Tuesday, October 11, 2011

** News Flash" - FREE Testicle Transplants Now Available

(Excerpt from "The Good Man's Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement")


Knowledge is the key to success when attempting to engage in interaction with females. Now knowledge is no good if you don’t have the FUNCTIONING balls to use it.

Yea, I know we all carry a pair but for many of YOU (not me), you might as well DONATE them to the scientific community for research and strap on a pair that was designed by a MAN to benefit a man and not designed by a Skeezer to SERVE a Skeezer. Before you attempt to use any of my rules, I suggest that you print this coupon and redeem it at any CERTIFIED testicle transplant clinic.

For some unexplained reason there exists a large group of males that seem to fear the thought of not having a female in their company on a regular basis. Therefore they will do anything to get their attention and make them happy which includes, but not limited to, giving up whatever dignity and possessions he has.

I am sure that MANY of those emasculated males in those unhappy, miserable, domineering and BALL BUSTING relationships were counseled by other EMASCULATED males to REMAIN in those relationships (after all, emasculated males need the company of other emasculate male to relate to, right?) or those emasculated males were counseled by other females who themselves have EMASCULATED their man (or men).

Far too many males have lost the fortitude to apply these rules to a female that he’s attracted to because he has lost his balls or have had them removed. He also fears speaking openly and honestly about what he’s thinking or feeling regarding her or any female if he thinks it will upset her. He also will not speak about a subject he thinks she may not like without the fear of rejection or confrontation with her (i.e. no backbone). Knowledge is what I am attempting to give you but balls are what you have to acquire on your own if you’ve lost yours, had them disconnected or removed by some selfish, controlling, inconsiderate female.


Go and find yourself some balls and I mean any balls be it monkey balls, elephant balls, baseballs, meat balls, golf balls, tennis balls, ball bearings, etc. and have them attached to your backbone. At this point it really doesn’t matter what type of balls or where they come from as long as you have some until you can grow yours back.


THERE ARE LOVING, CARING AND THOUGHTFUL WOMEN that exist that's seeking a mature, mutually respectful and rewarding relationship and won't de-value, emasculate or even attempt to emasculate YOU. There is no sensible reason why you should remain in an unhappy relationship UNLESS you know you CAN'T DO any better than what you are in now.

Balls are the source of power for your backbone and directly control your ability to stand upright to females and hold your ground. Having balls attached, of any kind, will allow your backbone to function in its natural manner so you will not tolerate any females’ nasty or selfish attitude, have no fear of expressing your own thoughts to her as well as saying NO to a female without fear of being rejected and especially by the females that you are attracted to.

You can acquire all the freedom, riches and respect that you are capable of but it’s your balls that will be the key to keeping what you have acquired when it comes to engaging with females. If you don’t have balls, chances are that you will foolishly and freely give up that which you have sacrificed and worked for to the next female you will be attracted to because you have NO BALLS.


  1. I'm going to show this to my brother. His wife took his away from him before they got married and he never got them back. I forgot to mention that they've been married for 5 years, no children and he is miserable.

  2. @Carmen. That does not say too much for your brother if he is miserable, there are no children and he remains in that mariage. Obviously he's dealing with some low self-esteem issues or he's just programmed like so many other males to REMAIN in a miserable relationship/marriage for the sake of THE IMAGE which typically will only benefit her. if it were me I would get out BEFORE she get pregnant. By the way, you will notice I did not say get pregnant "for him" (LOL).

  3. Why are you so bitter at women? Do you have a bad relationship with your mother? Have you been hurt so bad by women that you don't respect them? Have you ever had a good relationship with a woman?

  4. It's so funny that when a female has no sensible comment when a man speaks of negative things that females do to men that they pull out the ole "mom issue" or "sexual issue" card (LOL). Absolute predictability practically every time. Lacey it's obvious you are't one of those loving women I speak of or you would not make such statements and realize there are ball-busting, inconsiderate females out there. Unless, you are a ball-buster yourself (LOL).