Saturday, August 2, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "DEPENDENCY PROCLAMATION: Unless a Female Publicly Proclaims To Be Incapable of Caring For Herself and Dependent Upon You and Your Money, Immediately Stop Enabling Her Dependency Behavior"

Females SHOULD "RESPECTFULLY" BE PRESENTED with ONLY 2 options from this point forward when interacting with you, 

1.  Publicly Proclaim Her Dependence On You or 

2.  Be Responsible for Herself and Accountable for Her Actions. 


This DOES APPLY to ALL working females.

This DOES APPLY to ALL physically capable females. 

This DOES NOT APPLY to ANY physically or mentally INCAPABLE female.

This DOES NOT APPLY to ANY female that has ALREADY publicly proclaimed herself to be INCAPABLE and DEPENDENT on a man.


I have LEARNED my LESSONS the HARD WAY.  I hold no anger or hatred towards those females that were IRRESPONSIBLE or SIMPLY PLAYED ME for a fool.

I realized that anger would have DIVERTED me from my objectives which I did achieve and I took the LOGICAL APPROACH to simply AVOID THOSE TYPES and not go down that road again.


As always I encourage you to REFLECT on your past and present behavior and CHANGE that behavior which is NOT BENEFICIAL to you.

Class is dismissed.

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