Monday, October 11, 2010

ELIMINATE THAT WASTE - A Cleansing Is Good For The Mind, Body and Spirit

I perform this twice a year and it's made a HUGE difference in my life. WE are all human and therefore subject to making poor choices in people and activities throughout our lifetime. I'm sure that we all would like to not make those poor choices in our lives but realistically we do. The key is REFUSING to ELIMINATE those poor choices after we recognize them or NOT REPEATING those same poor choices again.

I started doing this years ago at the beginning of December of each year such that I remove the NEGATIVE people and activities out of my life. Once I started I realized that I needed to also perform an END OF SUMMER CLEARANCE for all the waste I accumulated during the first part of the year and through the summer so now I do this twice a year. You'd be surprised just how much time and expenses you will NO LONGER WASTE and have for yourself to do more productive things or SIMPLY LET YOUR BODY and MIND rest and regenerate. If you don't try it, then continue to OVERDOSE on energy pills and STRESS.

FAMILY (my definitions) are those that are caring, loving and bring joy, positive support, information that can improve your life, peace-of-mind, safety, respect and honest criticism with intentions of helping you. That is usually associated with family behavior but ANYONE can provide that regardless if there is a "blood connection (i.e., family)" or not.

Speaking for myself, I have more people OUTSIDE of that traditional "blood connection" that I consider FAMILY based upon THEIR behavior (in general and especially towards me and other blood connections) than I do with those INSIDE of that traditional "blood connection". Those inside of that "blood connection" that behave in that INCONSIDERATE and NEGATIVE manner I simply consider them to be BLOOD RELATIVES, minimize or avoid contact with them completely (whenever possible) not consider them to be FAMILY RELATIVES.

FOR MANY, elimination of that BLOOD RELATIVE waste is a very difficult and emotional thing to do. Well, think about this. IF they were behaving and treating YOU like family is supposed to be then ELIMINATION would not be necessary. Why don't they do it? Well, two reasons come to mind although there may be others:

1. They are MENTALLY and/or PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED and incapable of behaving in a caring and loving manner (this behavior is excuseable).
2. They just DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU (this behavior is totally unexcuseable as far as I'm concerned).

Very few (if any) of us have the ability to CHANGE or CONTROL the behavior of others. Nowadays, unfortunately, the most common forms of behavior is:

- PRETENDING to be all that you aren't,
- OVER EATING with very little exercise,
- Impulsively and Foolishly OVER SPENDING,
- Trying to get someone to spend THEIR money on them,
- TAKING or ATTEMPTING TO TAKE advantage of others
- TALKING about things they CLAIM they gonna do (but don't),
- CHASING poon (I said "chasing" not "getting"),
- TALKING or LYING about what poon they got years ago (no recent conquests),
- LYING to each other about things they CLAIM to have done (but didn't),
- UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS of someone else bailing them out of BAD situations that they SELFISHLY and IRRESPONSIBLY got themselves into.

Will ANY of that behavior be replaced or complimented with productive behavior? Unfortunately, for MOST of them the answer is NO. Fortunately, for a VERY FEW of them the answer is YES.

My advice? ELIMINATE THAT WASTE and align yourselves with sensible, responsible, CONSIDERATE, respectable, productive and POSITIVE people. AVOID those NEGATIVE people as often as possible even if they reside within YOUR "so-called" family because eventually they will cause you discomforts and maybe even financial problems.

There are enough DECENT family and non-family people out there such that you don't need the negative. If you are caught up with those NEGATIVE people (blood and non-blood types), I suggest that you re-think your position, re-think your life and do what I do which is ELIMINATE THAT WASTE.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if you choose to NOT eliminate that waste you certainly have that choice to do so and live with it but PLEASE DO NOT come to us and complain about it during or afterwards.

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