Thursday, June 6, 2013

REALITY CHECK: My T-Shirt Is Worth a Thousand Words

There are females out there that think they are so good looking OR have a certain type of job/career that it makes them feel as if they are ABOVE us Joe's and find it to be INSULTING if we look at them for more than a QUICK glance.


This t-shirt IS FOR any Joe that has gotten that RUDE FROWN just because we took the time to ACKNOWLEDGE the female's existence by looking at her.


This is for all the common, average Joe males (like myself) that no longer allow rude responses by females to disappoint them. 


An EGOTISTICAL and IMMATURE female will consider it to be RUDE and somewhat DISRESPECTFUL if a male SHE IS NOT ATTRACTED TO looks at her for more than a BRIEF glance.

A GROUNDED and MATURE female will consider it to be a COMPLIMENT if a male SHE IS NOT ATTRACTED TO looks at her for more than a BRIEF glance.


You will not be considered attractive in the eyes of every female that sees you looking at her. With that said, that does not mean that SHE has to react in such an immature, disrespectful and rude manner although MANY of them do.


1. Nothing when she RUDELY responds in that manner. Just continue walking away from her.

2. Since my t-shirt is worth a thousand words, you would not have to say a thing, IF YOU WERE WEARING IT, when she frowns at you for simply acknowledging her existence by "looking at her". My t-shirt would speak LOUDLY and CLEARLY for you WITHOUT you saying one word to her.


NEVER ALLOW a rude female to disrupt YOUR happiness and peace of mind.


  1. Did you ever think that if women are constantly reacting negatively to you looking at them, that perhaps the problem is not with women? The common denominator is you, my friend. All the women in the world can't possibly be immature and egotistical. Might also be the shirt, kind of makes you seem like an asshole. Just saying.

  2. I am an asshole but an asshole is simply a male that DON'T NOT COMPLY with a female's wishes just because she wants him to.

    With me, she has to have a legitimate reason due to the selfish mindset and behavior that MANY females possess nowadays.

    By the way, they are NOT constantly reacting like that to be but it seems as if there is a POLITICALLY CORRECT problem when HER negative behavior is publicized.

    If you UNEMOTIONALLY and LOGICALLY would read the post, you will see that the post is towards females that make that UNNECESSARY FROWN just because a guy LOOKS at her.

    I understand your COMING TO THE DEFENSE of females with this post WITHOUT RATIONAL JUSTIFICATION and I am not surprised or offended by such. You have been WELL programmed to do so.

    Keep reading and I am sure you will DEFEND them even more. They (whomever programmed you) should be VERY PROUD of themselves.

    Thanks Seamus for the comment!

  3. A Challenge for you Seamus:

    Please tell me EXACTLY where I stated this applied to ALL THE WOMEN IN THE WORLD that you have mentioned so that I can APOLOGIZE for everyone IN THE WORLD so see for making such a STUPID and IMMATURE statement.

    Now IF you can't show me that, I would appreciate it if YOU would be MATURE enough to state, RIGHT HERE, that you simply made an ASSumption of yourself. Thanks!