Thursday, April 8, 2010

"UNPLANNED" Pregnancy or Calculated, Scandalous, Selfish and Irresponsible Behavior?

The excerpt below was taken from an online article:

L.A. County study raises worry over unplanned pregnancies

40% of births in county were the result of accidental conception, which can endanger babies' health, according to a report by the Department of Public Health
- April 05, 2010By Molly Hennessy-Fiske

About 40% of births in Los Angeles County each year are the result of unplanned pregnancies, which can endanger the health of babies, according to a study released by the county's Department of Public Health.

The figure is based primarily on a county survey completed in 2006 of more than 5,200 women ages 13 to 56 who had recently given birth.



This message is intended for males because, as you will read, most females WILL NOT accept the FACT that they have total control over getting pregnant and NOT YOU.

Males don't get females pregnant, IGNORANCE (lack of knowledge) or PRE-MEDITATED INTENT by the female gets the female pregnant. UNLESS the male knows that the female is mentally disable or the females is held against her will and FORCED to conceive and have child, the female got herself pregnant. What the male did was FOOLISHLY/STUPIDLY deposit his sperm into her and contributed to the OPPORTUNITY of her getting pregnant when they have no intent on wanting to FULLY participate in raising a child. He should be wearing a condom EVERYTIME he's engaging in sex if he does not want that responsibility.

After the male deposits his sperm into the female, she has TOTAL CONTROL as to whether or not conception can occur. There are too many forms of birth control, including what I call the "Oops Pill" (Plan B Contraceptive) that will prevent contraception if taken within a specified period of time after depositing his sperm thus preventing her from getting pregnant.

Why don't females admit to having TOTAL control of conception? You would have to ask them but my guess is FOOLISH selfishness which includes but not limited to money, lifestyle upgrade, intent to trap a male, influence from others who behave in that manner, etc. Sadly, MOST females will never admit to having total control over pregnancy which means males better "Wrap It Up" or "Don't Put It In" if he suspects the female will proceed with conception if he deposits his sperm.

Unfortunately, MOST males ARE NOT mentally strong enough to address this issue with the female or wrap it up BEFORE engaging in sex and WILL PAY a handsome price with money, stress and limited personal productivity through SELF-INFLICTED pain and suffering. I'm sure all of us know at least one male that is in that position today. The female (that wants to get pregnant) will function in a pre-meditated manner by taking little or no measures to prevent it which includes SAYING NO to the male if he is NOT wearing a condom. I do not see the male as a VICTIM, I see him as a FOOL. Nowadays, there are too many cases of males ruining their lives by allowing a female to control what happens to his sperm for him to NOT wear a condom. He will FOOLISHLY risk minutes of pleasure for years of PAIN.


Although my comment pertains to the L.A. County study, I am sure that it can apply nationwide as well (I'm going to restrict this to the USA). I believe that the percentage of unplanned births are much lower and probably in the lower single-digit percentage. Many of you won't like what I am saying because this applies to many of you and we all know how people in denial DON'T like the TRUTH.



Unplanned Pregnancy - When BOTH parties TAKE measures to prevent conception from occuring while performing the sexual act. This means the male wearing a condom and the female utilizing one of the MANY forms forms of birth control available. Even if one or the other or both fail to utilize birth control there is the "Plan B: Morning After Pill". It is the first progestin-only pill that has been approved in the U.S. for emergency contraception AFTER either unprotected sex or a contraceptive accident, such as a condom breaking.


My reason for stating such is because MOST (not all) of those so-called unplanned pregnancies are because:

- HE did not wear a condom,
- SHE was not taking birth control,
- SHE lied to him about taking birth control,
- SHE intentionally stopped taking birth control,
- SHE did not want to apply "Plan B" after unprotected sex,
- SHE did not tell him she was not taking birth control and HE stupidly did not ask.

Whether you want to accept it or not, the examples above constitute PLANNED and/or IRRESPONSIBLE behavior. This EXCLUDES those RARE situations where both parties used protection and conception/pregnancy occurred anyway so don't get them twisted.

EXCEPT FOR the following (as a minimum), the percentage of unplanned pregnancies are extremely low or rare as opposed to the large percentage stated above:

- the INABILITY to make rational decisions (i.e., mentally unstable),
- IGNORANCE (lack of knowledge) about sex, birth control methods and the parental responsibility that results from becoming pregnant,
- HE performed a sexual act with her while she was in a deep sleep (she's gotta be REAL deep to NOT eventually become aware) or in a comatose state,
- SHE being forced to have UNprotected sex (i.e., RAPE), held against her will and monitored until she conceives and becomes pregnant,
- protection WAS used by BOTH parties and she still got pregnant.


As you can see above, the vast MAJORITY of so-called UNplanned pregnancies CAN BE PREVENTED by the female because SHE HAS TOTAL CONTROL over conception and pregnancy except for the rare/uncommon situations described above.

The above information will disturb, anger or cause MANY readers to EMOTIONALLY ASSume that I am being harsh towards females and not place any responsibility on the male. As a matter of fact, I expect many of you to FEEL that way as oppose to thinking RATIONALLY about the potential consequences to BOTH parties as well as the CHILD if born.

That's why I conclude that the majority of so-called UNPLANNED pregnancies are actually PLANNED based on CALCULATED, SCANDALOUS, SELFISH and IRRESPONSIBLE behavior by the female. IF she DON'T want to get pregnant she will use one of several birth control methods available to her AND require that the male wear a condom.


  1. Shole makes sense to me. As you said, people don't want to hear the truth ... maybe that's the reason "unplanned" pregnancies continue to be on the rise.

  2. Hey YoBo... Thanks for taking the time to respond. Maybe we should STOP calling most of these acts what they AREN'T (Unplanned Pregnancies)and call them what they ARE (Planned, Irresponsible pregnancies). I personally DON'T think that UNplanned pregnancies are on the rise. I do think that planned, irresponsible pregnancies are on the rise and will continue to be so AS LONG AS there is support for such behavior.

  3. I agree unplanned irresponsible pregnancies are on the rise and who suffer behind this?
    The child.

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