Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't Hate The Player, Learn The Game

THEY KNOW he's a player and they LET HIM play so why not?? There are plenty of DUMB and GULLIBLE SHEEP out there ready to WILLINGLY follow him and financially support HIS GAME.

Are ALL pastors "con artists" or "wolf's in sheeps clothing"? Of course not but those that can are waiting for AND definitely will answer the call of OPPORTUNITY to get into THE GAME.

Excerpt from my book "The Good Man's Survival Guide - How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer" (2005). These types are no different than the other religious HYPOCRITES that knowingly violate their teachings KNOWING that all they have to do is claim weakness and ask for forgiveness. It's an OLD RELIGIOUS GAME that typically NEVER fails be they in the pulpit or in the congregation.

- PULPIT PIMP (The President of the Players Klub; the Top Dog) - He has the best game in the Klub. He uses religion as his game of choice and will seek women that have no man in their life. He realizes that most of those women will be more loyal to him than to their own man. Women are addicted to his social and financial status and are literally standing in line waiting for their chance to allow him lay hands and whatever else he wants on them to bless them and spiritually comfort them. He typically will have an ATTRACTIVE WIFE THAT KNOWS ABOUT HIS GAME but is not giving up the material perks, ego stroke and envy from other women so she accepts his behavior. Some of them will COMPENSATE YOUNG BOYS to receive sexual pleasure.

- He receives regular sacrificial offerings of TITS and ASS on the side. He’s the only member that gets the quick cash and spanks that ass without effort. His behavior is not considered criminal and if he is caught he knows that all he has to do is CLAIM that he is just a man, ask for forgiveness and it shall be done. He is the smoothest operator in the Klub and even the Player’s game is not as tight as his game.

These players weren't the first and they definitely won't be the last. Look at the benefits:

- SEX (Definitely all that you can handle),
- FANS (Oops, I guess I should play the game and use the politically correct term "worshippers") that are so DESPERATE to belong to something they will accept his behavior,
- MONEY (Especially from women and also from their husbands/boyfriends if he knows what's good for him),
- EXPENSIVE HOME and a LAVISH LIFESTYLE, (at the expense of the egotistically well-to-do, barely surviving and poor members of his congregation),
- ATTRACTIVE WIFE (if he has good taste) that, in most cases, won't leave him because she wants that money, envy from other women and lifestyle upgrade. She typically is simply the TROPHY wife and does not provide wife-like servies on a consistent basis (i.e., cooking, cleaning, sexing him to his satisfaction, etc.), and finally
- FORGIVENESS for his LIES and SINS by simply asking for it and is expected to receive a FIRST CLASS TICKET TO HEAVEN.

Now what PLAYER (oops, I mean man) in his right mind is going to walk away from an opportunity like that if they get the chance to do so?
For you DESPERATE and FOOLISH souls out there, "May God bless you and the PULPIT PIMP keep you emotionally high while you are FINANCING his HEAVEN here on earth" since you refuse to give him up and THINK FOR YOURSELVES.

FINALLY: I must say that IF following those PIMPS keeps you from doing physical, mental or financial harm to ANYONE ELSE in anyway possible then by all means NEVER leave them. IF that's the case then they are doing a wonderful COMMUNITY service.


  1. MR. JDUVAL you will burn in hell for talking about God's chosen messengers. How dare you speak in such negative terms. These messengers are just men capable of making mistakes just like any other man. I love my pastor and even if he falls from time to time I will be right there to pick him up. These men of God deserve the riches due them because of the tireless work that they do. You need to repent, confess Jesus as your personal savior and stop posting such negative things on your site. I will pray for your salvation.

  2. Interesting to me how many agree that pastors are "capable of making mistakes" and "even if he falls ... I will be right there to pick him up." Myself included. I have a question though: If discovered that he has been sleeping with a man, would you be just as eager to pick him up?


  3. Hello Anonymous. Yes I would pick him up and forgive him. Here is why I would do so:

    "What is the Biblical measure of forgiveness? Seventy times seven. In Matthew 18:21-22, we read, Then Peter came to him and asked, “Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?” “No!” Jesus replied, “seventy times seven!” What does this mean?

    Unlimited In Luke 17:3-4, Jesus says, “I am warning you! If another believer sins, rebuke him; then if he repents, forgive him. Even if he wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, forgive him.”

  4. Ok Sister Sarah. I'm going to do "anti-religious" thing here and apply some reason to your comment above. I do realize that I am just REASSURING my place in HELL with what I am about to do and so be it.

    I like to start a discussion by eliminating as much confusion, in the beginning, by clarifying or defining certain terms or words used in a discussion. I am going to define certain words that were placed here:

    REASON - To draw conclusions from facts.
    SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN - Basic math which equals 490.
    UNLIMITED - Not confined to a specific amount.
    REBUKE - To express sharp, stern disapproval of.
    REPENTS - To feel such sorrow for sin or fault as to be disposed to change one's life for the better.
    FORGIVE - To pardon an offense.
    IRRATIONAL - Contrary to reason; unreasonable
    ABSURD - The condition or state in which humans exist in a meaningless, irrational universe.
    EMOTION - A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes.

    According to what you have stated and placed on this blog I would have to consider you to be ABSURD and PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNSTABLE. Let me explain:

    You stated that you would forgive and you placed some scriptures to back your decision. Based upon those that think and behave like you, I can CLEARLY see how easily you all can get PIMPED and PLAYED time after time after time. You have been instructed to FORGIVE someone "even if he wrongs you seven times a day". My question to those who think like you would be, "Why would you ALLOW yourself to remain in the presence of someone that would CONSTANTLY wrong you? This is a PERFECT example how so many male and female CHILDREN are led to believe they are to REMAIN in ABUSIVE relationships (personal, professional or social) as ADULTS as long as the PLAYER/ABUSER (male or female) PRETENDS or CLAIMS to be a BELIEVER. I can't think of a better GAME/HUSTLE than that.

    I truly wish that I could play that RELIGION GAME (of course being the PLAYER/ABUSER and not the DUMB SHEEP) but instead I choose inform males to JUDGE females based upon THEIR behavior and NOT what they HOPE her to be. That same thinking can apply to one's social and personal lives also.

    REMEMBER: If any BELIEVER you know is EVER wronged by someone and they repent (whether it's legitimate or not) you are compelled to tell that BELIEVER, "Don't get angry, you MUST forgive and that person who WRONGED you have at least 489 more times to wrong you again".

  5. Sister Sarah, God bless you for being so willing to forgive a pick up a brother in spirt of his shortcomings. Is it then possible that JDuval, another man, is just as capable of making mistakes as well, and worthy of your forgiveness rather than your condemnation to hell fire?

  6. Correction: in "spite" of his shortcomings.

  7. Hello Anonymous. I want to first thank you for placing your comment in my blog. With that said, I do have to question your references to "shortcomings" and "capable of making mistakes as well, and worthy of your forgiveness" as they apply to me. So that my response can be an intelligent one I must first ask you to CLARIFY your uses of the references that I have mentioned. I will ASSume that your references were based solely upon this particular blog. If that's the case, please point out EXACTLY where I made statements that would cause you to use the references above. That way I can agree with your use of those words or disagree with you.

    I ALWAYS attempt to seek clarity from an individual before I can provide an intelligent response. That minimizes the chances of me making a LEGITIMATE ASS out of myself. I will await your respose. Thanks again!

  8. What you are referring to is called Deliberate Sin. Here is an example.

    A man and woman meet and begin to date. The man says he is a Christian and therefore he is celibate until marriage. After a few months the man says he can not take it any longer and ask the lady to go to bed with him. She say's "I thought you said you can't because of your religion?". The man says " I will ask to be forgiven afterwards".

    That is a true story because I was that woman. lol
    Something tells me that might be a tad bit WRONG.

    1. Did you do with him Ms Breezyze?