the type of service that YOU want and NOT the type of service SHE wants to give you.

Many females are travelling and spending money. Who pays for it indirectly? YOU if you are paying for the entertainment expenses when going out because she is SAVING HER MONEY to buy trendy, sexy clothing and take those trips WITHOUT YOU. DO NOT BELIEVE it when she is telling you she is buying those clothes to look sexy for JUST YOU. The TRUTH in the matter is that she is buying those clothes to look sexy for ANY MALE that SHE FINDS ATTRACTIVE that will give her the attention and compensation that she desires.

Do you wonder why many females ARE BROKE or CLAIM TO BE IN A FINANCIAL BIND? It's because they were out there spending money and enjoying themselves WITHOUT YOU and now YOU are going to contribute to HER entertainment or clothing fund which will be NO FUN given back to you.

***FACT*** The more OPPORTUNITY most females have to NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for themselves, the more they will spend LATER on themselves when they are NOT WITH YOU. Why is that so? It is very, very simple. They can do it because of FOOLS that will PAY THEIR WAY or provide them STIMULUS CHECKS/CASH when they need to be rescued from their spending.

In this present economy, MANY males CAN'T afford to help (as they say) females out or wine & dine females (in the manner females prefer) without putting themselves in a FINANCIAL bind yet they continue to put out HOPING for the best while placing themselves financially short and BORROWING from their friends and family members to pay their bills.

How PATHETIC or INSANE can that be? To make things worse, THEY have been convinced BY HER or other LOW SELF-ESTEEM males that they are enjoying themselves and having a good time by simply spending time and MONEY being with her. What is really sad about this is that this blog reflects many of YOU and YOU will continue to do those STUPID things anyway.

Well, if she takes you for what you have AFTER reading this, then YOU DESERVE TO BE TAKEN and then DUMPED for being so STUPID. I find that the majority of these types of males will CRITICIZE ME and my methods FOR ATTEMPTING TO HELP THEM.

Instead of getting ONLY the opportunity to spend your money , why not try GETTING SOME SERVICE OUT OF HER (i.e., maid, cook, etc.) since we both know that she is baiting you with an ILLUSION (of what you won't get) that you are PAYING FOR and HOPING that it will become a REALITY. That way you are at least getting some return for your money spent. Check out some of these expenses. Now tell me these females CAN'T afford to pay their own way when spending time with YOU.

Like this one female told me, "There is a sucker born every day" and my response to her was, "No, there are MANY suckers born every day". The question to you males is, "Are you one of those SUCKERS they are talking about"?


Package 1: Entire tour without air and airport transfers, $2,397 per person based on double occupancy/for a single add $576 (Roommate Service available).

Package 2: 3 day ground-only Roman Holiday (it will feel like 5 days), $997 per person based on double occupancy/for a single add $165.

Her Quote:

"I started Bella Italia, a travel club that was created to expose Black women to a country filled with rich culture, incredible cuisine, amazing shopping, pulsing nightlife and it seems... a unique appreciations for the beauty of Black women" (smile)!


If you don't know what "unique appreciations for the beauty of Black women" means let me help you out. Men in that country are AGGRESSIVELY catering to them, spending money on them and raising the bar of HER expectations for many of YOU when she returns. Those guys in italy (as well as other countries) are POON HOUNDS as well and want to satisfy their curiosity about the black woman's SEXUAL ABILITIES so remember, "What will go on in Italy, will remain in Italy". They will simply DO THEIR THING and then CLEAN THAT "THANG" OFF before they return and YOU will be STUPID enough to believe her when she says, "Oh, I just had a good time with the girls and nothing else happened".

Am I saying they are wrong for doing it? NO. As far as I am concerned, they can do that and more since I don't care. What I am saying is that they will LIE TO YOU about doing it and have you eventually assist in paying for the LIE they enjoyed WITHOUT YOU. The vast majority will go on these vacations and have a GREAT TIME and swipe that credit card or spend that cash at every opportunity while on that vacation. Again, is it wrong? NO. It's their RIGHT, their CHOICE, their MONEY and whatever they are doing with it should be RESPECTED.

What I am saying to males is DON'T HELP FINANCE their fun and frolic by PAYING THEIR WAY when spending time with YOU or by helping her with her bills. You have to ask yourself, "Did she ever OFFER to take you (that means the person offering PAYS) on one of those vacation GETAWAYS that YOU have INDIRECTLY paid for"?

So think about those vacation getaways women are taking BEFORE you are so quick to be a sucker (oops, I mean gentleman) and reach for the tab to pay the expenses OR break her off some chips to help her with her bills UNLESS she will SERVICE YOU since you WILL NOT be going on those vacations with her UNLESS YOU PAY FOR BOTH OF YOU. Make sure you get whatever the service is BEFORE you pay her because if she is a SKEEZER in disguise YOU will PUT OUT and SHE will then GET OUT before servicing you.



I know that the above reflects the situation of many of you males reading this blog. I am HOPING that sooner or later this information will sink in and you will come out of that SOS (State-Of-Stupidity), DUMP HER, start thinking more of YOUR well being and get yourself one of those women I spoke of at the beginning of this blog.

TRUST ME when I say after it's all said and done, YOU are broke and SHE is gone her words will be, "Well, I didn't tell him to spend his money, HE OFFERED TO PAY". Don't offer and see how long she remains with you.


  1. A Faithful FollowerAugust 18, 2009 at 4:41 PM

    somebody must have really hurt you because you are so negative. why are you so concerned about money? you need to get down on your knees and thank God for just waking you up everyday. so she took all of your money. at least you have your health. money means nothing without the blessings from God.

    God says that if we pray for anything in His will, believing, it will be given to us. However, God's will and His ways do not always coincide with ours. So, when we turn our finances over to God, we also must be willing to accept His direction.

  2. Faithful Follower, I am going to respond to your comments individually.

    1. somebody must have hurt you because you are so negative - i am not negative, i am truthful about what happens to many males. the difference between myself and most males is that they refuse to stop behaving in such a manner AND they refuse to publically speak about it.

    2. why are you so concerned about money? - because it's not HER money that is an issue it's the male's money that females are after. if they were spending their own money as opposed to expecting him to spend his money on her there would be no issue.

    3. thank God for just waking you up - what does that have to do with this blog?

    4. she took all of your money - no females takes a males money. he (we) FOOLISHLY gives it away and that is what i am trying to get males to recognize and stop doing.

    5. money means nothing without the blessings from God - if that statement is true and females TRULY believed in God then they would not EXPECT males to give them money or spend money on them in order to spend time with them.

    6. when we turn our finances over to God - so when has the female been ordained with the title of God since they EXPECT us to turn our finances over to them (i.e., spend on them or give to them). the only directions (attitude) males get from MOST females (i.e. God if that is what you want her to be) after receiving his finances is "I Ain't Gonna".

    Need I say more?

  3. I had a GREAT travel experience a couple yrs. Ago. I was very concerned about becoming one of those “pathetic asses” bcause she was my H.S. sweetheart, fine as wine and I was ready to let my ASS and my WALLET hang off the London bridge for her,if necessary.

    She suggested we roll down to Arizona for a few days of “quality time” and some R&R. She showed me the”wholesome” woman she was when SHE suggested we each chip in “HALF …as in 300 each!!! Now THAT’S a real deal chick and I got back home with $100 left!

    I have to admit, I may not have had the stones to insist on half thus ending up PATHETIC…WHEW!!