Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Are The Weight Classes of Females?

(Excerpt from "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement")

Rule #3: There are five basic weight classes of females
Be aware that there are five basic weight classes of females which have nothing to do with how heavy they are or their physical attractiveness. These classes are about her attitude and behavior. It is important that you realize and accept the fact that not all females are in the same weight class and thusly will not behave the same towards you. Most will not behave in a manner that you wish for them/her to do on a consistent basis when it comes to your initial contact and personal interaction.


You should use the word female when referring to the opposite sex until you get to know which class to put her in.


The term female is generic, applies to all ages and does not lift her up on a pedestal and does not put her down in the gutter. You should realize that some minor as well as many adult females are adhering to those new rules that benefit them regardless of the consequences to you.

I place females in five basic weight classes. I understand that there may be other weight classes but for the purpose of simplicity and discussion these weight classes are going to be the only ones mentioned.

These weight classes are to apply based solely upon their mindset and behavior towards you and you are not to pre-judge them based upon any of your previous experiences but you better protect yourself at all time until you know what you are dealing with.

1. Featherweight,
2. Lightweight,
3. Welterweight,
4. Middleweight and
5. Heavyweight

Most females are conditioned to present themselves in one or more of the five weight classes.

Featherweight: Considerate, respectful and responsible with the highest potential to become a mate. She is willing to work with you and not against you in the ring, has a genuine interest in you, values you and not what you have, not what you can spend or not what she can get from you. Her understanding of loving a male and showing him respect has not been corrupted. She spends time with him without expecting or requiring an admission fee.

Lightweight: Considerate, respectful and responsible with good potential to become a mate or friend. Although she has been conditioned to take what she can, she is willing to work with a man and not against him and has a genuine interest in him, values him and not what he has or not what he can spend on her. She will spend time with him periodically expecting an admission fee due to her conditioning but not requiring it.

Welterweight: Non-combative and only in the ring for the attention and the benefits she knows that you will freely and foolishly give her in order to spend time with her. Many make themselves available on those online dating sites to increase their benefits quota.

Middleweight: Scrappy and competitive but will be very co-operative if you provide the finances required to spend time with her. She periodically will put up resistance but all you have to do is pull out that cash or credit card and she will cease the resistance and cater to your needs. They sell their time and what is done with it is negotiable which may NOT include sex if that’s what you were thinking. There are two basic sub-classes, affordable and overpriced. Of course overpriced depend solely upon your financial status so pay close attention and choose wisely.

Heavyweight: This one will go toe-to-toe, trade blows with you and knock your DUMB ASS out if you don’t keep your guards up and protect yourself. She is masterful in the ring. She expects you to spend money as well as cater to her. She expects you to expect nothing more than to be grateful that she has allowed you the opportunity to serve her when she (not you) wants service.

There are Super-Heavyweights prowling out there that are extremely bitter due to their own selfish and poor choices in males. Their mission in life is to seek and destroy the male by any means. They do not want what you have and do not function by any rules. They can knock you out even with your guards up so avoid them completely.

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