Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is She A Good Woman Or Just Another Skeezer

(Excerpt from "How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")

Some women have no clue what a good woman is because most men either don’t know or don’t tell them. Here are some positive and basic qualities that any good woman can and should consistently display. Don’t settle for less!!

- She is emotionally free and psychologically healthy.
- She has healthy relationships with those close to her.
- She takes care of her own responsibilities and will not expect you to rescue her from the drama, stress or debt that she has created.
- She can sensibly communicate her likes and dislikes to you.
- She is happy just being in your company without developing diarrhea of the mouth.
- She can be content at home and does not have to run the streets in order to be happy.
- She accepts you and does not try to change you.
- She can keep your business private and not become a public embarrassment.
- She is seeking companionship to enhance her happiness and not to make her happy.
- She knows how to cook a healthy meal and not just burgers and tacos.


  1. Let's be realistic : 90% of the world is dysfunctional. The 10% of functioning women are already taken by functioning men. LOL.

    The problem is not a gender one i.e. women are skeezers, men are lame. The problem is one of general dysfunction among the population, pain that needs to come up to the surface for healing and only the path to Love can do that.

  2. The problen really is a gender one in my opinion, women are really evolving and men aren't. An inexperience man in todays dating and relationship world stands little chance without education. More and more men are throwing their lives away over skeez.

    I've experienced this myself so I really do know it's true, I went broke and got GAD over someone who really did not love me. I didn't recognize the warning signs outlined by the author, but my family and friends did. Thank you so much for writing about this issue.