Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good Men Aren’t Valued, Good Men Are Used

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

Most women don’t want a good man; they want instant gratification and fantasy. They want a man that will support their irresponsible past and present behavior. They also want a man that will fulfill their romantic fantasies of wining, dining and freely spending his money on them. What they don’t seem to or want to realize is that certain personalities are usually associated with that behavior. Here are 3 of those personalities:

CONTROLLING – He spends his money on them and he wants them available to him when needed. He spends the cash so he calls the shots. They are only there for a temporary ride so they should enjoy it while it lasts.

INSECURE – He feels as if he has to spend money or buy them things to be with them. He is not a decision maker in a relationship and especially when it comes to making major decisions.

LADIES MAN – He is secure with himself and is accustomed to spending money on women and enjoying their company. He has no problem spending money and does it on a regular basis. He will never be monogamous because he thrives off of having multiple women at his disposal.

These men are neither right nor wrong, they are simply who they are. Good women are choosing them and constantly trying to change them or hoping that eventually they will change. They want a man that freely spends his money on them. She expects to receive a steady dose of romantic fantasy and wants it to be reserved just for her but in most cases he never will. Women will never be able to separate these type from their personality because it’s HIS packaged deal.

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