Sunday, June 2, 2013

Be Aware of the Holy "Hustler"

This is one of the Skeezers that I placed in my first book, "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer". 

Her MANIPULATIVE ABILITIES and DISTORTED USE of RELIGION are the tools of her trade and THE CHURCH is where she finds her EASIEST VICTIMS.


This IS NOT ABOUT religion.

This IS ABOUT any female HYPOCRITE that USES RELIGION to manipulate and take advantage of a man.


No place is sacred to the holy hustler.  As a matter of fact, those so-called sacred places are where she does her best work.  They know what to wear and how to look in order to LURE males into her plan of having them financially support her and give her that which SHE DESIRES.

In my book, I have documented 13 types of females that males who seek peace, happiness, prosperity and UNNECESSARY stress in their lives should AVOID once they are discovered.  There is no legitimate reason why any good man should waste his time with these types.  The holy hustler is simply 1 of the 13 that I have in my book.


She is the hypocritical and psychologically disturbed twin sister of Ms Holy Roller.  She speaks of herself as being prominent in her church and community.  She claims that she is a very spiritual person and will present a model image to the members in her church and community to conceal her other personality. 

The other personality is a coldhearted hustler and user of any man that she can take advantage of.  She worships material items, cash and the desire of a lavish lifestyle by way of the bible and is quite skilled in using the GOD GAME to acquire cash, assets, favors, etc., from men, and use that same  GOD GAME to keep good men at a safe, non-sexual but manipulative distance all “In The Name of HER Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.”


Many of them WILL LURE you with their looks.  It will be:

- their HAIR,

- their round BOOTY,

- their FACIAL beauty,

- a slight exposure of CLEAVAGE (just enough to temp you but not enough to offend Jesus),

- ALONG WITH carrying a bible and/or wearing a cross necklace.


DO NOT ASSUME THIS SKEEZER is innocent and mean you no harm.  This one is VERY GOOD at DECEPTION and males tend to DROP THEIR GUARDS when in her presence and especially when meeting her in the church.


Now that I have INFORMED some of you as well as OFFENDED you bible toting and scripture quoting Holy Hustler HYPOCRITES that are in this class......

Class is dismissed.

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