Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ms. Package Deal Is Now Ready For A Good Man

(Excerpt from "The Good Man's Survival Guide - How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer")


As far as ADVICE and GUIDANCE of a child or children (not FINANCE), I feel ANY male that is capable of doing so should feel OBLIGATED to participate when possible.

Since so many females are opening up their legs to the WRONG MALES, I am attempting to encourage males to NOT open up their wallets to the WRONG FEMALES.

This is an ATTEMPT at SELF-PRESERVATION of the GOOD men for the GOOD women out there who AREN'T attempting to place HER responsibilities upon HIS shoulders.

This is a WARNING to the females out there that HAVEN'T YET made poor choices in males and got KNOCKED UP and DUMPED. Make wiser choices in males.

This is a MESSAGE to the females out there that INTENTIONALLY ignored us GOOD men and got KNOCKED UP then eventually DUMPED. You overlooked and ignored US the now successful Good men for what YOU thought was better and now WE DON'T WANT YOU. YOU REJECTED US for what you FELT were the right reasons (No Money, No Popularity, No Success that you wanted to have) and now WE are REJECTING YOU for all the right reasons (Our Money, Our Popularity, Our Success that we intend to keep) so go on and act like a responsible mother, assume YOUR responsibilities and raise HIS children. AFTER they are grown and out of the house, you can go back to your partying or you can go to your local PET STORE, purchase your LIFE LONG companion and live HAPPILY (or MISERABLY) ever after.

MS. PACKAGE DEAL – This is Ms. So Fine and good looking that in the past when she had no children she WOULD NOT give the average, GOOD man the chance at a relationship. Now, with that package on her hip, she will say to him, “I made a mistake.”

YEARS and a WHOLE LOT OF GOOD TIMES later, being unable to attract the same kind of men that knocked her up, she is ready to settle down with the types of men she ignored in the past. Are you ready to PAY for this package? Are you going to be that so-called REAL man that she would have not given an opportunity to years earlier?

What she did was submit to men she thought was MORE ATTRACTIVE than you, MORE EXCITING than you, HAD or APPEARED to have had MORE MONEY than you, HAD or APPEARED to have had MORE SOCIAL STATUS than you and got knocked up one or several times.

Chances are if she did not smell the scent of financial relief in you, her attractiveness not eroding or without that package, she would still never give you the time of day. As long as her packages are still with her, she may still have that emotional bond with the father or fathers. Most of these types tend to never let go emotionally from those fathers unless you will be willing to accept her, her package and ALL of the responsibilities that comes with her.

Notice her feet are pointing inward, the knees and thighs are wedged together. In most cases, that means the ONLY playing you will get consistently is playing daddy to the children, baby sitting, buying toys and consistently providing services and finances to help support her and another man’s children while the father or fathers are out there enjoying life with responsible women that don’t have that package or not trying to place her responsibilities onto some other male.

DO NOT be tricked or lured for the children's sake. Point her in the direction of HER children's father(s) IF she expects you to financially support her or those males that she OVERLOOKED YOU for.

There are STRONG, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT women out there available THAT CAN be a financial and emotional ASSET as opposed to a LIABILITY in your life so think like them, "Don't Settle Just To Have a Female In Your Life". REMEMBER, that's what they tell females when it comes to males, "Don't just settle for any man just to have a man in your life". It's time for YOU to PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH!!


  1. Damn, now this is a real man talking. I am a good woman who has not mad bad choices in a man. I have been happily married for 3 years with a good man. Not a thug, pretty boy, player or man that promised me all those material things. The love of my live is one of your average guys and I love him for him. I am making more money than he is and I get men trying to talk to me all the time. I don't pressure my husband and we work as partners not as a king and queen which is so ridiculous. Our foundation is based upon us. We don't do a whole lot of going out, taking trips, eating at expensive restaurants. We plan what we are going to do and keeps the emotional and financial stress out of our lives. Oh yea, we are planning our family as opposed to us saying we made a mistake.

    J. Duval, I am a believer in you for life. Continue to do what you do regardless of what others say. In my book, you are doing a good thing. May God continue to bless and keep you.

  2. The Lord Is My ShepherdSeptember 14, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    You are an idiot Duval. Men have a Godly obligation to protect and take care of all women no matter what she does. Any man that does not perform his Godly duties soul will be condemned to hell. I am sure there is a place there waiting for you.

  3. Women don't have to have children to be a liability.

    And I doubt the women who are truly handling their business with their families are unaffected emotionally from the men who view it like this.

    The person with a poverty mentality will always have a discretion over money. The one whom is living abundantly will not think twice about it, it's about communing.

  4. Wow. The commenters are you, aren't they, J? I happen to agree with your stance. I was in the same situation. The women who didn't want me in my early 20's were kicking down my door in my late 20's with a kid or two in tow. It's not to say that a guy can't find love with a woman with kids, but by no means should he simply look past the fact that he would be inheriting an Just Add Water instant family. I married a woman without kids and although I dated one prior to her with a child, it wasn't a preference for me. I wanted to enjoy my wife before dealing with the financial and emotional responsibility of children. Call it old school if you want, but it seems like the easiest route to go when it comes to marriage. Great post.

  5. You clearly were screwed over by a very attractive woman and have not yet moved on. This piece is based on your own ego bruising. It is uninformed and furthers ignorant generalizations.

    Well done for making a handful of people dumber.

  6. @Anonymous. I will begin with the simple one (LOL). I was not screwed over by a very attractive woman which obviously you aren't one of them by your response. I've been in good and bad relationships with attractive women. What you seem to IGNORE or NOT have the ability to comprehend is NO MAN should accept a female that rejected him in the past and now that she has children for SOME OTHER MAN she wants the man SHE REJECTED to now accept her and HER responsibilities.

    I've NEVER been screwed over as you say. Yes, I spent money (which MOST females expect) and the BUSINESS, LEASE relationship did not last. My ego was not bruised because I knew what to expect once I began to LEASE my time with her. Like any THING else you lease (i.e., spend money to have for a period of time), you know that it lasts ONLY as long as you are paying my dear. MOST very attractive females are raised, socialized, programmed or whatever else you want to call it to PROSTITUTE (i.e., Ho) their time. DEFINITION of Ho: If she REQUIRES compensation or expenses incurred paid for by the man then she is Ho-ing her time therefore she's a Ho. What the Ho does with that time with him usually depends on how attractive she is to him or how much compensation SHE RECEIVES. It could be a little as JUST her company up to eventual SEX.

    Many of the average to lesser attractive female desire to lease but aren't attractive enough to demand it at the same level as the very attractive female.

    GENERALIZATIONS?? Obviously you aren't attractive enough to speak from experience (LOL). This happens all the time. Some males can afford Ho's (i.e., wives, outside girlfriends or just girlfriends if they aren't married) so they simply do it. If you are going to question my use of the term Ho, prove me wrong with guys who are dating or married and see if these females REMAIN in their presence without attitude if they DON'T PAY.

    As far as making a handful of people dumber, I would say if they leave those REJECTS that rejected them in the past they may be DUMBER but they will also be BETTER OFF FINANCIALLY and in a position to be avaiable for RESPONSIBLE women as opposed to Package Deals like the above which I am willing to wager you are one of them (LOL).

  7. @Thank_Q. Yes the entire blog is me. As far as calling what you stated as "Old School", I would called it "Graduating From The School of Life" instead of being "Held Back in Special Education" and ending up with a Ms. Packaged Deal(LOL). MOST females like the above EXPECT a man who's NOT the father to divert HIS comfortable life for HER and HER children. When you get into a relationship like that (female which minor children) you are NOT and NEVER WILL BE priority over them. You will NOT be able to tell most (if not all) of those mother's to STOP babying those children because they are NOT YOURS. Your rights will be limited as stated, "Financial Provider and Baby Sitter".

    By the way, you are so right on point when you said, "You want to ENJOY the marriage BEFORE you get into caring for children". You can't do that if you have that INSTANT, some other man's children running around. Oh yea, FORGET about SPONTANEOUS sex and remember you will have to LIMIT it to the bedroom IF they are in the house and be ready for "Shhhhhhh... be quite cause the children will hear us" or "Hurry up before the children wake up or before they come home"(LOL).

    Don't give up your INITIAL pleasures in YOUR relationship JUST BECAUSE the female had those pleasures with some other man and NOW is preventing YOU from going through that FUN experience. Much continued Peace and Wisdom.

  8. This is so true. My brother wasted his life taking in this woman and her 3 children. She was his high school sweetheart but she dumped him for one of the athletes in high school thinking he was going to go to college and then go professional. Well, the only place he went to was "jail" and at their 10 year high school reunion she approached my brother, gave him all the attention he wanted and got pregnant for him. Two years after they got married, the father of her 3 children got out of jail and they secretly began seeing each other again.

    My brother FINALLY got some common sense from somewhere and divorced her. He's paying child support and the child is not with him but I tell him that all will be well in time.

    I am certainly going to send this blog to him. Thanks you so much for what you are doing and I hope that more guys would listen to you.

  9. Damn, I just met this woman two weeks ago with 2 children. She is so fine and I asked myself why would a woman like that be interested in me. I'm not an ugly guy but I am honest enough to admit that I am not on the top 100 list of the most handsome. I am what you speak of as being just an average looking guy with a few pounds around the mid section.

    I am 32, have a good job, a home and no children. I would like to get married and start a family one day. She is 30, fine as hell and have a good job.

    After reading your blog and the comments on Facebook, I think that I will back away from her because as you have stated in one of your other blogs I have more to lost financially than to gain because I'm bringing one into the equation and she's bringing 3. Those aren't good numbers when I set aside her looks and see it from a practical perspective.

    Thanks for this post and I will surely share with my friends. Keep up the good work.

  10. Whoa. My sister just sent me this link to your blog. I had been spending hours with her talking about my problem. I talked to other guys and they say that if you want the woman you have to take what comes with her.

    I married this woman 3 months ago. We dated for about 6 months. I have been having problems with her 2 children ever since we got married and move them out of an uncomfortable 2 bedroom apartment into my comfortable 4 bedroom house. I hear things like "You're not my daddy", "You can't tell me what to do", "I am going to tell my daddy".

    Now the mother and the baby's father never married and I thought I was doing the right thing by marrying her, taking her in and helping to take care of her children.

    After reading your blog I now realize that was the wrong thing to do. I am going to see an attorney this week to get this marriage annulled before I get legally obligated to financially support her and her children.

    Thanks for this post. I will share with others and I truly owe you one.

  11. I don't know what I have been thinking! After reading these posts, I REALLY need to get my mind together!!!

    I've spent years with a woman and her two kids, she's been back and forth between me and their father's.

    And now I'm broke as a result of dealing with her!

    It's ok though, I'm young and attractive enough to switch my shit up, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.