Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome to the New Additions to America's Normal

Accept it or not, change is occurring in MANY manners in this country and this world. Some you MAY like and some you MAY NOT like. Well, like it or not, IT WILL happen.


RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. Please save your RANT or JUDGEMENT until AFTER you stop SINNING (i.e., lying, stealing, cheating, fornicating BEFORE you get married, having children OUT OF WEDLOCK, haveing sex with someone besides your spouse AFTER you get married, gossiping, etc.). Need I continue because YOU HYPOCRITES are totally ridiculous and OUT OF CONTROL.


Things are changing and some things RAPIDLY. There are 4 noticeable changes that are occurring in this country: 

1. Gay or Lesbian identity,

2. Same sex relationships,

3. Huge Increase in the size of people, and

4. Females having multiple male partners.


Is this going to ELIMINATE heterosexual relationships?


No. Just as some people PREFER same sex relationships, other people will continue to prefer heterosexual relationships.


Will this HIDER the birth rate?


No. There are TOO MANY sexually irresponsible people for that to happen.


Will it DESTROY the FUTURE quality of relationships?


No. The same question or concern was brought up when INTERRACIAL relationships began to occur. The HETEROSEXUAL couples have already FUCKED UP the quality of relationship so maybe it may improve it. We will just have to wait and see.


I PERSONALLY do not care what an individual's sexual identity, preference or size/weight PREFERENCE is UNLESS it's what I am looking for. 

I am, as always, more interested in an individual's ATTITUDE, BEHAVIOR and how they treat others.

As long as people are functioning in a respectful, responsible, civil manner and NOT FORCING their beliefs and practices on others or CONDEMNING OTHERS for NOT BEING LIKE THEM (like MANY Christian people do), I can get along with them and RESPECT their choice.


I'm sure one or some of you will try and GO THERE so let me kill it now, "No I am not gay, interested in being in a same sex relationship or in a same sex relationship". I am ALL heterosexual but simply can RESPECT someone else sexual preference.


IF part of the "new" normal is NOT what you are interested in, DON'T let it IRRITATE you OR DISRUPT your life. Simply stay in your lane and live your life in the manner YOU CHOOSE.

Well, there you have it. Once again, I bring to you what many choose to REMAIN DELUSIONAL about or SIMPLY AVOID.

Class is dismissed.

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