Friday, June 5, 2009

Female Complaints About Men On Those Dating Sites

SEX, SEX, SEX... That is ALL males are looking for online.

It is so amusing to me how so many females will post photos on those online dating sites and then develop an attitude if CERTAIN males THEY AREN'T ATTRACTED TO respond in what is TO THEM an inappropriate manner.

Well let's examine what they post before we are so quick to jump on THEIR side and support their claims of inappropriate responses from males. Here are a few examples:


- BOOTY POSE: They stand and turn their butts outward so that you can see it.
- BEDROOM LURE: Photos sitting or lying in their bed in casual or lingerie wear.
- SACRIFICAL OFFERING: Photos that bring direct attention to their cleavage and breasts.
- REVEALING CLOTHING: Short skirts, dresses with high slits, very low cut and open blouses and tight fitting tops or bottoms that enhances the breast and butt.
- LUSCIOUS, MOIST LIPS: I'm sure I don't have to explain that one to you.


- I am sensual
- I am passionate
- I am open to trying new things

When a HETEROSEXUAL male sees those photos and reads those words in their profile whatelse is HE supposed to think of besides SEX? The problem is not his NORMAL, sexual thoughts or his response. The problem is that HE isn't participating properly in HER CONTROL GAME of TEASE.

These types of females may even go so far as stating, THEY DON'T LIKE PLAYING GAMES, yet it's nothing but a game to them. The truth of the matter is they don't like playing games that DON'T BENEFIT THEM. The two most common games played are:

1. The TEASE GAME - Look, desire but don't touch or talk about sex too much to me UNLESS I want you to do so.
2. The ADMISSION FEE GAME - If you want some of this, you will have to spend money on me and MAYBE I will reward you depending on how I feel about you.

Do I have a problem with their photos or words? Absolutely not.


Males and females are sexual by nature. This is enhanced when males see a female or a particular body part of the female that we perceive to be attractive and stimulating. A female's BREASTS and BUTTS (certain ones) are stumulating to HETEROSEXUAL males so if females want to MINIMIZE the number of sexual thought and online comments to them regarding sex, they should MINIMIZE the amount of TEASING they do with their provocative and REVEALING photos.

Will the majority of them minimize their sexual teasing? Absolutely not.

Why won't they minimize their sexual teasing? Because of the ATTENTION and POTENTIAL BENEFITS they may receive from the male's desire for her.


Am I saying that females SHOULD NOT post themselves online in sexual attire or poses? Of course not. They have the right to place on those site whatever they choose to as long as it complies with the rules of those sites. MY POINT is that if you post yourself in that manner, DON'T complain or get an attitude when the male(s) you AREN'T INTERESTED IN attempt to contact you or respond to you in a SEXUAL manner.

Males must understand the TEASE and ADMISSION FEE games and PLAY TO WIN at minimal cost to them. If they are going to interact with today's females they better learn my RULES OF ENGAGEMENT or they will GET PLAYED the majority of the time.


  1. Well done hit it right on...nothing but TRUTH!


  2. This is good advice. I am going to read some of the other blogs. Where can I get a copy of those rules of engagement for myself as well as for my two young sons?

  3. I agree that if you display a picture sexual in nature, you will get a sexual response. So you should not be offended. I'm a women, but I don't play those games so I can't relate with those women who do play games. Maybe if I did play the tease game I might get more attention. Heyyyyy.

  4. I'm going to try that and see if it works. Post tease pictures and find if I get more attention.

  5. I believe that if a woman has it she should flaunt it and use it to get what she wants. Men flaunt their cars, homes and money to get what they want from women so we need to learn how to play the game and get them before they get what they want from us. I do it all the time and I am not ashamed of it. I am 40 and look like I am in my late 20's. I date men at least 15 years older than I am that have money because I know that I can get what I want from them. Most of the time I do it without giving them nothing more than some hugs and kisses eventhough I know they want more than that. They will pay just to have me as they company hoping that we will eventually develop into a relationship. That will never happen because I am not interested in them for that. I tell them I am not ready for a relationship and they continue to give and hope for the better. It's not my problem, it's their problem.

  6. How can any man disagree with this post? I agree with you 1000% Mr. Duval.

  7. Eric (White Guys Get Played Too) D.February 21, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    This information was needed by me last year. I got played 4 times last year and it costed me dearly. After complaining to a buddy he told me about your blogs and once I started reading I almost could not stop. I started reading before the end of the year and I started this year off right by getting rid of all of those Skeezers as you call them. Life is good now. Money is better now and I'm not going to be played again thanks to you. Keep the information coming Mr. Duval. I am certainly going to share with my other male friends who are having problems with the women they are with. You got a follower for life.