Sunday, March 3, 2013

Clubs, Weaves, Eating, Reality Shows and Talking Shit

Why are you limiting YOUR EXPOSURE to what life has to offer simply because she is EXPECTING YOU to pay her way in order to do so? There are so many other things in life to do IF you choose to do so rather than WAIT FOR a particular female to do it with.


This DOES APPLY to the decent, common, average Joe males that are simply WASTING their lives away by limiting themselves to what they have been ACCUSTOMED TO in the past and present.

GOING TO CHURCH. I mentioned going to church because, in most cases, it is NOT a "God" thing but rather a "Control" thing. Don't believe me? Well, take a close look at her behavior OUTSIDE of church and you ask yourself, "Is she considerate of you", "Does she pay her own way with you", "Does she speak and behave in a respectable manner to you"? I will leave you to answer those.


So you desire those big booty, weave slinging, loud mouth, club banging, YOU BETTER come with me church going, want you to take her out to EAT (you pay for it of course), you can't tell me what to do females, huh?

Well, you can have all of them and even those to come up after them. I have been there, done that and it's a COMPLETE WASTE of time for ANY male that wants to expand his outlook on life.


Why are YOU going to LIMIT yourself because of her?

Do you really think that SHE would ALLOW YOU to be around her IF someone else came along that wanted to do MORE FOR HER?


You can do more and enjoy more IF you are ONLY paying for you.

When you travel ALONE, you will meet other women depending on where you go (DO NOT ASSOCIATE with the same types you are trying to avoid when you do travel alone)

There is a RAINBOW of options out there that expose themselves to more than just:

1. Weaves,
2. Going to church,
3. Watching stupid reality shows,
4. Going to the clubs (looking for FREE drinks),
5. Eating more and exercising less,
6. Talking shit personally with you or online to you and others,
7. Sitting around complaining about their baby daddy or daddies.


1. Wisely use your time,
2. Immediately STOP spending money on females,
3. Start placing some IMPORTANCE in what you would like to do alone,
4. Start planning weekend TRIPS at first (it does not have to be anything expensive or far away),
5. Save (not spend on females) your money to take those trips,
6. Use some of that time wasted with females IMPROVING self.


As I have stated before, all I can do is "inform" which is why I am having these classes. The FINAL decision as to how YOU want to live your life depends SOLELY upon you and NOT HER.

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