Saturday, May 1, 2010

Should A Female Be Initially Labeled A H^ or B^tch?

Before I begin I must make some things clear for the EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE and those NOT CAPABLE of rationally processing information:


1. H^'s and B^TCHES DO EXIST,
2. NOT ALL females are H*s and B*tches,
3. This information can also apply to males as well,
4. This is to be applied ONLY to those who's BEHAVIOR reflect such,
5. IF YOUR behavior reflects the information and you don't like it then CHANGE your behavior or ACCEPT the label given to you.
6. MOST MALES LIE about being genuine when it comes to paying for dining or event dates and says that he just want to have a lady's in his company AND wanting nothing in return. They want SERVICE for their compensation. That service can range from EXCLUSIVE TIME to SEX and many things in between. If females believe I'm lying simply tell the male that's compensating you that you are a) dating other males, b) having sex with another or other males and/or c) you won't be exclusive with him or you WON'T EVER have sex with him. MOST FEMALES won't say any of it because they don't want to stop receiving the UN-OBLIGATED benefits and they love the CONTROL GAME.

DEFINITIONS (based SOLELY upon behavior and NOT ASSumption):

H^ - One that EXPECTS/REQUIRES compensation (i.e., money, paying their way, favors, material things, etc.) or you absorbing all expenses incurred while spending time with her in exchange for her time and, in most cases, will not spend time with you UNLESS you do so. What happens with that time depends upon the H^, how well the H^ is compensated and if the H^ has an attraction to the compensator.

B^tch - One that EXPECTS/REQUIRES compensation (i.e., money, paying their way, favors, material things, etc.) or you absorbing all expenses incurred in exchange for her time with VERY LITTLE OR NO INTENT of giving him nothing more that what SHE chooses to give him if anything at all but the time to GIVE AGAIN TO HER the next time.

Lady - One that may ACCEPT but NOT EXPECT compensation (i.e., money, paying their way, favors, material things, etc.) or you absorbing all expenses incurred while spending time with her in exchange for her time. One that CAN and WILL spend time with a male WITHOUT compensation from him and will pay her own way WITHOUT ATTITUDE if necessary. What happens with that time will depend upon MUTUAL CONSENT.


Now that I've gotten that out of the way let me proceed. My response is that NO female SHOULD NOT be initially labeled a H^, B^tch or Lady. Whatever happened to judging females based upon their own merits or behavior? To place a label on a female IN ADVANCE would be quite unfair to her and quite immature of the male. For ANY MALE to ASSume a female is a H^ or B^tch WITHOUT her behavior reflecting such or just because she has NO PERSONAL interest in him would be quite a PATHETIC and IMMATURE male in my opinion.

Females have no problem with being labeled a lady even though their behavior will have not yet been proven to or their present behavior does not warrant such a title. I personally simply refer to them as females UNTIL their behavior places them in one of the three categories. The label females DOES NOT place her in the gutter, IS NOT disrespectful and DOES NOT prematurely place her on a pedestal. I believe such a title as lady has to be EARNED and not freely given.

IN ALL FAIRNESS, a male should have no problem NOT being place on a pedestal as well UNTIL he has proven to EARN such. That earning of such label should be based upon how POLITE and RESPECTFUL he is as opposed to his monetary and material contributions. RESPECT should have nothing to do with money or material things but sadly enough, for many, it does.


Males SHOULD NOT pursue or put up with a H^ or B^tch because there is another option available IF he takes the time to screen them out. If males want to PURSUE something they should pursue something of more value such as their careers and use that time to develop themselves as opposed to being Captain "Save A H^" or "Save a B^tch". Once a male begins to value himself as opposed to valuing H^'s and B^tches more than himself, he will then begin to ELIMINATE WASTE (i.e., H^'s and B^tches) and start valuing in investing time in and with LADIES.

As I have always stated, there are some LOVING, INDEPENDENT and DECENT LADIES out there such that NO MALE should waste his time, resources or finances on females that treat them in an INCONSIDERATE and UNLOVING manner. If you do then YOU are a FOOLish male and deserve any pain and suffering your receive.


  1. Damn... I love this. I agree with you 100 percent. Continue preaching the word.

  2. Hey J Duval. No woman in her right mind can argue with this. I will pass this on to my girlfriends.

  3. I am insulted by your comments. How dare you refer to a woman in those disgusting words? Who do you think you are? Even you have a mother so would you refer to your mother in those terms?

  4. To "A Saved Woman". As stated and not backing down from it, I said judge a female BASED UPON HER BEHAVIOR. If she walks like a H^, B^tch or Lady; behaves like a H^, B^tch or Lady or talks like a H^, B^tch or Lady then apply the appropriate label.

    Now one would think that BY NOW females would come up with a smarter PERSONAL ATTACK other than "The Mother" attack. Let me INTELLIGENTLY respond to you anyway. IF my mother's behavior reflects that of a H^ or a B^tch then that is simply what SHE IS. Satisfied?? Probably not.

  5. Hey Jai. You keep telling it like it is. I don't know what's happened to men nowadays such that they are afraid to tell it how it is. I am in total agreement with you.

  6. My brother is married to a bitch going on 4 miserable years. I told him not to marry her but I have to admit he is a weak, sorry ass excuse of a man. I love my brother but it is the truth. He has always been weak for them and they have always taken advantage of him. He wants that bitch to have a child and I told him he was a fool. Luckly for him the bitch does not want any ties to him and just want to use him for his money and comfortable lifestyle. I am going to send this link to him and encourage him to read more of your blogs to wake him up. If he doesn't he will forever lives miserably with her hoping that she will change. The only thing that bitch is going to change is a man when she can no longer use him or leave him for someone else. I apologize for going off but that's just the way I feel about my brothers miserable situation.

  7. After I read your initial posting on FB I though, could this get any better. Then I clicked on your link to get to your blog page and all I could say as I was reading was "Whoa!!!!".

    After reading this blog I have to say that you are quite skilled, knowledgeable, masterful and sometimes lethal with your use of words. I have no problem with how you speak because I have girlfriends that behave like ho's and bitches with men yet pretend to be so innocent around others. Sometimes their behavior really disgusts me but they are my girlfriends and I won't abandon them because of their rude and inconsiderate behavior. I can be with them and not behave like them.

    As a woman, I can appreciate your honesty. Many of us need to hear it the way it is so that we can choose to accept it or not. So many men appear to be afraid to speak honestly to women and it is quite refreshing to read your blogs and FB postings. I love it.