Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't You Act STUPID Because She's STUCK on STUPID

"A STRONG man is not afraid to SPEAK TRUTH, A WEAK man will remain SILENT, A PLAYER will SPIT GAME and A FOOL will simply BABBLE" - J. Duval

I will leave you to decide if this is TRUTH, GAME or BABBLE. Feel free to provide comments afterwards.

THERE ARE FEMALES out there stuck on stupid for a particular man.
THERE ARE FEMALES out there stuck on stupid for a particular lifestyle they can't afford.
THERE ARE WOMEN out there NOT stuck on stupid that will want to spend time getting to know you.

Let the Stuck on Stupid female show interest in you AFTER she's been SEVERLY ABUSED by the male that does not give a crap about her because that's almost the only way she will come out of her STUPID condition and see any value in YOU the average Joe good man.

It's Ok to see her and like what you see.
It's Ok to like and let her know of your interest.
It's Ok to put forth some effort in your attempt to get to know her.
It's NOT Ok to continue that effort if you find out she is Stuck on Stupid for someone else.

My Definition of Stupid

1. KNOWINGLY doing something that will benefit her NOW and NEVER you.
2. KNOWINGLY doing something that will benefit her NOW and HOPING it will benefit you later.

My Description of Stuck on Stupid Behavior

1. FOOLishly attached emotionally to some man that has NO GENUINE interest in her.
2. Won't let go of the FANTASY of hopefully getting back together with a man that's taking advantage of HER STUPIDITY.
3. May spend time with another or other men but mentally is on tactical alert FOOLishly wating for that recall notification.
4. Will accept practically any kind of disrespectful or ABUSIVE (emotional, physical or financial) treatment from that man.
5. Will ignore or overlook opportunities with good men waiting on the man that does not give a crap about her.
6. Will ALLOW that man to put her on hold while he spends time with the female he is interested in.
7. Will ACCEPT being that BOOTY CALL when HIS primary woman is not around FOOLishly thinking she can convince him to leave her.

My ASSumptions for that Stuck on Stupid Behavior (one or a combination may apply)

1. Is financially dependent on him and don't want to let go of it.
2. Want to live a certain upgraded lifestyle that she can't or won't provide for herself.
3. Has a child or children with him and is hoping that eventually they will get back together.
4. Has a chemical dependency and feels that only he can provide her the satisfaction she desires.
5. Has been turned out SEXUALLY and feels as if ONLY HE can provide her the satisfaction she desires.

Why Should You Be Aware of Your Behavior With Her?

Females have been capitalizing off of a good man's STUPID behavior for years. You will cross paths with many females out there that are Stuck on Stupid for some other man. It does not matter how much YOU like her, if she's stuck on stupid for some other man YOU are wasting your time. While she is stuck on stupid, the best that would happend to you is she allows you to kill time with her until she is recalled by the man she is stuck on stupid for.

Impact To You As A Result of Spending Time with a Stuck on Stupid Female

1. Wasted time and effort.
2. No chance of her wanting you.
3. YOU potentially becoming Stuck on Stupid for her so now you have two idiots in that Stuck on Stupid circle (you wanting her and she wanting him).

The Difference between "Not Sure If She's Interested in You" and "Stuck on Stupid".

1. If she is "not sure she's interested in you" that means she WILL spend time together with you getting to know you and then the two of you MATURELY deciding where to go from there.
2. If she is "stuck on stupid" that means no matter what you say or do it will never be enough to convince her to want you because she wants someone else that does not want her other than for an occasional, when the other woman is not around BOOTY CALL.

Cure for a Stuck on Stupid Female

1. SEVERE ABUSE. Yes, I said ABUSE because those types of females typically will not break away from that man until something like that happens. I am not speaking of MILD abuse, I'm speaking of SEVERE physical or emotional abuse. Even in cases of abuse, many of them may not go back to THAT MAN but eventually will gravitate to the same type of man and NEVER display any type of genuine interest in or efforts toward having a good man.
2. MARKETABLE VALUE DIMINISHING. I'm speaking of that which causes her physical appearance to degrade and the attention from males SHE is intereted in to diminish which can come from aging, physical abuse, stress worring about that man that does not give a crap about her, depression because she is not with THAT MAN, alcohol or drugs to ease her pain of depression, etc.

What Happens If She Is Abused Enough to Break Away from Him

1. There is no guarantee that she will have an interest in YOU even if she tells you she does not want to be with him again.
2. She WILL BE emotionally (and possibly physically) damaged goods for a period of time. The key with her is the recovery period which varies from female to female AND how much effort SHE puts into wanting to be with YOU.

Advice to a Good Man if She Contacts You Afterwards

1. OBSERVE her behavior very closely.
2. Make your renewed interest in her known to her.
3. DO NOT immediately emotionally attach yourself to her.
4. DO NOT allow her to just come into your life and alter it.
5. She has to DISPLAY a genuine interest in you and EARN your confidence in her. Remember, she (not you) didn't want the opportunity.

Advice to a Good Man THE MOMENT YOU begin to feel ANY emotion for a female

Unless YOU are a FOOL, you MUST ask this question?

"Is there anyone or anything that you are STILL emotionally attached to that can prevent us from spending QUALITY time together and attempting to get to know each other in a serious manner"?

The reason for asking is because you don't want to make any ASSumptions. You want to based HER behavior afterwards SOLELY upon HER response to the above question. DO NOT ask her the question and then give multiple choice answers to her. Simply ask the question and SHUT UP. It's important that you do not lead her into a response.

If she is uncomfortable with the question or want to avoid it one of two (or both) can be ASSumed:

1. She is still emotionally attached.
2. She has no personal or genuine interest in YOU.

If that's the case, as hard as it may be for you to do, you've got to move on.


I'm sure some of you (especially females) are still steaming due to my statement of SEVERE ABUSE as a cure for Stuck on Stupid females. Well, I stand by that and let me paint a picture for you. It's like someone standing on the edge of a building about to jump off and commit suicide. TRYING TO TALK the suicide person down (talking them out of that Stuck on Stupid, dysfunctional, one-sided relationship) has proven to be futile. You now have 2 choices: 1) Allow her to jump to her "relationship" death (i.e., remain in that Stuck on Stupid, dead-end state) or 2) Shoot her in the leg (i.e., allow him to SEVERLY ABUSE her) which will be very painful but save their life and her chances of her moving away from him and eventually "hopefully" onto a healthy relatiohship with a good, caring man). That's my take on Stuck on Stupid females. She can foolishly remain, accept whatever kind of ABUSE he chooses to inflict upon her while she hope he changes his mind about her. Those are the PRIMARY options with a Stuck on Stupid female and I have NO SYMPATHY if SHE FOOLishly chooses to remain in that dead-end, abusive situation.

The above information is no secret and is "again" not intended for the Abusive types of males (i.e., Bad Boy, Pretty Boy, Thuggish, Ballers, etc.). They know how to handle females and NOT emotionally attach themselves to them. This information is for the good men, nice guys, naive guys that just don't know or don't want to know what they MAY possibly be getting into when dealing with a female that's STUCK ON STUPID as opposed to a GOOD woman that's loving, caring and NOT stuck on stupid for a male that does not give a crap about her.

I am here attempting to guide you in the direction of the GOOD WOMEN out there. Hopefully you will apply your common sense and take my advice. If you choose to IGNORE my advice, YOU deserve whatever emotional, physical and FINANCIAL pain and suffering YOU receive.


  1. Man you laid it out. I've never seen anything broken down like this before. I have got to share this with my friends and especially a certain buddy that refuses to stop being stupid for a woman that is just what you have said which is stuck on stupid for some other man. Keep speaking the truth. It shall set some men free.

  2. Damn J. Duval. That seems pretty harsh of you to say that but on the other hand you are just being real about what happens. I guess I would prefer to have the truth instead of game as you say. I have a 12 year old daughter and I hope that she never put herself in a situation like that.

  3. I like this and I want you to know I am the dog in the picture. I don't chase ho's, they chase me and will do whatever I say. I have this one ho that's crazy about me and she tells me about this fool that's crazy about her. He meets her out for dinner and afterwards she drives to my place and stays overnight. She has never had him over to her place and always drives her car when they go out somewhere. She says he's constantly asking her to visit her and she is always giving him some excuse which the fools readily accepts. Now on the flips side, she calls me and begs me to come to her place.

    This is why I have no respect for these ho's. If I were to act like that fool they would do the same thing to me. How do I know? I used to be like that fool trying to be a gentlemen to these ho's. I am talking about ho's with good jobs, ho's with and without children, professional ho's, church ho's so don't get it twisted with the street or crack ho you see out there. I would take them places and do things for them and all I would get is a you are such a gentleman and nice guy. I've gotten more ho's since I've treated them like I don't care and those that won't give me the time of day I say fuck them and move on to the next one. It's a numbers game out there and ho's are running the same game. The more attractive the ho is the more she expect from a man and those are the ones I dog and breakdown the hardest. Peace!

  4. Heard your interview on Sunday and loved it. You make some very good points. Keep up the positive work and don't allow these stupid people to stop you from what you are doing. I am going to let my friends know about this blog so they can see it as well. I am eagerly waiting to get a copy of both of your books.

  5. Duval you are an asshole. I am a woman and I am insulted by that remark. How dare you call a woman stuck on stupid just because she is in love with someone. Sometimes a woman just can't control where her heart wants to be. Is that a crime? You must have been hurt so bad that you can't recognize what real love is all about. Real love means sacrifice. Real love means giving yourself to that person unconditionally. Real love means sometimes loving that person even when they don't love you. I'm going to stop here because you are really pissing me off with this blog.

  6. Jessica, your words prove my point when I tell guys to don't waste their time with females who are stuck on stupid for some other male. It's a waste of HIS time and a bonus for her to make HER feel good while she's stuck on stupid for the other guy. I say "Leave her to her dysfunctional way of thinking". "DO NOT cater to her for any reason". "DO NOT be that FOOL to hang around her until the guy that does not give a crap about her contacts her and she DUMPS YOU and runs to him". "She will NOT treat YOU in the same manner that she treats HIM as long as she's stuck on stupid for HIM".

    ANY MALE, let me repeat ANY MALE, that is STUPID enough to desire or spend time with a female that's stuck on stupid for some other male DESERVES ALL the pain, suffering, disappointment and loss of finances and time that comes to him.

  7. J... J... J , always speaking like we share the same mind LOL. I even have the view that once you have left the Stuck on Stupid chick , IF she comes to her sense after the guys has DOGGED HER COMPLETELY OUT, After time has ravaged her looks, after reality has kicked her in the head enough time and she choose to accept it, don't take her back. Don't return her phone calls, if you must go out with her do it only to tell her you are no longer interested.

    NEVER make someone your first choice who has made YOU their last. You are NOT the last dried out egg Roll at the buffet table that they are willing to now eat or now want now that there is nothing else left. HAVE SOME DIGNITY. Where you leave her, you CAN and WILL find better. If she regrets it, then good perhaps she will learn and can now go find another good man to try and be with but her time with you has expired like 6 month old milk.

    Jessica I HAVE to say this. You are sad. You are someone that will know not but PAIN in your life and bring nothing BUT pain to any male that tries to spend any time with you while you have your eyes all shining for the man that DOESN'T love you. Is it a crime to chase after and love someone that is bad for you and doesn't love you? HELL YES! It's a crime you commit against YOURSELF and like every crime you are not the only one that suffers because of it. As stated by J and many others in the past, the good dude wasting his efforts on you suffer for it. J anger you for the same reason a crack head gets upset when you show them their living environment as opposed to how they lived before the crack. He angers you because he is forcing the truth down your throat and YOU prefer to live in fantasy. J isn't the one you need to worry about though, REALITY is. In the end it WILL win out and you will be force to see and live in it, and if you've wasted your time living in fantasy it will mercilessly show you the fruits of a field not sowed,looked after, and properly nurtured, barren and able to give nothing but starvation.