Monday, June 17, 2013

VICTIM or ATTACKER: I Don't Encourage Violence But I Do Understand Self Defense

I will never stop saying this, "If you have to CONSTANTLY argue with a female, you should GET RID OF HER". Continual engaging in heated arguments, with manyfemales, will EVENTUALLY end up in some sort of physical response by her.


THERE ARE sensible, non-violent women capable of engaging in a HEATED discussion or argument WITHOUT responding with physical violence.

This DOES NOT APPLY to women who can refrain from physically responding when engaged in a heated discussion or argument.

DO NOT RESPOND physically unless you are in danger of receiving CRITICAL body harm and if you have to respond physically DO SO ONLY with the amount necessary to distance yourself from her.


MOST of the time domestic violence will be INITIATED by the female. I know you don't think so due to the DOUBLE STANDARDS that are applied for the SAME type of act. Let's keep it very basic to minimize confusion and diversion from my point.


There are females that simply LOVE violence, LOVE heated confrontations and the PHYSICAL, violent responses that result from those heated confrontations.


There are many males and females that have the BELIEF that sex is more intense and much better AFTER a heated argument or a physical altercation. I guess for those that think like that it is true.

Guess what happens to you IF, for whatever reason, SHE DECIDES to "Call the police after the altercation" INSTEAD OF "Calling you daddy after the altercation"? Is that risk worth it?


These are 3 common scenarios:

1. COUPLE HAS A DISAGREEMENT. The two of them get into a conversation with opposing positions and it escalates into a heated argument. Voices get louder, tempers get hotter and they get closer to each other. Finally he says something that SHE does not like, EMOTIONALLY explodes and SLAPS HIM.

2. SHE SUSPECTS HIM OF CHEATING. She confronts him about whether or not he is seeing another woman. Initially he says no and walks away from her. She grabs him, turns him around, gets in his face (no contact) and constantly asks until he CONFESSES that he had been seeing another woman. All of a sudden she EMOTIONALLY explodes, SLAPS him in the face and walk away.

3. HE LOOKS AT ANOTHER WOMAN. They are out in public and this woman that is more attractive than her is walking ahead of them. She notices him watching her for more than just a glance so she pushed, slaps or punches him in his chest.


1. WAS SHE PROVOKED by him into responding in those manners?

2. Was those her ONLY OPTIONS available to respond?

3. Should HER responses be considered JUSTIFIED or a UNJUSTIFIED?

4. Should SHE be considered a VICTIM because he defended himself and she GOT HER ASS WHIPPED?


People, generally speaking, considers the above responses by a female to be:

- Harmless,

- Acceptable,

- EXCUSABLE emotional response.

People, generally speaking, considers the above responses by a male to be:

- Harmful,

- Unacceptable,

- A criminal act,

- A woman hater,

- Domestic abuse,

- Emotional abuse,

- A woman abuser,

- A violation of her civil rights,

- Verbal abuse (heated argument),

- Behavior that is unbecoming of a man,

- A possible rapist if they engage in sex afterwards.


Abuse towards males are NOT taken seriously, in MOST cases, because most males are NOT seen as being of any value EXCEPT FOR the money and labor he can provide her.

SADLY, most males nowadays look upon themselves in the SAME MANNER as most females do which is simply a FINANCIAL PROVIDER and LABORER that is HOPING to benefit from his actions WHEN SHE FEELS the need to do so.

If you think this is FUNNY rather than SERIOUS, it's because you are either one of those INCONSIDERATE and ABUSIVE FEMALES that behave in this manner OR you are a male that has been PROGRAMMED through society for MENTAL ENSLAVEMENT and PHYSICAL ABUSE.


You MUST think and respond in the same manner that females are taught which is:

1. Decide to NO LONGER accept that behavior.

2. REPORT that act of ABUSE to the authorities,

3. SECRETLY plan to or immediately (if you can) leave that relationship and NEVER go back to or communicate with her.


Females will CONTINUE to abuse and take advantage of you UNTIL YOU STOP IT from occurring.

I can only give you information that I believe will help you but it's no good IF you do not understand and apply it.

Class is dismissed.

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