Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Am A Gentleman So I Insist..... "Ladies First"

This a COMMON phrase that females LOVE to hear when it comes to something that will BENEFIT THEM FIRST. When a male typically uses that phrase the female will refer to him as a gentleman because he is doing something FOR HER BENEFIT so he is to be considered thoughtful and considerate.

I personally love the phrase but I apply it in a manner that is not socially acceptable in most places. I will use that phrase as a MIRROR to allow the female an opportunity for me to reflect HER behavior right back at HER. In other words, TREAT HER AS SHE TREATS YOU:

- IF she speaks in a MATURE manner to you, do the same to her
- IF she DOES NOT use profanity while communicating, do the same to her
- IF she is POLITE to you, do the same to her
- IF she displays an INTEREST in you, do the same to her
- IF she is FINANCIALLY responsible while being with you, do the same with her
- IF she is RUDE, FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, VIOLENT, IMMATURE or NOT INTERESTED in you, do NOT do the same to her just leave her alone.

When I say LADIES FIRST I am referring to HER behavior with males that have a personal interest in her and in particular the AVERAGE JOE which most males are. I do not want her to TELL ME how she wants to be treated (i.e., like a lady - whatever that means), I want her to SHOW ME how she wants to be treated by displaying that treatment with me FIRST.

I consider myself to be a gentleman ONLY to a female that behaves like a lady so since I am a gentleman and females want men to treat them like a lady then females need to behave like one. If females prove their WORTHINESS and FAIRNESS to males, it's only FAIR that the male reflect the same treatment to her. If for whatever reason the male DOES NOT reciprocate then simply MOVE ON. After all, isn't that what you tell us to do? How about NOW taking some of your own advice?

Females LOVE to hear LADIES FIRST so step up the plate and show males what you are TRULY made of. The males behavior should represent a MIRROR which will simply let you see a REFLECTION of YOUR BEHAVIOR. I want to PERSONALLY state that I have NO PROBLEM with any of the behaviors below. I will simply accept YOU for which ever behavior you display and CHOOSE to remain or walk away WITHOUT any harsh feelings towards you. You are what you are and should be accepted for that and TREATED in that manner which YOU REFLECT. It's just that simple.

A male should NEVER pre-judge a female (negative or positive) he doesn't know based upon his past experiences. He should also not think negatively of her just because she does not have a personal interest in him. Just because he desires her does not mean she is COMPELLED to feel the same about him. She should, again, be judged SOLELY UPON HER BEHAVIOR.

If she is NOT mentally handicapped, CLAIM to be strong, intelligent and independent then she is quite capable of CHOOSING either of the behaviors below. The relationship she has with YOU is based upon a combination of HOW SHE HAS BEEN RAISED and HOW SHE HAS BEEN SOCIALIZED TO BEHAVE. These are the most common relationships you will encounter in that ring of life:

1. "LADY/GENTLEMAN" RELATIONSHIP - She is INTELLIGENT and applies it in an unselfish manner with you, responsible, respectable, reasonable, considerate, PRACTICES (not just boast about) her independence by PAYING her own way having NO expectations of compensation for her time. She has no problem SHARING responsibilities as long as it is fair. If he pays that is fine but if he doesn't then she will NOT develop and attitude or think any less of him and she will genuinely spend time and her own money on herself while getting to know his TRUE character. ONLY THEN will she decide if she wants to get more personally involved with him. If she has no interest in him, she WILL NOT take advantage of his interest in her nor will she accept FREE gifts or services from him.

2. "WHORE (HO)/JOHN" RELATIONSHIP - Her time is for sale. What she does with that time depends on how much he is willing to put out. She EXPECTS compensation or him bearing the expenses for the time spent with her and she WILL give him what he wants. They can take walks, he can wine & dine her, attend events and take trips together, touch, hug, kiss and even more AS LONG AS he is giving her what she wants. That is a PAY FIRST relationship that may lead to a personal relationship but there is no guarantee. SHE IS NOT A BITCH therefore he will be catered to IF there is compensation.

3. "BITCH/FOOL (SUCKER)" RELATIONSHIP - Her time is for sale. The ONLY thing he should expect to receive is the opportunity for her to ALLOW HIM TO GIVE HER more of what she wants. They CAN take walks, he can wine & dine her, attend events and take trips together (seperate beds or same bed with no fondling) and some hand holding as long as he is providing her with what she wants. DON'T EVEN THINK of touching or hugging her in an intimate manner and especially in a public place where she may be recognized UNLESS he gives her what she wants and he should NOT GET HIS HOPES UP for a committed relationship. A kiss on the cheek may be possible (depending on who's around her) but on the mouth with some TONGUE ACTION? Totally out of the question unless (well, tongue to tongue is out but I'm sure she may try to convince you to use that tongue elsewhere, if you know what I mean). After all, she's a BITCH, not a HO so what did you expect?

So ladies, gentlemen, fools, suckers, dogs, ho's and bitches please provide your comments on this blog page. Lying and being deceitful is cool but not on my blogpages so I simply KEEP IT REAL.

I will save my lies, bullshit and deceit for situations that will BENEFIT ME.


  1. Herschel..."The One"July 31, 2009 at 1:41 PM

    Jai, once again you have astounded me with your profound insight and "true" wisdom in this area!

    I enjoy your thoughts tremendously and I WISH I HAD SOMEONE LIKE YOU WHEN I WAS 18! I would have saved so much pain and suffering...and WAISTED TIME & MONEY!

    Your comments and thoughts in this area are right on the money...just plain BRILLIANT!

  2. Herschel, thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my blog. This is what I am trying to get younger and older males to realize. Those relationships are realities of life and we have the OPTION to choose which one or a combination of the three we want to involve ourselves with.

    If males would simply see each of those three relationships for what they actually are then THEIR life's journey will be so much easier and productive. I have dealt with all of them so I know quite well what level to get involved and when to pull up the anchor and sail away leaving the lady, whore/ho or bitch available for the next passer-by.

    There is a cliche' that is mis-used by those that don't know what they are talking about that goes something like this, "You attract the type of women around you like you". This is why I call it mis-used in this instance. I am responsible, kind to myself and others, try to maintain good health, not overweight, productive, manage my finances and (most importantly) I don't look for females to spend money on me if they want to spend time with me.

    So if that mis-used cliche' were true then the females that I attract (whatever the hell that means) would be a female reflection of me which I describe in the above paragraph. If you didin't know before, hopefully I have enlightened you the next time you engage in conversation with a female (or male) that attempts to apply that cliche' to you.

  3. Wow! I had just came across this blog today and I completely agree with the lady/gentleman relationship (I am a 22 year old young woman). I have exhibited all of the characteristics of the lady you described, because it makes the most sense. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks anonymous. If you have facebook send me a friend request to jai duval and I will accept. Let me know that you sent me this comment.