Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Are NOT Her Father

MANY FEMALES will attempt to use that father tactic if they are not attracted to you and don’t value you. They will tell you, “I want a man to treat me like my father treated me”.

That is a sucker punch if you are stupid enough to fall for it.

Many fathers programmed their daughters with that “Princess Mentality” and the majority of them grew up believing that is the way they should be treated as an adult.

The reason why many of them say I want to be treated like a queen is because DADDY'S LITTLE PRINCESS has grown up. 

Well here is the problem that you will encounter if she manages to get you to treat her as her father did.

- Her father allowed her to be irresponsible, spoiled her and let her have her way,

- Her father gave her whatever she wanted (including money) to make her happy,

- Her father never held her accountable for her inappropriate behavior and,

- Her father DID NOT have sex with her (well, maybe her step-dad did or attempted to),

- Her father did those things expecting nothing in return but a smile, a hug and a thank you daddy.

Now if you are STUPID enough to treat her like her father and HOPE you receive something in return then you deserve exactly what you get which in most cases will be a smile, a hug and a thank you daddy.

Is that what you really what you want from her? Are you really that lonely, desperate or stupid?


If you want me to treat you like your father treated you then I need to know what exactly did he do for you and how will that benefit me?


Most females can’t give you an explanation for an inconsiderate request like that and won’t if they don’t give a crap about you and is trying to take advantage of you. You just surprised her so keep the pressure on her.

Don’t change the question and DON'T ALLOW HER to divert to another conversation until she answers you. Her response will expose her true intentions.

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