Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There exist NON-MONOGAMOUS MARITAL and LIVE-IN relationships that are CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED by wives that AREN'T supposed to be mentioned to them or publicized. I am NOT speaking of OPEN or SWINGER type relationships since those are discussed with each other and there are no fake, academy award nominating "OH MY GOD", "I'M SO HURT THAT HE WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO ME" or "I WAS NOT AWARE OF ANYTHING LIKE THAT GOING ON" defensive response by the wives or live-in partner once it becomes public.

MAAAAAYYYYYYBBBBBEEEEE I might buy this statement below that I found on the Yahoo! Sports website today 07-08-2009:

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)—An associate said Wednesday that the wife of ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair didn’t know about Sahel Kazemi before the 20-year-old woman was found dead alongside her husband".

MAAAAAYYYYYYBBBBBEEEEE some wives don't know the NAMES of their husband's other woman or women but no one will be able to convince me that MOST, if not all, wives DON'T KNOW or SUSPECT when their husbands have had (or are having) relations with another woman or other women on a regular or periodic basis.

Let's look at reality for a moment. Having access to females that are STROKING THEIR EGO's and SEXUALLY throwing themselves to them on a regular basis are just a few of the PERKS that comes with FAME and/or FORTUNE.

Even many of the average or broke, got no job, fat/over-weight (or should I have said THICK), lesser attractive HUSBANDS (or live-in mates) are attempting to live or actually living the life of those males mentioned above but just at a much lower economic level. Now if the average joe is going out there PURSUING POON and in some cases are successful, don't tell me that the MAJORITY of elite males mentioned above that are HUSBANDS, being PURSUED BY POON and CAPABLE OF SEXUALLY ACCOMODATING these females will remain MONOGAMOUS. Of course we all know that EVERY wife will say, "Oh no, my husband WOULD NOT do that to me". Yea, right!

I will hold steadfast to my position which is, "NON-MONOGAMOUS Relationships ARE NEGOTIABLE". It simply depends on what the wife will receive in EXCHANGE for SHARING HER HUSBAND. In many cases, here is (at minimum) the package she MUST receive in order to accept non-monogamy:

- HE PROVIDE HER the CINDERELLA lifestyle that MOST females dream of but will NEVER achieve (i.e., big home, expensive clothes, expensive car and the ENVY of other females),
- HER OPTION to work,
- HER OPTION to financially contribute as opposed to spending HIS and HER money on HER,
- HER OPTION to have a housekeeper that SHE CHOOSES so that the housekeeper will not be younger or more attractive than SHE,
- HE RESPECTING HER which means KEEP THOSE OTHER RELATIONS PRIVATE so she won't be emarrassed and FORCED to react in an unpleasant manner to make it APPEAR as if she didn't know about it.


Am I condemning NON-MONOGAMOUS relationships? ABSOLUTELY NOT because as I have stated before that is a PERSONAL CHOICE to enter and/or remain in FOR WHATEVER THEIR REASON and should not be ANYONE ELSE's BUSINESS. Simply accept whatever the consequences are as a result of YOUR choice.

Then what is my point? The APPEARANCE of surprise, hurt or DISAVOWing any knowledge of such behavior by MANY wives when these situations become public. By the way, this behavior is NO LONGER restricted to husbands. There are many wives that are now doing the same things but the exchange for husbands are not as beneficial.


Am I the ONLY ONE that believes that these type of elite wives in particular as well as many wives in the average to low income category DO KNOW OF or DO SUSPECT their husband of behaving in a NON-MONOGAMOUS manner?

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  1. You are not alone in that belief. I know because I am married, my wife is quite capable but does not work and I make sure she is materialistically satisfied so that I can spend time with other women.

    We do not have any children together although both of us are on our second marriage and don't want any additional children. I like it that way so incase my dream world comes tumbling down, I won't have to pay any child support and she can't take anything that I owned before our marriage because I made legally sure of that.

    I am sure she knows that I am seeing other women but I respect her by not bringing them around her or anyone that she knows. She gets the lifestyle she wants and I get the women on the side that I want. I call that a "win - win" situation.