Friday, October 21, 2011

Females Have The PowerTo Make a MAJOR Change but Will They?

DISCLAIMER: I find myself having to do this quite often in my blogs, emails or discussions for the IDIOTS out there. Here I go, "This DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL FEMALES, OK? Unless I state ALL FEMALES or unless this applies to YOUR thinking and/or behavior then don't ASSume such or take it personal".

Females can practically DICTATE the behavior of most males IN A POSITIVE WAY with very little effort. Why don't they? Well, let me begin with SELFISHNESS, GREED, IRRESPONSIBLE, LAZY and INAPPROPRIATE behavior that she's ALLOWED to get away with because MOST males are MENTALLY WEAKER when it comes to interacting with females they are attracted to and will FOOLISHLY ACCEPT or MAKE EXCUSES for her inappropriate behavior or bad attitude.

FEMALES CONTROL CHILD BIRTH not males. Females are NOT IGNORANT of the potential consequences of willingly choosing the wrong man because this is no hidden secret and is publicized far too often in the media. Females CLAIM to be INTELLIGENT and STRONG yet want SYMPATHY and SUPPORT after making those KNOWN poor choices in men.

MOST OF THEM don't and will never care about you. They care about:

- what SERVICES they can get from you to BENEFIT THEM
- what FINANCES they can get from you to BENEFIT THEM
- what INFORMATION they can get from you to BENEFIT THEM

FEMALES are in TOTAL CONTROL of their behavior:

- They control whether or not to AVOID decent, good men
- They control whether or not to PAY THEIR OWN WAY while with you
- They control whether or not to LISTEN to the bullshit that comes out of a man's mouth
- They control whether or not to spend time with Players and Bad Boys depending upon their priorities
- They control whether or not to GET INTO a dysfunctional, abusive relationship
- They control whether or not to REMAIN in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship
- They control whether to lay down, open their legs and ALLOW these PLAYERS and BAD BOYS to ejaculated into them
- They control whether or not to conceive
- They control whether or not to get pregnant
- They control whether or not to LIE about who the biological father is

If females want to improve their PERSONAL situations and relationships between males and females in general then they need to change THEIR value system, thoughts and behaviors because THEY HAVE THE POWER to do so.

Let me explain:

Females, beginning at a very young age, can determine the behavior of MOST SANE males they come in contact with by the behavior they ACCEPT or REQUIRE from males. HER criteria, priorities and choices, which primarily comes from her parent or parents as well as other relatives, friends and media, will dictate the types of males she accepts that comes in contact with her.

Here are, as a MINIMUM, my suggestions of what FEMALES can EASILY do:

- STOP EXPECTING or REQUIRING the FANTASY dress-to-impress, nice home, high income mate career, fine dining at expensive restaurants (that he pays for), smother you with attention, spend lots of money on you, take you on vacations (that he pays for) relationship SALES PITCH because they are usually TEMPORARY or just a bunch of BULLSH^T LIES,

- APPROACH WHAT APPEARS TO BE DECENT MALES in an attempt to get to know them,

- DO NOT get personally involved with MARRIED men or men that CLAIM to be SEPARATED from their wives,

- BEHAVE in a RESPONSIBLE and MATURE manner and accept NOTHING LESS from males,

- ALLOW herself to be more open and SOCIALLY approachable for more than just what you can get male(s) to give you or do for you,

- NOT DE-VALUE HIM if he cannot communicate using clear and proper English but rather ENCOURAGE him to improve his verbal communication skills,

- NOT DE-VALUE HIM if he cannot communicate in a mature and intelligent manner but rather ENCOURAGE him to communicate in a more mature and intelligent manner,

- NOT DE-VALUE HIM if education is not a HIGH priority in his life but rather ENCOURAGE him to make education a high priority in his life,

- NOT DE-VALUE HIM if he is making less money than you but rather RESPECT him for earning an HONEST living and work together with him,

- NOT STRESS HIM to make more money to satisfy YOUR UNNECESSARY but SELFISH DESIRES but rather CHANGE YOUR PRIORITIES, ADJUST YOUR LIFESTYLE and LIVE WITHIN YOUR FINANCIAL MEANS to make things easier for the both of you,

- NOT IGNORE him if he displays NO RESPECT for the elderly or the community but rather ENCOURAGE him to be more respectful,

- NOT IGNORE IT if he thinks dropping him pants BELOW his butt and having a HARD ATTITUDE is attractive and impressive to you but rather REQUIRE him to pull his pants up and get a better attitude if he expects to gain your acceptance of him,

- NOT IGNORE IT if he cannot communicate to you WITHOUT using profanity but rather REQUIRE him to not speak in that manner when in your company and ENCOURAGE him to cease communicating in that manner period,

- NOT INTERESTED in him if he thinks spending HIS MONEY on you makes him a man,

- NOT INTERESTED in him if he REFUSES to attempt to resolve issues or conflicts in a NON-VIOLENT manner,

- NOT INTERESTED in him if he thinks INITIATING VIOLENCE towards males or females makes him a man,

- NOT INTERESTED in him if he thinks being LOUD and RUDE is normal behavior,

- NOT MATERIALISTICALLY motivated so do not INSULT you by trying to impress you with material things,

- NOT FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT on him and DEMAND that you PAY YOUR OWN WAY when spending time getting to know each other,

- DO NOT WHORE your time nor your body so do not ATTEMPT TO BUY either by spending money on you (NOTE: if she is a minor HER PARENTS should be providing money to her if she's going out on dates),

- WILL NOT engage in UNPROTECTED sex,

- WILL NOT have child(ren) until AFTER i have 1) been in a CONSISTENTLY healthy, non-marital relationship, 2) gotten married because of that healthy relationship, 3) have spent at least a year together in a healthy marriage and 4) have PLANNED and AGREED to MUTUALLY providing time, resources and finances in the raising of OUR child(ren),

- WILL NOT have child(ren) until AFTER i have completed my education, have marketable skills and have gotten into a stable job or career,

- WILL NOT have child(ren) with him IF him has not completed HIS education, have marketable skills and have gotten into a stable job or career,

- WILL NOT have child(ren) with him IF he has multiple children by multiple women and was not married to them,

- WILL NOT have child(ren) with him IF he already has child(ren) that he does not care for,

- WILL NOT have children UNLESS i am in a consistently healthy relationship with a man that wants to have children and WILL provide time, resources and finances towards the care of those children or UNLESS i can SOLELY provide the necessary TIME, RESOURCES and FINANCES to care for however many children i CHOOSE to have.

The majority (i will say about 85 percent minimum) of what MOST males do is in an attempt to get the attention, favor or acceptance from the female. Males, IN GENERAL, have been socialized to be the salesmen. They typically will do the knocking on the female's door (i.e., approach her, initiate contact) and attempt to sell her his goods (i.e., himself).

Now depending on what HER priorities are and what she is looking for, she will OPEN THE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY for him to enter be he an average guy, a criminal, a hustler, a player, a thug, a baller, a wealthy man, an entertainer, an athlete, a MARRIED man, etc. (yea i said married man because there are MANY females that DO NOT RESPECT that GOD SANCTIONED institution of marriage).

So with that said let me conclude with, "Females, YOU GOT THE POWER to CHANGE the mentality and behavior of males WITHIN one generation if YOU change your ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR immediately".

I am a man, a sensible and decent man, so I am telling you that you can invoke MAJOR CHANGE in how MOST males are today. Look at the potential benefits to SOCIETY in general and YOU in particular by changing and adopting what I have stated above:

- a HUGE DECREASE in divorces

- a HUGE DECREASE in unwanted child births

- a HUGE DECREASE in childhood delinquency

- a HUGE DECREASE in domestic violence and deaths in relationships

- a HUGE DECREASE in stress that contributes to mental and physical health issues

- a HUGH INCREASE in your chances of make a better choice in males and having that happy, healthy relationship

NOTHING that I have stated above requires MONEY or EXTREME EFFORT. All it requires is MINIMAL EFFORT and the RIGHT ATTITUDE.

Do I believe the majority of females will AGREE with this blog? Absolutely not.

Then what is my point? Simple. I simply want to PROVE that the MAJORITY of females are SELFISH LIARS when speaking about:

- How they want a MUTUALLY LOVING, HEALTHY and LONG-LASTING relationship,

- How they play no part in becoming VICTIMS of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE,

- How they are SO CONCERNED about a child's future and well-being,

- Their claims of there are not being enough GOOD MEN available.

With all of that said, "Go ahead, take your best shots at me and let the chips fall where they may". I welcome ALL comments be it from MEN, WOMEN, PLAYERS, WANNA-BE PLAYERS or SKEEZERS.

Peace and much enlightenment to us all.


  1. Why do you place blame on women? You act as if it's the woman's fault.

  2. @Megan. I am not placing blame on women. As a matter of fact I am stating that women have THE POWER to initiate change. I also stated that females are mentally stronger than males when it comes to interacting with each other. I am not placing blame on women, I am placing RESPONSIBILITY on women. So what's it going to be? You CLAIM to be intelligent, strong and independent so anyone with those claims surely have the ABILITY to make SENSIBLE choices in their life, right?

    Make up your mind because I won't let you have it both ways. Now I did say most males are mentally weaker when it comes to interacting with females BUT I am not one of them (LOL). If females want the independence and freedom to make choices (which I have no problem with) then they damn well will accept the RESPONSIBILITIES and CONSEQUENCES that comes with it if I have anything to do with it.

  3. I agree with Megan. I have read a few of your blogs and it seems as if you hate women. Why should a woman do these things that you talk about in this blog. I believe if men spent more time treating women with more respect that relationships would be much better. It's the men that abuse women and not the women. I was in an abusive relationship for 6 years and I know personally how it feels so don't tell me women have the power. The relationship started off great in the beginning. He was kind, respectful, lives in a very nice home, and catered to my every whim. He took me to places I had never been to and could never afford to travel to, gave me things and even helped me out financially even when I did not ask him to just like a man is supposed to do. After I decided to commit to him things began to change. He slowly began to stop doing the things he was doing, started seeing other women and became verbally and physically abusive to me. If women have the power as you say then I would have had the power to make him stop abusing me. So what you say about women having power over men is not true.

  4. @Lori. I see that you were in an abusive relationship for 6 years. After reading further I see why you remained in that relationship. Never once did you mention that you ATTEMPTED to leave that relationship. Based upon what you have stated, it appears you were lured in by YOUR priorities which was materialistically motivated.

    Let me state that based upon your ability to post a note here shows me YOU have the intelligence to think and behave in a sensible manner whether you CHOOSE to do so or not. I will give you credit for that.

    I am sure that there are many men that could have been kind, respectful and would cater to MANY of your whims that approached you or that you had an opportunity to approach but you WILLINGLY CHOSE the FANTASY lifestyle that was presented to you. I don't believe you were held against your will for those 6 years. You persecuted yourself AFTER the first incident (I will give you that one) because you SELFISHLY want that lifestyle and was STUPID enough to risk your own safety for it.

    I completely agree that you did not have the power to make him stop abusing you but you certainly had the power to GET AWAY from that relationship. You, not he or any other man my dear, are your own worst enemy.

    Your experience was a perfect example of GREED, LAZINESS and SELFISHNESS even to a point of endangering self. If you wanted to badly to acquire that lifestyle you should do like the majority of everyday working people that end up fortunate enough to experience it which is through PLANNING, WORKING, SACRIFICING and making SENSIBLE CHOICES in their lives.

    Thanks for being a GOOD example of how to make a BAD choice for other women to read. Hopefully they will learn from your example and choose based upon the CONTENT of a man's character rather than the CONTENTS of a man's wallet. There are lots of DECENT men out there that CAN'T provide the MATERIAL FANTASY but can provide love, kindness and the ability to work together with SENSIBLE women to achieve a REASONABLY comfortable, healthy and MUTUALLY enjoyable life together.

  5. You are an idiot!!!!!!!! I bet you are one of those short, overweight, unattractive lonely men that's angry because you can't get a woman. Get a life.

  6. Lori, you proved Jai's point. If you declined your ex's offer to financially support/sponsor you in the various ways mention you would not have been seduced by the trappings of things and trips. Further a man is "supposed to" help a woman financially? Really? When women are now able to earn as much even more than men. Women whether or not we choose to admit we allow a man's wallet to determine his suitabilty. Now Jai women are mentally stronger than men? That's a cop out. This whole paradigmn shift has to be a joint effort. It cannot be just women that we target for minimal change, men has to also addreses their role. For every point you cited we can create a role for the men.