Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Momma Didn't Raise No Fools

Ever hear someone say, "My Momma Didn't Raise No Fools". Well, hold on because if YOU have ever said or thought that, this may apply to you, your children or somone you know so CHECK YOURSELF before going public with a statement like that. I believe, "If you refuse to RESPONSIBLY plan and guide your child's life or your momma did not RESPONSIBLY plan and guide your life then they (or you) just may have raised A FOOL".

Society, in general, has deemed it a requirement for males to be responsible and accountable in all areas of their lives whether males comply with that requirement or not. Society, in general, has deemed it an option for females to be responsible and accountable in areas of their choosing as well as given an option to pass certain responsibilities and accountabilities on to the male if she chooses do so. Sadly enough many males have also contributed to this irresponsible and unaccountable behavior by many (not all) females.

How about we stop using society as the excuse for being responsible and blame the sperm donor and incubator for being IRRESPONSIBLE and NEGLECTFUL?

RAISING CHILDREN (Many Parents Will Not Like This)

Many (not all) parents fail to IMPOSE responsibility on their children as it applies to personal and co-operative responsibilities in the household. This is one of the MAJOR reasons why there are so many irresponsible and inconsiderated adults today. I chose the word impose because it's a word that conveys responsibility being a REQUIREMENT and not an OPTION. There are 6 areas that should be a REQUIREMENT on children as they are developing in the home: 1) Education, 2) Self-Discipline, 3) Financial Management, 4) Household Duties, 5) Respecting Others and 6) Accountability.

**Important** - Self-Discipline, as applied to the parents, INCLUDE not having more children than you can afford to spend money on to support AND spend time with to develop. This applies to a one and/or two parent home. IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD EM, DON'T HAVE EM. Get yourself a pet or a talking baby doll and save everyone else the trouble of having to support and/or raise YOUR child(ren).


Failure to apply the above requirements to children will, in most cases, produce irresponsible and inconsiderate male and female adults with no expectations of accountability for their irresponsible and inconsiderate actions. Life to them is simply DO MY THING NOW and let someone else deal with the consequences later.

These actions DO NOT reflect neglect on ALL parents who's children end up this way. There are many parents that "don't know about" or "don't know how to apply" those above requirements because THEIR parents did not do or did not know so the cycle continues to repeat itself as they pro-create. That does not excuse ALL parents because there are some SPERM DONERS (males) or INCUBATERS (females) that truly DON'T GIVE A SHYT about anything or anyone else and nothing can be done about those types EXCEPT PRAY that they don't pro-create or keep pro-creation to an absolute minimum. There will also be a percentage of parents who WILL provide responsible direction and the child(ren) will still end up irresponsible and inconsiderate. I typically will place their situations in the SHIT HAPPENS file.


There are 3 levels of interaction: 1) Personal, 2) Professional and 3) Social levels. All of these levels are considered relationships and are very important in our overall development with other male and female individuals. The majority of most adults INABILITY to fairly and sensibly interact with each other at those levels will typically be due to the NEGLECT or POOR PARENTING they received as a child.


Here is where I go out on a limb, "There are very few BAD monogamous marital and non-marital personal relationships". I know what your response to that one is, "Bullshit, you needed to spend time with me in my last relationship before you made that stupid statement". Well, if you had not been so emotional and interrupted me you would have respectfully allowed me to complete my other sentence which I will do now (thank you). "There a many BAD choices that we make for those relationships".

I personally believe that UNTIL one gets to the point where there is NO physical stimulation or sexual desires that maturity, multiple dating experiences and physical attraction should be the 3 primary requirements in selecting a mate for a monogamous relationship.

This paragraph, which is one of many examples, describes FOOLISH behavior as a result of the neglect or poor parenting guidance as a male and female child. UNFORTUNATELY, due to the behavior of many low self-esteem, desperate, lonely and foolish males, we have to include a 4th requirement for most (not all) females which is financial wealth to upgrade HER lifestyle. In many cases, for many females, financial wealth can be a replacement for physical attraction since the true attraction is to HER lifestyle upgrade and not HIS physical appearance so she will SETTLE for the average, wealthy male until she can upgrade to an attractive, wealthy male or an attractive male with a HUGE personality and knows how to use it to make her submit to him. The female will sometimes attempt to keep the "CASH COW" and the "STUD" to fulfill her fantasy of having that COMPLETE relationship.


If you are seeking a monogamous relationship SPEND MAXIMUM TIME WITH and MINIMAL FINANCES ON that person while getting to know him/her. Impress them by simply being your day-to-day self. THERE ARE still SENSIBLE people out there so take your time and choose wisely or YOU may end up with some momma's FOOL.

If you are seeking a booty call then WISELY SPEND MINIMAL TIME WITH and MAXIMUM "AFFORDABLE" FINANCES ON that person, PROTECT YOURSELF as you hit it and move on until the next time.

If you CHOOSE to IGNORE all that is written above, then just maybe YO MOMMA DID RAISE A FOOL.

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  1. I think that your mother raised a certified fool which is you. You must have some serious anger management issues. Did your mother raise you and abandon you after she realized she raised a fool?