Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Don’t the Courts Mandate that the Female Provide the Male with the Lifestyle He was Accustomed to after a Divorce?

(Excerpt from "Rules of Engagement")

Concern #1: Why don’t the courts mandate that the female provide the male with the lifestyle he was accustomed to after a divorce?

Why do you think the courts mandate that many males provide their ex wives or long time cohabit partners a lifestyle that she has been accustomed to, after a termination of their relationship?

Do you think that she should provide him with that lifestyle he had been accustomed to after the termination is final?


Most females do provide him that lifestyle he was accustomed to during that relationship and after it is final even if it is not a court mandate.

Most of them provide nothing consistent during that relationship other than stress and spending money while expecting him to pay the bills. That’s the lifestyle that he is accustomed to during the relationship and that is what he is going to get afterwards which is stress and her spending his money the court will mandate that he provide her.

If she is 40 or older she will typically be spending his money on or giving his money to a younger man. The younger man is primarily interested in sex from her and he has no personal interest in her. He knows that she is an easy target and the vast majority of them are now dating younger men and spending their ex’s money on them.

Most of the time males bring that pain upon themselves due to that old traditional way of thinking that ALL females are precious, need to be taken care of, protected and would or could not do him any harm. What he should be doing is requiring that she consistently participate in that relationship physically, emotionally and financially beyond the token and inconsistent deeds he will allow her to choose to do.

If males are going to continue to think in that out-dated and foolish manner then they shouldn’t complain when she, her attorney and the courts emotionally and financially gang rape him when the relationship ends.

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