Monday, September 1, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "FRIENDS: Can Males Be Just Friends With Females"

A female should ONLY BE just friends with you IF she is of some non-sexual benefit to you and females need to clearly understand and accept the precursor to increase her chances of have a male that is JUST FRIENDS with her.


This SHOULD ONLY BE APPLIED to mature males that you are seeking a "just friends" relationship with.

This SHOULD NOT APPLY to immature males because they will lie or won't agree with it.

This WILL NOT APPLY to weak or thirsty males because they have no strength or character to comply.


MOST (not all) FEMALES are simply LEACHES and TIME BANDITS and provide NOTHING but the opportunity to TEASE YOU with YOU THINKING of having sex with her to GET what SHE WANTS FROM YOU.


I have found this to be very successful in increasing your chances of a "mature" male being "just" friends with you.

-  NO PHYSICAL ATTRACTION OR SEXUAL DESIRE FOR YOU.  This is the easiest way for you to become just friends with a males but USUALLY is the MOST DIFFICULT one for females to accept.

-  HAD UNSATISFYING SEXUAL ENCOUNTER WITH YOU.  The 2 of you have had one or more sexual encounters and HIS OPINION is that it was a WASTE of his SEXUAL time and efforts.

-  SEXUAL CURIOSITY ABOUT YOU SATISFIED.  He did not want a relationship with you because he has a woman (or other women) and just wanted to HIT IT one time to satisfy his curiosity.


You are to be treated just like he treats ANY female that he has NO PERSONAL interest in.  As a matter of consideration, you should expect NO MORE from him than he would do for any of his male friends.


IF you have a man then YOU are to NOT request anything of YOUR FRIEND that YOUR MAN should be doing for you.

You are to NOT EXPECT him to treat you in ANY manner that a man that has a personal interest in you would.

You are to NOT EXPECT him to spend ANY money on you and you are to PAY YOUR OWN WAY every time the 2 of you are together and money is involved.

MY MALE FRIENDS do not come to me and WHINE about their personal problems with their friends because I WILL tell them to DUMP HER if she is not treating him in a fair manner and therefore YOU should NOT WASTE your friends time WHINING about some situation with a male that you should JUST GET OUT OF.

You are to NOT occupy HIS TIME talking to him JUST BECAUSE you are bored.


I could add more but I believe that this should be a part of the FOUNDATION of what females should expect IF she want to be JUST FRIENDS with a male.

Class is dismissed.

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