Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Revoultion of the Mind - It's Time To MAN UP!!


Time to rid yourself of those OLD, out-dated rules that YOU are practicing while MOST of today's females ARE NOT behaving in that OLD traditional manner and are practicing NEW, up-dated rules that benefit them SOLELY and NOT you mutually.

- STOP complaining about those females that DON'T value YOU.
- STOP catering to those females that DON'T RECIPROCATE.
- STOP trying to convince those females that DON'T WANT YOU to want you.
- THERE ARE plenty of available WOMEN who will respect you, love you and show genuine concern for you but YOU have to simply be WISER in your choices.

I am here to assist you in making WISER choices.

There are a large percentage of males out there that do not care about THEIR well-being. I can't do anything for them. I am simply seeking those males that are tired of the insensitive, inconsiderate, unreasonable, spoiled and/or damaged Skeezers out there that believes THEY are entitled to YOUR time, resources and finances with little to no obligation or reciprocation.

THE INJECTION (CURE) - Below are only 10 of the 40 Rules of Engagement in my book:

- Do Unto Her Before She Do Unto You
- Go Find Yourself Some Balls, Any Balls
- There Are Five Basic Weight Classes of Females
- Never Argue Simply UPGRADE
- Stop Thinking FOR a Female and Start Thinking LIKE a Female
- You Are Not Her Father and She Is Not Your Mother
- If You Have a Personal Interest LIE, If Not Tell Her the TRUTH
- Never Get Personally Involved with a FixHerUpper
- Don't Be Tricked into Paying for Her Activities
- Don't Be $uckerMan to the Rescue and Pay or Help Pay HER Bills

The reason you are failing MISERABLY are because of YOUR old-fashioned, out-dated thinking and behavior and HER new, NON old-fashioned thinking and behavior. I can not and would not be STUPID to try and get her to CHANGE HER way of thinking and behavior. Why not? Because the manner in which SHE thinks and YOU behaves nowadays BENEFITS HER and NOT YOU.

Even though it is more difficult to get many of you GOOD MEN out of that old-fashioned, traditional way of thinking and behaving than to change the way those Skeezers think and behave, it would BENEFIT YOU so much more to change your mindset and behavior, GET OUT of that one-sided relationship and start fresh.

How can you miss being with someone that don't give a CRAP about you, how can you miss being MISERABLE in that one-sided relationship? Your self-esteem has to be pretty damn low to do so. How much PRAYING & HOPING, BEGGING or COMPLAINING to someone else are you going to do BEFORE you realize it's time to simply get out. If you have to do all of that to get someone to appreciate you, treat you like you are treating her then it's a DEAD RELATIONSHIP FOR YOU.

So are you going to remain in that miserable, disrespectful, dismal situation or MAN UP, STAND UP and Take Your Injection? Of course SHE knows you are too weak to do it. Who are you going to DISAPPOINT? Her or You?


  1. Hey, I don't know if you are smoking something but if you are I suggest you double up so I can see how you spit it out above ground level (LOL). I love this. Keep the motivation going.

  2. J Duval are you in a committed relationship? It certainly does not sound like you are.

  3. @Ben. No I am not in a committed relationship. Even if I were in a committed relationship I would not stop saying what I am saying because it's the TRUTH. I have no fear of speaking the truth and if I get into a relationship and the woman can't tolerate me speaking truth to hopefully free good men and make them available for good women then SHE has to go.

    You see Ben, it takes BALLS to speak to the TRUTH and even bigger BALLS to speak it when you have a woman since most of them are simply accustomed to controlling and threatening weak men so the men co-operate fully. MOST (if not all) of those types of men really aren't getting what they want consistently (if at all) from the BALL-BUSTING females they are with. Those men USUALLY are hoping she will be more loving or simply sneaking out and enjoying their time with ANOTHER WOMAN.

    Well, so much for the "am I in a committed relationshi" (LOL). Most of the time I'm asked that so they can say, "See, that's why you aren't in a committed relationship". My response to that is, "No, that's why I'm NOT in a dysfunctional, BALL-BUSTING relationship with an uncaring, inconsiderate female. Instead I am, and will remain, HAPPILY SINGLE until I find a good woman. If I don't then I guess I will have to remain HAPPILY SINGLE instead of MISERABLY together, right? (LOL)

  4. That's what I'm saying. I have left two FEMALES because i needed a woman and that's not what they were. I've turned down females that tried to start a relationship with me because I saw what they were and knew it wouldn't work. I'm content right now being single because i KNOW my worth and will never diminish it or accept less than I deserve in a partner. i rather be alone and content than with another and be miserable ever again. Keep up what you doing bruh.

  5. I get what your saying, but we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I think old school guys have more success. The reason being is that being old school means you understand your role as well as a woman's role. There's no game involved. If she's not on your level, then you find someone who is. You don't change who you are to engage with her. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you when you say to do away with old fashion, gentlemen type values. And as for your list, I agree with all of them except "Do not pursue a female." As far as I know, every male animal in nature seeks the female. That's just how it's supposed to work. It doesn't mean be stupid and go after someone who doesn't want you, but there's no way I'd sit back and wait on a woman or anything else I want in life. If I want it, I'm going to make an effort to obtain it. Again, maybe I'm missing the mark on something.

  6. Hey Thank_Q we are on the same page. Let me clarify. The old school guys or players are straight up (fo' sho') and don't need advice or guidance. The guys I am speaking of are, believe it or not, the majority of good men who DON'T play games but aren't strong enough (for whatever reason) to simply pull away when the game of "chase" or "wait n see what happens" is being played on them. Remember, a great majority of FEMALES have changed THEIR attitudes and behaviors. I'm attempting to get those guys that will FALL IN LOVE FIRST in HOPING things get better for them. Trust me, my brotha, there are far more of them than thet take-no-shit ole school guys out there.

    I know many of those old school guys and I used to run with them. Trust me, it may be where your mindset and those you know are, but there are many that I know who's lives have been f^cked up because HE applied the old school rules and SHE did not yet he remained doing, and doing, and doing BECAUSE he was NOT programmed to say, "If it's not coming back to me in the manner I'm putting it out to her I'm done".

    I don't advice males to PURSUE a female but rather let HER know that you have an interest in her. My brotha, that ONLY benefits HER EGO and his if he simply gets off on THE CHASE. It's a game and in MOST cases someone loses and usually HIM because in most games the objective it to ULTIMATELY win. Yea, both teams will score point during the GAME but in the end there is usually a winner and a loser. For the good man, winning usually means getting into a relationship with a CONSIDERATE and LOVING woman. For most of toady's females, winning is usually HIM spending money on her, doing things for her, etc. and IF she's not really interested in HIM she will ultimately DUMP him in the JUST FRIENDS dumpster. Oviously the success rate for HIM is quite low or I would not have to be doing this (LOL).

    CLOSING - Hey you neither I is going to wait on a female OR continue to put out and HOPE things workout the way we want in the end. I consider myself to be an ABNORMAL thinking male because I don't think like the majority. The majority of males have COMPROMISED, EXCHANGED their values for HOPE and RELYING ON HER NOT RUNING GAME ON HIM.

    Females don't call it game my brotha, they DE-VALUE a male by saying, "It's the price he pays for an ATTEMPT at getting her". Who died and said ANY one of us should INITIALLY be considered less than the other.

    By the way, FEMALES will make effort to let YOU know they are interested IF they value you. My message will always be, "I'm an interested in getting to know you BUT if you don't put out any effort to reciprocate then I will move on and leave you to those who love to CHASE YOU".

  7. Ok, I'm feeling that response. I see what you're saying now.

  8. Told you man. We are spiritual brotha's from another mother (LOL).

  9. I was beginning to get upset when I read the 3 stop messages but as I continued to read I realized that you are truly concerned about getting more healthy relationships together. I totally agree because I have a few girlfriends that are brutal with the men they are with and simply use their beauty to take advantage of them. It is so sad because when we get together and go out, all they do is flirt with other men that they see. They never have a good thing to say about the man they are with. I am going to read some of your other blogs so keep informing and hopefully a larger number of men in that situation will take your advice and get out of those ridiculous relationships.

  10. This blog is totally stupid. Why should a man get out of a relationship because he is having problems. I am in a wonderful 3 year relationship and just because we have problems does not mean he should leave me and my 2 children. Before you say anything I will tell you that no he is not the father of my children but he is a real man because a real man will come in and take care of a woman instead of run away like your stupid blog is telling them to do. My man loves me and says he will stand by me and do whatever it takes to fix our problems. That's just a part of growing together. All relationshp have problems so are you suggesting that everybody break up? I am going to say this again the blog is so stupid and so are you for posting it.

  11. @Angels. Thanks for taking the time to show men that read this blog what NOT to accept. You are your own Public DisService Announcement. You are simply afraid that man will read my blogs and realize he can do BETTER with much LESS STRESS in his life, leave you and YOUR (not his) children. I am willing to wager that those problems are coming more from your side than his. Why don't you spend more time focusing on raising YOUR children and less time tryping to place YOUR responsibilities on some MAN'S shoulders? If this blog is stupid? It's because you see it as a potential THREAT to terminating YOUR FREE RIDE.

    Well, you better strap that seat belt on tight and lock the door because I don't intend on advising men to support PROBLEMATIC, IRRESPONSIBLE, FREE LOADERS who have made poor choices in life when there are RESPONSIBLE women available for them.

  12. You are a bastard and must really hate women to tell men to do something so cruel. My man would never do something like that to me and my children.

  13. @Estrella. I must say that I must have hit a sore spot with you. Well, let me state some observations based upon YOUR choice of words:

    1. "MY MAN" (Strike 1) - Your man TODAY and who knows who's man tomorrow. Just enjoy him while he is there (LOL).

    2. "WOULD NEVER DO" (Strike 2) - Strong ASSumptions on your part about what he would never. He is not a pet and even pets are smart enough to have a legitime reason for running away from home. Never say never my dear and then later on when/if it happens you are EMBARRASSED and blaming him instead of YOUR poor or desperate choice.

    3. "MY CHILDREN" (Strike 3) - Yep YOUR children and not OUR CHILDREN which means he has no obligation to remain IF it does not consistently (not occasionally) benefit HIM.

    Well, my dear, 3 strikes means..... YOU'RE OUT!! Oh yea, and he may be out of that relationship (not marriage) soon to IF he ever reads this blog and it applies to his situation with YOU (LOL).

  14. OUCH. Hahaha. I could not stop laughing at your response to Angela’s comment. As I was reading through Angela’s comments I was getting the hint that ‘her man came in to take care of her and her children’. It seemed one sided. But I’m wondering if that’s the case? Or she just misrepresented her relationship with him out of anger towards you? LOL So interesting! Keep it comin’!

  15. I just happened to see my boyfriend looking at this blog on his comeputer and smiling so I decided to read it. After reading this I asked him why was he wasting his time reading garbage like this. He told me he read it and thought I made good sense. I asked him if he thought I was one of those women. He told me that he could relate to what I was saying and that if I were like those women he would leave me. That didn't make me feel to good so I simply got my things and walked out of his apartment. I got to my apartment and came back to your blogsite to read more. Your site is going to do nothing but cause problems in relationships. Have you been hurt so bad that you want to see other people hurt as well. I wish that you would reconsider what you are writing and put your energy on something more positive. You should get a copy of Steve Harvey's book and read it. Maybe that will change your outlook on life. I really feel sorry for you and the many people your blogsite will hurt if they take your advice.

  16. I don't understand some of these comments. He's not saying every woman is bad. He's just discussing certain women for men to avoid, that's all. I think some of you are taking this way too personally. The last lady saying she left her man's apartment is crazy. All over him saying it didn't apply to her, but he could understand someone's point of view? SMH.

  17. @Pamela. My blog can't cause problems in PROBLEM relationships. All it can do is make it better for the man IF he is experiencing the negative from inconsiderate, selfish and thoughtless females. The problem won't be for the man. it will be for the woman that no longer will benefit from the man accepting her inconsiderate behavior. if she wants to not have problems in her relationship then adopt a more loving, considerate and unselfish ATTITUDE. No sensible man will abandon a woman that's loving, caring, considerate, unselfish and DON'T create problems and stress in his life. That is what I am advising men to accept and ONLY accept that type of behavior. I am also stating that men need to display that same kind of loving behavior towards the woman he is with. It goes both ways so if a female can't or won't conform to behavior that makes a relationship MUTUALLY beneficial then YES, by all means, I say leave her and seek peace elsewhere.