Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Should a Male be Considered RUDE If He Stares at a Female's Exposed Cleavage?

We are familiar with Beyonce's song "Put a Ring on It" and most (if not all) females can relate to it. Well here is J. Duval's response to ALL of you females that like to let yo cleavage show, "If You Gonna Show Yo Cleavage Put A Sign On It". That way, hopefully for you, ONLY the males you want to "stare at them", "salivate for them" and "lure in" will do so.

Ok, I will give you that maaaaaybe those puppies get hot from time to time and need some air to breath and cool off. I will ASSume that based upon what I've been told by some females. I believe that IS NOT the primary reason why many females exposes themselves in that manner. It seems as if the TREND nowadays is, "If you got it, flaunt it" which is ok but don't get an attitude if someone YOU don't want looking at YOUR cleavage and breasts do so.

This applies to ALL females, regardless of cleavage/breast SIZE, age, ethnicity, race, color, etc. that exposes themselves in a manner similar to the above photo. Let me say FOR THE RECORD that I see nothing wrong with a female's decision if she chooses to expose herself in that manner.

Is it wrong for her to do that? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It's MY OPINION that it's HER RIGHT, it's HER BODY, it's LEGAL, it's NOT IMMORAL (you can see a lot of it in many CHURCHES on "Any Given Sunday") and it's simply HER CHOICE and should be respected just as it's any male's choice to stare if they choose to do so.

Ladies, if you expose them out in the public like that what do you expect? It's no different than:

- that short dress/skirt you wear to expose your legs and thighs,

- that fitted dress/skirt you wear to expose your small waistline, or

- that fitted dress/skirt/top you wear to expose the protrusion of your breasts or butt AND unfortunately EXPOSING that PROTRUDING GUT, POUCH, LOVE CUSHION or whatever else you choose to call it as well.

Just as females EXPECT MOST males to look at and compliment the clothing they wear, their hair, their manicured hands and feet (but NOT TOUCH UNLESS they find him attractive in their own particular way), NO male should be considered RUDE or OFFENSIVE when he stares at a female's EXPOSED cleavage and breasts AS LONG AS he does not touch her.

I hear females speak of how RUDE it is when MALES stare (or take occasional looks) at their EXPOSED cleavage/breasts when they are talking to them or when they are just passing by them.

Let's keep this HONEST and be MATURE about this. To the majority (not all) of you females out there that show your cleavage, it's only RUDE IF the male that is staring IS NOT attractive based upon YOUR personal preference. Otherwise, IF you do find him attractive, YOU accept it as a compliment or something attractively inviting when he stares because most (if not all) of YOU (that are equipped to do so) are INTENTIONALLY using your cleavage and breasts as BAIT to lure CERTAIN males to recieve the desired ATTENTION to raise your self-esteem and inflate your EGO as well as POTENTIAL short-term and long-term BENEFITS.

What are SOME of those potential benefits?

- FREE trips
- FREE meals,
- FINANCIAL support,
- FREE admission to events,
- FREE or DISCOUNT service for repairs,
- DISCOUNT SALES from male sales people,
- MONOGAMOUS COMMITTED relationship, and

I personally believe that MOST females will LIE and state they are NOT doing it for ATTENTION and/or BENEFITS. That's ok because MOST males will ACCEPT that LIE if it gets them what they want.

This is my opinion. Anyone care to comment?


  1. I actually agree with you on this! Women who expose skin, know they will attract attention. So why show it off if you don’t want the attention???

  2. For the first time, I agree with you Mr Duval.
    Women that expose too much skin knows exactly what theyre gonna get which is a lot of attention that they are not getting from their man. Women do it all the time. It gives them the same pleasure man gets from looking or shall we say staring. Women play that game all the time.

  3. Wow "Anonymous", it's not too often that anyone agrees with me because I tend to expose the nonsense, game, lies and denial that exists in the MAJORITY of our behavior and relations with each other. I personally believe that the nonsense, game, lies and denial have become NORMAL behavior in relationships and ABNORMAL behavior is sensibility, no mind games, TRUTH and acceptance of what's in front of our faces or behind our backs. Please read my other blogs. I am sure that you will find one or many of them to "once again" disagree with me (lol).

  4. This is so hilarious but true. I am petite, 5'4", 115 lbs with a size 34D. I have to confess that I am one of those women out there that love the attention men give me when they stare at my cleavage and breasts. It is so amusing when I am places and they try to sneak a peek when they are with another woman. In all fairness to the men out there I have to say that plenty of women stare and my cleavage and breasts as well.

    If a woman is confident in herself she should have no problem if the man she is with take a look. After all, it takes far more effort to look away as opposed to doing the natural thing and just look. I am willing to bet you if those same women had attractive cleavage and breasts they would have no problem with men staring at theirs if they were alone or with their girlfriends. Women can be so hypocritical and bitchy sometimes. I feel sorry for those that think so selfishly and shallow.

    Maybe I will give you a peek one of these days Mr. Duval (*wink*).

  5. Mr. Natural Breast FeederFebruary 4, 2010 at 9:02 PM

    As a successful man I would prefer to see an attractive set of breasts like in the photo. They don't need to be as large but I am tired of seeing women that flaut "breast ptosis (drooping breast") which is not to be confused with small breasts. It is completely unattractive and disgusting to see a woman in a halter top or blouses proudly exposing drooping breasts. They need to keep that private and only expose it to those desperate men that feel that is the best they can get.

    I am sure some of the drooping women reading my comment will be angry at me but since I have no desire for the droopers out there it does not matter. To exposes or attempt to flaunt something like that should be immoral and illegal.

  6. If you have it,flaunt it. Other women give the dirty look because they are jealous that they ain't got it,LOL!

  7. I believe a woman should be proud of what her size maybe...Granted some have more than others; however, the type of bra a woman wears can make a big difference in how her brest looks. How she feels about yourself goes a long way.

  8. For every action there is a reaction! She acts and he reacts. If someone falls for the bait then someone gets hooked. Most men that fall for the bait are like fish that will get fried...very few get away...I speak from experience...twice divorced!!!

  9. I personally don't trust women who flaunt their shape in public with excessive bare skin or tight garments. Their motives seem vain and you get the impression they're always looking for someone "better" or richer. While it may be a temporary turn-on, I see most of them as annoying and fickle, if not outright slutty. "Look but don't touch" gets old and smacks of superficiality and manipulation of men's biological urges. Kind of like holding a slab of meat out for a dog with no intention of feeding him. Those aren't the types of woman I'd want to know long-term, and evidence bears that out in many cases. A nice shape can be kept subtle. Showing too much is crass.

  10. "Ms Erika" & "Mr. Natural Breast Feeder" come off as phony ego-trippers (they are probably made for each other). Humility is a virtue; try it sometime. We all get older and less physically appealing. The whole "if U got it flaunt it" and "U can't touch this" mentality is ghetto to me. It's a lot like people who drive flashy cars to get noticed but are devoid of decent personalities. Chronic attention-seekers are a vile lot, overall.

  11. I been saying this for a bit to females Jai. If you didn't want people looking or like it why wear it? It's a simple solution. Don't want me to look then don't show. SURE you are free to wear whatever you like then expect others to use their same freedom to use their eyes as they see fit.

  12. Women and men are natural-born hypocrites who do things to attract a "certain person" but act "violated" when the "wrong party" is interested.

  13. I saw your comment to Meko on facebook and decided to click on your blog. This is so true. I can't begin to count the number of women that will expose themselves then then get an attitude when a guys she is not attracted to looks as what she has exposed.

    Women like that disgust me. It's like they want compliments and attention but not sexual comments. Are they stuck on stupid? What else do they expect?

    By the way, I am a woman making these comments and I know exactly what Duval is saying.

  14. I disagree I saw Meko facebook page and I don't see her doing half of what the chicks on facebook be doing but because she's very attractive don't mean a person should be allowed to disrespect her because of a tops shw had on. There is a time and place for everything and she is making it known that she's not accepting it.

    So i guess if a female is wearing a bikini at the beach then that is her way of getting attention RIGHT! And a guy should address her however he see fit RIGHT!

    1. ^Retard Logic.

      And YES actually, a bikini (as opposed to a one-piece) WOULD be attention-seeking.