Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Play by the New Phone Rules

(Excerpt from "Rules of Engagement")

Many females, today, are quite inconsiderate and rude regarding phone etiquette with a good man. They will give him their phone number and later on decide that they do not want to communicate afterwards and so they will ignore or not return his phone calls. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to communicate or changing her mind afterwards; the issue is showing that male she gave her number to the respect to inform him that she no longer wants to communicate instead of simply avoiding or ignoring him.

My suggestion to those males is toss her and her number in the recycle bin to be used by males that know how to play the game and take advantage of her inconsiderate behavior.

Maintaining communication with females these days are disappointing and frustrating for many males. He will get a phone number and when he calls it usually goes to her voicemail. When she does pick up and recognizes him, she will say she is on the other line so call her back. When he calls back, the voicemail usually picks up again or if she answers she says she will call him back later but usually never does.

Sometimes someone else will answer her phone for her and so he will leave his name asking her to call him back. Again, he gets no return call.

He may even leave two or three messages if he doesn’t hear from her but that does not work either. Why is she not returning his calls?

If she is behaving in that manner, she probably gave him her phone number to receive attention ONLY. She will give the number to him to build her self-esteem knowing he would be calling her all the time.

Many females have a tendency to collect what I call suckermen. Those are males they used to fill that attention void when she is lonely, ignored by the male (or males) she desires and is in need of a self-esteem boost. It is important that you are aware of and understand the Law of Self-Esteem.

SELF-ESTEEM cannot be created or destroyed but it CAN BE TAKEN FROM THE MALE which causes him to feel worthless, empowers her and cause him to surrender his time, energy and finances in order to have a female in his company. We all are born with the same amount of self-esteem. The female typically will increase her self-esteem by taking it from weaker males which lowers his defenses making him vulnerable to her vicious and heartless attack in that ring.

There are some males that just won’t leave well enough alone and walk away. They need closure as to, “Why she isn’t calling back or why is she avoiding me”? You will, in most cases, never get her to answer you honestly because they refuse to see themselves for what they are which is quite inconsiderate and rude. His problem is not what he is doing but rather how he is doing it. If you are going to play “her phone game” then these are the rules to play by the next time you get or exchange a phone number with a female:

Rule 1: Ask her if she would like to exchange phone numbers and if she has a cell phone.

Reason: You are asking her if she would like to exchange numbers to see if she has any initial interest in giving you her number. If she does not want to exchange numbers then she is not interested so don’t give your number to her. The cell phone question is so that you can get her number on the spot and call it to make sure it is a good number. If she asks for you to give her your number make sure she calls you while you are standing there to make sure her number is displayed in your phone. Make sure you can see her number displayed so that you know she did not call your number and her number is being blocked.

Rule 2: Unless she asks you to call her that same day you receive her number, do not call for at least 48 hours.

Reason: When you call after that period, if she has you in her “A” list she will make a point to remember your name. If she calls within that 48 hour period you know there is an interest. What that interest is will be determined later.

Rule3: Do not leave her more than one voice message in between her return calls to you.

Reason: That is a sign of desperation and makes her think that she can manipulate and control you when she wants to. She will use you to cater to her when the male that she really wants, that’s ignoring her or just banging her, is not catering to her in the manner she desires.

Rule 4: If you do decide to call again before she returns your calls make sure that you block your ID so that she won’t know it is you.

Reason: Most low self-esteem males will call several times if a female does not return their call. If she answers and asks why you are blocking your ID tell her you are using a friend’s phone and they must have their phone number blocked. If she is avoiding you and certain other males, she will let the call go to her voicemail if she recognizes their number. Many females are nosy by nature and will answer that blocked ID call to find out who is calling. The true skeezer or female player, who is juggling males, will usually let her blocked ID calls go to voicemail and check to see who called before deciding to return the call. If her voicemail comes on simply hang up without leaving another message. Note: This is a good strategy that you should use as well.

Rule 5: If you do decide to call again before she returns your call and someone else answers do not give them your name. Simply say that you will call her back.

Reason: Many females will use their friends and family as screeners from the males they do not want to talk to. Unless the one that answer the phone knows your voice or she is there listening as well they will not know who you are. This behavior of listening and screening are signs of immaturity or a female that has made a bad choice with some stalking and/or violent male and you don’t want to be put in a position of danger to yourself. She is only one of many prospects.

Rule 6: Never admit to making calls where you blocked your ID and/or someone else picked up and you did not leave your name.

Reason: If she didn’t like you calling her with your ID blocked or you calling without leaving your name, even if she is intentionally avoiding you, she will use that as her excuse for you to not call her again. Some, not many, females prefer to use something you did to eliminate you than to see them as the using skeezers that they are.

Rule 7: If you call her for the first time and she answers, recognizes or don’t recognize you and says, “I’m on the phone, call me back” do not call her back that same day unless you did not give her your phone number.

Reason: If she has your number then she should give you the respect of calling you back. If she has your number and you call her back with your number blocked, the first thing you will ask is what happened to your return phone call. If she says that she doesn’t know where your number is or she lost it then that tells you that she does not think much of you. Do not offer your number to her again. If she asks why you didn’t call her back tell her you got busy with some other things. Don’t let her think your life is revolved around her.

These rules should be used if you foolishly insist in attempting to communicate with a female that you feel or know is avoiding you. Otherwise, do as I would do and toss her number and move on to other prospects. No female that is behaving in that manner is worth the effort because in the end you will lose more than just your self-esteem.


  1. Interesting concept. I will definitely try it. Thanks.

  2. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Funny though, most of humanity would prefer to believe a lie than accept the truth. Thanks Jay for giving us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Now can you find somebody to put my name on their deed? I might have been a lollipop but I ain't never been a sucker!

  3. What you've stated is common courtesy, manners that we apply in business as well as other social circles. For instance, you gave me your URL, I read it on the first free evening I have or at least try to leave a comment within 48 hours to say, I respect your creative effort. It's just manners.

    On another note I hope men don't take it personally that when they ask for a girl's number it is not a personal insult if she says she doesn't give out her number without valid reasons. That is her way of saying she cannot accommodate an investment in time or effort to pursue any new acquaintance in a meaningful way at the moment.

    However, men call that being a snob.

  4. I tell men to NOT get offended if a female has no personal interest in you after requesting her number. Eveyone is NOT meant for everyone that HE should respect her choice to not communicate and move on.

    ANY MALE that behaves in a disrespectful manner afterwards is displaying STUPID and IMMATURE behavior.