Friday, September 16, 2011

REALITY CHECK #27 - Turn Off The Lights, The Party's Over (For You)

This is a follow-up the to my previous blog regarding MS. PACKAGE DEAL. This is not anger but rather "PRAISE for the Good Men who were WISE and STRONG enough to avoided these types", "PITY for the FOOLish men who were STUPID and WEAK enough to allow them to suck him into the miserable situation he ended up in" and "WARNING to the Good Men who are yet to cross a female like this path". Remember, for years, I have been telling you to "Just Say No and Avoid These Types" but you thought you knew better. Look at you now Playa.

TO THE SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, SCANDDALOUS, SKEEZING FEMALES, feel free to bring out YOUR BAD ATTITUDE on me. I am here to "Attempt To Inform and Encourage The Good Men to Avoid YOU". Feel free to place your comments below. I will excuse all typos and grammatical errors since I know MOST of you CAN'T control your emotions and type CORRECTLY at the same time (LOL). I am quite sure the SENSIBLE, RESPONSIBLE WOMEN will understand that I am attempting to get the Good Men to see the QUALITY in them as opposed to the CORRUPTION in you.

DISCLAIMER (For you IDIOTS out there that will say I am talking about all females):

This blog applies ONLY to those females that have IGNORED, DUMPED or DE-VALUED Good Men in the past as well as TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF their TIME, RESOURCES or FINANCES and now think these men are WEAK or STUPID enough to allow them back into THEIR personal life.

(Public Service Announcement)

It's time for Good Men to stop picking up these BANGED UP, KNOCKED UP and TOSSED OUT party girls. Time to start sending them a message, "You didn't want us then, we don't want you now".

women out there that have raised and are raising THEIR child(ren) without expecting financial support from males who AREN'T the father. They are seeking COMPANIONSHIP, WILL respect you and DON'T want you to financially support them. Now those are STRONG, INDEPENDENT women and the types you should be attempting to develop a relationship with.


Why would you SHARE YOUR PROSPERITY and comforts that YOU sacrificed and worked hard for with someone like this who DID NOT VALUE YOU, IGNORED YOU then went off and PARTIED with and FREELY GAVE UP THE BOOTY to other men in the past and now want YOU to be FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the IRRESPONSIBLE FUN she had WITHOUT YOU? Does she really think you are that STUPID, DESPERATE or WEAK?


responsible for her or that man's (or those men's) child or children. SHE needs to serve as an EXAMPLE to all the other females out there that has NOT yet put themselves in a situation like her and choose to OVERLOOK YOU. The message to these types, "WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE CARE OF YOU OR THE RESULTS OF YOUR POOR CHOICES AND IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR". This is no secret and is not rocket science to know raising a child ALONE is hard.

If women are SUPPOSED to be so intelligent, strong and independent then why do they do something STUPID like bring a child into this world ALONE IF they can't INDIVIDUALLY AFFORD to support that child with the proper TIME and FINANCES? Why can't they wait until they are in a healthy relationship with a man that WANTS to have, WILLING and ABLE to mutually (not solely) participate in supporting a family? The answer is very simple. They do it out of SELFISHNESS, STUPIDITY or a SCANDALOUS attempt to trap the man (they should not be with) to be with her with NO CONCERN for how it's going to negatively impact the child. It's ALMOST NEVER about the child for if it were so, she would display some INTELLIGENCE and develop a healthy relationship before doing so. It's just that simple.

Am I saying ALL FEMALES reflect this selfish and stupid behavior? Absolutely not. There are instances where 1) She may have been in a mutually loving and caring marital or non-marital relationship and UNFORTUNATELY the GOOD MAN died, 2) She is MENTALLY INCAPABLE of making rational decisions and 3) She was TAKEN against her will, RAPED and FORCED to conceive, REMAIN pregnant and GIVE BIRTH. Notice I said GOOD MAN died and not, "Abuser, Player, Baller, Thug, Bad Boy or Pretty Boy" died because if that was the case then SHE made a poor decision to begin with.


Be RESPECTFUL towards her. Now respect has notihg to do with FINANCE or SERVITUDE. You should ONLY give her CONSTRUCTIVE and PRODUCTIVE advice towards a better life in raising her child. DO NOT allow her and her package to MOVE IN with you NO MATTER how much SEX she may attempt to give you or trick you into believing you are going to get. Remember, these types are RAISED with to MANIPULATE through the ILLUSION of you being constantly satisfied SEXUALLY. You SHOULD NOT be giving her recreational information, inviting her out to parties, etc. cause that is what got her where she is today. NEVER ALLOW some female from your past that's rejected you to come into YOUR life with HER responsibilities and disrupt YOUR comfortable lifestyle. The BEST that she should be is a PLATONIC friend to spend LIMITED time with when YOU (not her) have free time to kill. A female in this condition should NEVER dictate what YOU do. Let me repeat it, NEVER dictate what YOU do. If she made the so-called mistake(s) then let HER fix HER mistakes.


I know in RARE cases, you will encounter an attractive or very attractive female that's been BANGED OUT, KNOCKED UP and FORCED into compromising HER values due to her dismal situation. DO NOT allow yourself to get caught up in the LOOK or the TEMPORARY catering she will do to get you to SUPPORT her and her child(ren). ADVICE is the only thing you should be giving a female that comes to you or expects you to HELP (as they like to say it) her in her times of NEED.


  1. Whoa! I could say this is harsh but after seeing what happened to my brother that was exactly like this I have to say you are right on with this. My brother knew this girl when we were in high school. She looked down on him every time he attempted to talk to her. I have to admit she was one of those pretty girls and he was not an athlete or pretty boy. He was what you referred to as an everyday, average guy. They graduated from high school and she went East in search of fame and fortune with this smooth talker. Well, fast forward 3 years and one child later she comes back home to live with her parents. Now guess who she's looking for when she gets to town. Yep, my brother. Fortunately, he'd gotten over his infatuation for her and met another girl that was just as cute. They have been dating for two years and he has no intent on giving the loser the time of day. I will definitely show him your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. It is sad to say but there are females who place a monetary value on themselves. I am not just talking about sex for money either. It comes in the form of seeking a man for prestige.

    A friend of mine once mentioned how a female high school administrator with a Phd said that she could not find a good man and boasted about her "Supposed" independence. He asked her what time does the mail man come each day. To this, she answered and was puzzled as to why he would ask. He told her that her letter carrier may be single or have some single co-workers. She became a little upset and replied that she needed someone on her level. WTF?!?! If she is truly independent, the income level of a "Good Man" would not be a factor. The mail man could have been a very loving, intellegent and supportive man. I would bet my last time, if my friend would have told her that he had a friend who was a Medical Doctor, she would have been all on it! Now this Doctor very well could have been an abusive ass hole.

    Now, think for a moment. Jesus himself would not have been good enough for her because, according to the bible, he worked as a carpenter, did not have a formal education nor an impressive title.

    Too often this same thing is played out each day but a man is expected to overlook a woman's poor choices. The aforementioned school administrator probably looked at the letter carrier as making poor life choices.

    Until men wake up and use modern warfare methods, we will get knocked on our asses everyday. Check it out, would any man with common sense, who was not a trained professional, have gotten in the ring for a 12 round fight with Mike Tyson in his prime? Hell Naw!! This is what we do when we face a highly skills and trained Ms Package Deal. She will leave your ass on the mat, take your money, resources and man hood. The bad part is that you will let her come back to do it again.

    J is speaking the truth and if it does not apply to you, don't get upset. This Christmas, I'm going to get my teenage son and his friends a copy of Mr Duval's books. Keep up the work J. For if you prevent one man from becoming a "Sucka Man", you will have done a wonderful thing.

    K Sims, Sr.

  3. Two Thumbs Up! My ex-wife and i were married for 10 years. All of a sudden last year she decides she is not having any fun anymore even though I mentioned to her how we have to be more conservative with our money. Well, that wasn't good enough for her so she decided to separate and move out of L.A. and to the Valley. This was 2 years ago and since then some friends of mine were telling me how she'd been seen partying in the Hollywood area with a particular guy til early in the AM. Well, she got a layoff notice last week and since then she's been trying to get back with me. I'm sure the guy probably dumped her if she told him she was being laid off. It took me almost a year to get myself together. I lost the house because I could not afford the payment alone and moved into an apartment. Although I'm in a apartment, I feel more comfortable now without her than I felt the last year of her whining before she left. I have been contemplating filing for divorce for over a year. I am going to ask you what would you do if it were you in this situation?

  4. I agree with your commenters. What you're saying is absolutely real. It doesn't apply to all women and it's not to say men don't have faults, but it's a good post.