Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Do Males Get Married or Into Monogamous Relationships and are Secretly Involved with other Females?

This makes absolutely no sense to me. Why do males get into those situations and risk possible PHYSICAL harm to himself by his mate or FINANCAL damage by her attorney and the courts when (not if) she decides to leave him. Now if a male has:

- NO AMBITION in life,

- Enough MONEY to just toss away without thought,

- DOES NOT CARE what happens to himself when she finds out,

- MOMMA AT HOME to let him move back into his room (or on the couch),

then by all means he should go right ahead and take that risk.

If a male wants to date more than one female he should NOT live with any of them or they should VERBALLY agree to an open relationship while they are living together. Let me personalize this one, "I have never allowed another female to become intimate or think she can become intimate with me when I am in a committed, monogamous relationship. I have also dated multiple females when I am NOT in a committed, monogamous relationship".

It's very important that the two VERBALIZE they agree to a MONOGAMOUS COMMITTED relationship to each other because just being committed does not mean monogamous as we all know and have seen. Just as important if the two want and OPEN COMMITTED relationship they should agree to that since those types of relationships do exist as well.

Does that mean the other person will comply? Maybe but in most cases probably not. What is important is that YOU did not ASSume a monogamous relationship if that is what you expect. This means that YOU now can judge THEIR BEHAVIOR by what they have said as opposed to what you HOPE they will do. It's better to let them lie to you instead of you lie to yourself about that relationship.

I see no benefit to the male SNEAKING around with someone else if they are going to be in a committed, monogamous relationship. Do I identify it as right or wrong? No, because in MOST cases, neither of them will bring up the conditions of that relationship being OPEN or MONOGAMOUS.

Technically speaking, if monogamy isn't VERBALLY mutually agreed upon between the two then there is NO VIOLATION when they get involved with multiple partners.

If you can't get what you want living with her then why are you still there SNEAKING? I'm not hating on you, I'm just calling it as I see it. Feel free to post a comment for others to read.

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  1. I agree to many men claim to be Alfa Males yet they have no pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of.To many men try to live up to false expectations set by others. I have always lived by what I believe to be true, and moral. Ever child born knows right from wrong, with out even being tought. It's this image of a man that america and these fake religious institutions try to portray as moral and upright. It's un-natural for a man to have only one woman , God put more woman on this planet then men, so every man needs to have at least 3-4 women and they all need to know about each-other. It's not just a sex thing it's about the natural order of things to understand a man, a real Alfa Male study the nature of the lion and the gorilla. A woman should study the nature of the lioness, and she will let that jealous spirit go. Ap