Saturday, June 15, 2013

If She Wants a Man on Her Level Give Him to Her

I'm sure that I am NOT the only male that has heard females say, "I want a man that is on MY LEVEL". This is usually stated by females who THINK or who ACTUALLY IS in a rather comfortable educational, career or financial state.


This DOES APPLY to ANY female who makes the ON MY LEVEL statement.


Males need to STOP ARGUING with a female about her wanting a man on her level and take a REAL CLOSE look at her situation, RESPECT her wishes and MOVE ON if you are NOT on HER LEVEL. They need to take females LITERALLY when they make that ON MY LEVEL statement, MALES need to respond in the following INTELLIGENT manner:

- If you have a SUCCESSFUL career, YOU DESERVE a man with a successful career

- If you have a desire for CONTINUING your EDUCATION, YOU DESERVE a man that has a desire to continue his education

- If you are FINANCIALLY responsible and stable, YOU DESERVE a man that's financially responsible, stable AND at or near the same financial level rather than someone that makes 2, 3 times more.

- If you VALUE YOUR HEALTH, YOU DESERVE a man that values his health

- If you DON'T like to ARGUE, YOU DESERVE a man that does not like to argue

- If you PREFER TO MATURELY discuss matters, YOU DESERVE a man that maturely discusses matters

- If you are NOT INSECURE, YOU DESERVE a man that's not insecure

- If you are NOT a CHEATER, YOU DESERVE a man that's not a cheater


- If you are a SINGLE mother, YOU DESERVE a single father with at least the same number of children,

- If you are BROKE and HOMELESS, YOU DESERVE a man that's broke and homeless,

- If you are FINANCIALLY struggling, YOU DESERVE a man that's financially struggling,

- If you have WEIGHT ISSUES, YOU DESERVE a man with weight issues,

- If you have NO CAR, YOU DESERVE a man with no car,

- If you live on PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, YOU DESERVE a man on public assistance which INCLUDES inmates since HE IS on public assistance.


(To Females). Are you ready to accept someone AT YOUR LEVEL because I am going to try my best to CONDITION males to do just that?

(To Males). Can YOU simply ALLOW her to have what she DESERVES and move on to someone that IS on YOUR LEVEL?


REMEMBER: My posts are about DOING so respect females and GIVE THEM what they DESERVE.

As simple as this is to do, I find SO MANY males INCAPABLE of doing this which is why THEIR LIVES will always be like a ROLLER COASTER ride.

Class is dismissed.

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