Monday, October 31, 2011

FANTASY "Weddings" Are POSSIBLE but FANTASY "Marriages" Are IMPOSSIBLE For Most Couples

Fantasy Weddings Are POSSIBLE to obtain but Fantasy Marriages Are IMPOSSIBLE to sustain....

Come on ladies, isn't HALF of a fairytale far better than YOU having no fairytale at all? Why in the world would you want to have a simple wedding? That's no fun. A SIMPLE WEDDING is nothing to brag about and show off to your girlfriends and family, right? After all, the wedding ISN'T about longevity in your marriage, it's all about YOU, YOUR EGO and the moment REGARDLESS of it's consequences to the marriage afterwards, right?

Huh, you can ALWAYS get married again which you probably will do anyway after your first marriage for all the WRONG reasons to a man that was PRESSURED or FACED WITH AN ULTIMATUM to get married OR end the relationship. That HUGE wedding ceremony was all about YOU and your FIRST DIVORCE will probably be BLAMED ON HIM.

AFTER you've gone through the SELFISH fantasy, you can have a SIMPLE wedding and marry for the RIGHT reasons the second time around that will have a better chance of lasting.

If the second time around DOES NOT work as well, then go to the PET STORE and purchase YOUR lifelong companion that YOU can CONTROL and have your way with (LOL).

I typically will place some definitions before getting started to hopefully minimize ASSumptions and SENSELESS COMMENTS from those IDIOTS and MORONS out there who REFUSE to apply COMMON SENSE and are simply looking to start a SENSELESS argument. You can never really eliminate all stupid comments from them. You can only attempt to minimize their number of senseless comments.


Fantasy - The faculty or activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable. If that fantasy is acheived, in most cases, it can ONLY be sustained for a limited period of time.

Wedding - The ceremony or process in which two individuals are united in marriage.

Marriage - The legal union of two individuals.

Let me begin by stating that I have long since STOPPED buying people wedding gifts. Hell, any two fools, idiots or morons can have a wedding and be married. After I decided to stop wasting my money on wedding gifts, due to the numbers of marriages that expired even BEFORE the warranty expired on my gift, I decided to start a NEW tradition for these newly weds. The tradition is simply this, "You Get Married and I Give You a 5 Year Anniversary Redeemable Certificate". This simply means that if you break up within 5 years I will have saved myself money (LOL).

FANTASY WEDDINGS ARE POSSIBLE - For the majority of the average, everyday people that wedding can bear a heavy price, IF NOT PLANNED MATURELY, in the form of "Pre-Wedding Preparation Stress" as well as "Pre & Post-Wedding Financial Stress" and/or "Post-Wedding Regrets". Usually the pre-wedding preparation stress begins to subside at the beginning of the wedding and after a SEXUALLY satisfying honeymoon.

FANTASY MARRIAGES ARE IMPOSSIBLE - For the majority of the average, everyday people their marriage was or will be based upon pressure, desperation, lies, entrapment, DENIAL or deceit. For more detail, go to my February 4, 2010 posting of "Marriage and the 3D's - Deceit, Desperation and Denial" if YOU aren't in denial or afraid to see the TRUTH about what your marital relationship might be like (LOL).

The thought of or an attempt at a FANTASY wedding and marriage will never go away because most people need a reason to be happy and satisfied with themselves due to their personal laziness, insecurities or shallowness which is PERFECT for ECONOMIC STIMULATION, DIVORCE COURTS and DIVORCE ATTORNEYS (LOL).


If you are to have or attempt to have that FANTASY wedding and marriage, make it based upon YOU and YOUR MATE'S obtainable and EASILY sustainable REALITY and not SOMEONE else's PAINFUL and SHORT-LIVED FANTASY.

FOR THE WEDDING GOERS keep in mind my traditional "5 Year Anniversary Redeemable Certificate" whether you choose to do it or not. If they have prepared themselves MATURELY, they should not be EXPECTING and ABUNDANCE of gifts anyway but rather an ABUNDANCE of family and friends in attendance and with nothing but smiles, positive attitudes and well wishes for the newlyweds.


  1. Well, I'll be the first to say marriage isn't what it once was. Thankfully, I haven't had any issues with mine. I'm almost 10 years in and my parents have been married 46 years now.

    I think the difference is now with this iGeneration is that marriage is just something to do. Kind of like having kids. Nothing is sacred any more and it's a shame. My generation dropped the ball in raising these '90's babies. I don't blame them at all for everything the world has become today. I blame the '70's babies for being crappy parents.

  2. @Thank_Q. I totally agree with you and the sad part is that it is going to get worse before it will get better.

  3. Mr. Duval marriages are not impossible. It's you that is impossible. Do you have anything good to say for marriages?

  4. Sure I have something good to say about marriages, "Thank God for Divorce" (LOL)