Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Men Finish Last and Stupid Men Don't Even Finish

(Excerpt from Rules of Engagement)

Rule #29: Good Men Finish Last and Stupid Men Don't Even Finish

Good men are being beaten down like Piñatas and stripped of their identity, dignity and finances.

The problem today engaging with females is that the good man does nice things and HOPES that the female will give him what he desires in return. Many good men are simply afraid to tell her what it is he is expecting from her although she has absolutely no problem telling him.

That good man attitude will not get you what you want with many females because they enjoy the challenge and aren’t attracted to and have no respect for nice guys. It does not matter if she is single, married, with or without children, younger or older. That is the way they are socialized to think and behave in today’s times so get with the new rules or prepare for many disappointments.

The reason why the other males get many of the females is because they understand the value of these rules.


This may be difficult for most of you good men out there to digest but you really have to develop gaming skills with the females you desire. Stop catering to females hoping they accept you and simply play the game of telling them what they want to hear to get what you want and do very little of it while you are receiving.

If you don’t get what you want from her then what’s the point in wasting your time? Move on to the next one.


Females live for excitement, challenges and fantasy (which equates to lies and temporary behavior) that game offers that the everyday, good man can’t consistently continue to do.

Until a female begins to consistently cater to you and show you her value, she is to be considered a zero and you have very little to give to her. Don’t be stupid and think otherwise because most females think very little of males they don’t feel is of any benefit to them.

All females aren’t alike so you have to get with the game and do like the players and juggle multiple females. This will keep you active instead of just being available for that one that only cares about what she can get from you. If you don’t remain active your skills will diminish and you will get beaten down in that ring.

Only after she has proven her worthiness on a consistent basis should you back off of the game just a bit but don’t totally abandon your game because you have to remember it was your game that attracted her and got you in and only your game will keep you in. If she leaves and your game was on then you should have gotten what you wanted so move on to the next one.

Once you’ve grown tired of playing games and ready for a serious relationship dump the games and dump her because she is part of that game.

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