Friday, July 24, 2009

10 Ways To Get Her To Breakup With You

I just happened to be browsing the net and came across this page titled, "10 Ways To Commit Relationship Suicide". I thought to myself, "What a Great Concept" and figured I would put a J Duval spin on it.

Bottom line, you are FRUSTRATED, you WANT OUT but you are afraid to or just DON'T KNOW HOW to do it. These 10 ways is no guarantee that she will leave but simply increases HER frustration level to a point of her possibly leaving. Although these ways are numbered, they do not represent any order of importance or effectiveness although I am certain that #1 and #10 will DEFINITELY increase the chance of her leaving you more than the others.

Well, due to the recent relationship related murders and suicides I decided to change the title and modify it's contents in a manner that is geared toward those frustrated, unsatisfied males that are paying to be in UNFULFILLING and many times UNSAFE relationships and are being MURDERED financially, psychologically and physically.

These methods should be applied by any male that is NOT MARRIED. If you are MARRIED, I cannot help you. You FOOLISHLY got yourself into that MESS and you will have to get yourself out of it without my suggestions.

WARNING: Apply these methods below AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held responsible for the results that may occur due to your actions or her response to your actions. My personal opinion is that you should have made a better choice in a female to begin with.


1. IGNORE HER. Most females are attention whores and cannot stand to be ignored. This is by far one of the best, non-violent methods because no attention is one of the worst tortures that most females can be put through. They NEED TO vent their SELF-INFLICTED frustrations, NEED TO GOSSIP about other people and NEED TO be catered to in order to SANELY exist. Want her out of your life, just ignore her. Caution: This method could possibly backfire on you since most of them may NOT have any other place to go since they are lazy and living off of you and will GO CRAZY ON YOU as opposed to GO AWAY FROM YOU.

2. DESCRIBE A NOT-SO-LAVISH FUTURE TO HER. Females love to fantasize about being Cinderella with her Prince Charming catering to her every desire. Now this will be effective in getting her to leave ONLY if she isn't already doing this for you. Tell her you want her to start cooking for you, washing your clothes (not taking them to the dry cleaners) and cleaning your place (if the two of you don't live together) on a weelkly basis. Tell her (if you aren't already doing this) you and your boys will be going to the strip club (or just out with your boys if there is no strip club) at least once a week.

3. STARE AT YOUNGER, ATTRACTIVE FEMALES WHEN YOU ARE WITH HER. Don't just take a quick peek like many females do. If you see a younger, attractive female nearby, trust me when I say she has already seen her, take a good long look at her and use the ELEVATOR EYES METHOD which means run your eyes up and down her frame. She is just waiting for the opportunity to catch you staring at her so give her the opportunity to do so. If she makes a comment to you about your staring just look at her with a smile and say, "DON'T FEEL SO INTIMIDATED BY HER YOUTH AND BEAUTY HONEY. YOU STILL LOOK GOOD FOR YOUR AGE".

4. CAUSE NIGHTLY RUCKUS. No matter how patient or understanding she may be, you’ll be able to wear their patience thin if they’re exhausted. Females tend to want you to agree with them most of the time so simply disagree with her or don't do something that she wants you to do that she feels is important.

5. DESCRIBE YOUR TYPE. Describe the physical features and personality qualities of your ideal mate to your partner. Make it very clear, without actually saying it, that non of the characteristics you list are a part of her persona.

6. DON'T REPLACE THE EMPTINESS. The empty toilet paper roll, the empty shampoo bottle, the empty milk carton, etc. should remain empty after you’ve used them.

7. FORGETFULNESS. If she does not bring it up (which most of them won't just to see if you will remember), DO NOT acknowledge her birthday, your anniversaries or any other special occasions that has occurred between the two of you. If she questions you, simply say you forgot.

8. TALK ABOUT YOUR DISAPPOINTING RELATIONSHIP TO HER FRIENDS. Make sure that when the two of you are in a group setting you talk discretely about how bad you think your relationship is to her female friends. Females constantly gossip and eventually one of them will tell her what you said. All you need to say are the words, "I AM NOT HAPPY ANYMORE". This is what females usually say when they have another prospect and are thinking DUMPING YOU so this should worry her enough to DUMP YOU FIRST. That prospect is usually an ex, a player or an ex that is a player that's trying to get a piece of ass so he's telling her all of the lies he has to in order to get in.

9. GO AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND WITHOUT HER. Most females are very controlling and nosy. This should be done AFTER you have executed number 8. Put some distance between the two of you for a weekend and don't contact her during that time. If she asks where you are going simply tell her you are going to visit a buddy of yours. If she wants to know who that is or exactly where you will be going then simply say to her, "I will not be questioned or watched over like some child. Don't you trust me? Where there is no trust, there is no relationship". IN MOST CASES, she does not care about you, she is AGAIN just being controlling and nosy.

10. TELL HER THE TRUTH AND STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON HER. If all else fails, stop spending your money on her and simply tell her what you couldn't say in the beginning in order to be accepted by her which was the TRUTH. We know that most males have to spend his money on females and lie to females, in the beginning, to get in. Tell her what you really thought about her when you first met her and this will definitely cause her to leave you.

CAUTION: If she does not leave you within a reasonable amount of time, I suggest that you silently make plans to leave her. Reason? If you tell her and behave in the above stated manners and she is still there, there is a very good chance that she is plotting to retaliate againt you for saying or doing those things. Remember, it's YOU that are unfilfilled and frustrated and not her so what you are doing is upsetting HER comfort level (which SKEEZERS do not like) so she will retaliate generally by doing PHYSICAL harm to you or FINANCIAL harm to you.


  1. I just read this blog and I have to say you are one pathetic excuse for a male. You are probably unattractive, overweight, bald and have erectile dysfunction problems so you hate women because of your own personal issues. You might even be the type that did not receive enough love from his mother. As hard as it is for relationships to last these days here you come telling men how to breakup with their mate. I want to leave you with this, "what God has put together let no man break apart". That includes assholes like you. God will bring down his wrath on you for what you are doing.

  2. HA!! I can't stop laughing long enough to even type a comment to that. Hail Satan.

  3. A Virtuous WomanJuly 25, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    Mr. Duval, who are you to tell men to breakup with their mates. Relationships are a give and take situation and sometimes one person gives more than the other. You obviously have never had a meaningful relationship in your life because if you had then you would realize that going through disappointments and frustrations are what it takes to build, character and a strong spiritual and christian-like relationship. One day you will find that woman that you will want to give everything to and only then will you see that it will be worth the relationship regardless of the ups and downs that may occur. I will pray for God to remove all of the hate, pain and suffering that you must be carrying inside of you.

  4. Herschel..."The One"August 3, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    Jai, the first comment by "Praise the Lord" is that of one who has NO spiritual insight or maturity at all...

    She is a silly women at best and a TOTALLY wacked out RELIGIOUS Hag at worst!

    The second lady was a every sense of the word...

    I DO NOT believe you serve or embrace I won't comment of that!

    I think your 10 points to get rid of a "SKEEZER" are brilliant!

    Keep 'em commin!


  5. Thanks for your comment. My intent is to introduce information that will hopefully give males the inspiration to BEGIN thinking for THEIR BENEFIT FIRST. What I am publishing is NOT NEW, it simply is NOT PRACTICED by enough males to make a difference. Males whisper to each other about their frustration, they complain to each other about their frustration yet they REMAIN IN those FRUSTRATING RELATIONSHIPS.

    It is as if their feeling of SELF-WORTH is so low and they feel as if they CAN'T get another female so they accept the PAIN, DISRESPECT, FRUSTRATION, HUMILIATION and STRESS just to have that female in their company.

    It's truly a sad situation but it's a REALISTIC situation that most males WILL NOT let go of. I applaud those that do GET OUT and on with their lives and I refuse to do anything more that inform those who choose to REMAIN.

  6. Mr. SAGE states: I believe informing both parties of their strengths and weaknesses is what's most fly. Men have been socialized to finance women - especially women they have an attraction to, and TODAY that is particularly degrading or should be to all women who have earned their right to be independent. Men bear the primary responsibility for learning and presenting their side.

    A point of clarification, successful men do not like fat women, and that would be anything over a size 6 or 8 maxium. Take note and please name what successful men have plump girlfriends or wives, not Kobe, not Shack, not Denzel, or any of the white stand outs. Fat and big in women is automatically repulsive;-)
    The Sage

  7. Mr. Sage thanks for the comment as well as THE BALLS to be honest regarding "successful" men and their obvious personal preferences.

    I have to say that the primary difference between the men that you described and the average joe is MONEY and OPPORTUNITY. I believe if those joe's had the opportunity to choose AND their self-esteem was high they would opt for the size 8 or smaller woman as well.

    Please feel free to share my blogs, visit my other blogs and provide comments.