Thursday, December 4, 2008

Documented Skeezers – a Definite Dead End

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

For the man that seeks excitement, game, challenge and a costly dysfunctional relationship, these personalities below are especially for you.

These types of women claim to be independent, strong, genuine, reasonable, spiritual/religious, and fair, but in actuality, they are all skeezers seeking to take advantage of a good man’s time, resources, and/or finances.

They are pretenders, hypocrites, hustlers, liars when it comes to interaction with a good man. Many of them may do well or pretend to be doing well when they don’t have a man in their life but when it comes to interacting with a good man, they will eventually dump their financial and physical responsibilities onto him.

There is no legitimate reason why any good man should waste his time with these types of women. These types of women have made poor choices in their lives, are now paying the price for it and looking for a good, suckerman to bail them out.

Skeezers do not like good men having a healthy relationship with their mothers because just as animals have that ability to smell fear MOTHERS HAVE THAT ABILITY TO SMELL SKEEZERS. From that point on, moms guards are up and looking out for her son’s best interest which skeezers despise.

The following are a few of documented skeezers and a brief description to assist you in identifying their behavior. The remainder of them are listed in the book.

MS PIGEON – She lives by the creed, “The more men I meet, the more free meals I should be able to eat”. She always ready to eat and expects a man to pay for her meals no matter how much money she has.

MS DRAMA QUEEN – If you want nothing else in life but arguments and stress this is the one. The only peace you will get from her is a good piece of ass.

MS BEGGA LOTT – She is usually financially over-extended due to her immature financial behavior. She is unable to pay her bills most of the time and expects you to pay or is able to pay and just expects you to pay them anyway.

MS INDEPENDENT – She plays the independent game well. Has a job (or self-employed), car, an apartment (or house), and claims she is independent and doesn’t need a man’s money. Go out on dates with her and see if she pays for her "so-called" independent self.

MS HOLY ROLLER – She is waiting on the Lord to send her that mate, but all you have to do is attend church regularly, dress in nice suits so she can be seen with you and accepted by her church peers, spend a little money on her and she will be the biggest freak you ever had before marriage and will justify it by saying that God sent you to her.

MS HOLY HUSTLER – She is the hypocritical and psychologically disturbed twin sister of Ms Holy Roller. She worships cash by way of the bible and is quite skilled in using the “God Game” to acquire case, assets, favors, etc., from men, and use that same “God Game” to keep good men at a safe, non-sexual but manipulative distance “In The Name of Jesus.”

MS PACKAGE DEAL – This is Ms. So Fine and good looking that in the past when she had no children and she would not give the good man the chance at a relationship. Now, with that package on her hip, she will say, “I made a mistake.” Years later and being unable to attract the same kind of men that knocked her up, she is ready to settle down with the types of men she ignored in the past. Are you ready to PRETEND that she now cares for you and give up your time and finances for HER (and some other man's) package?

MS GOLD DIGGER – A closet prostitute with the idea that you have to pay for the dates if you want to be with her. She typically juggles more than one man at a time and now with the internet, she’s a CYBER HO.

MS PARTY GIRL – She lives in the world of fantasy, fun & recreation. Typically, she is the young cutie that’s looking for that man that will allow her to continue to live that irresponsible, childish lifestyle. What she refuses to see is that with time and receiving all the attention, she will go from that YOUNG, FIRM CUTIE to that OLE’, LOOSE BOOTY CALL that no one will commit to.

MS N. DEE NILE (WAITING FOR EX) – Here is the CLASSIC case of being in DENIAL. She is waiting on her ex’s because the Look, Sex and/or Money were too good to let go of and she wants only him and is only killing time with you.


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