Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ASK JAI DUVAL: "FROM THE MOUTH OF A BLACK FEMALE: It Costs Way More Than $7K a Month to Raise a Child"

I have CONSTANTLY encouraged males to QUESTION what comes out of ANY female's mouth and ESPECIALLY a black female because they are accustomed to saying SHIT that makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE but because YOUR THIRSTY ASS is weak for and want pussy, you don't question her.


This DOES APPLY to ANY female WITH A CHILD (not children because the post is about 1 child) that can JUSTIFY more than $7K (per month for child support), ITEMIZE THE COSTS and will STATE HER MONTHLY SALARY.

This DOES NOT APPLY to THIRSTY dudes because you will accept anything she says JUST FOR THE CHANCE of getting some PUSSY.


This MORE THAN $7k A MONTH statement made by this EVERYDAY female who's just like the rest of us EVERYDAY people makes about AS MUCH SENSE as my previous post about a housewife's worth of approximately $135K annually so just as I posted about that, I am posting about this "way more than $7K" statement.


To NOT QUESTION what a female says that MAKES NO SENSE is allowing her to DUMB HERSELF DOWN to a point that SHE REALLY THINKS that DUMB SHIT she is saying IS REALLY INTELLIGENT.


Never allow a female of ANY race (but especially a black female) to say something IF it makes no LOGICAL sense WITHOUT questioning her.

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  1. ------- FINSIH MY DAMN QUOTE - "Which I think should be given part to the mom and part to a trust fund. Sadly... the fight is always over the money it takes to raise a child... odd before men never wanted to keep their developed seed until now. I say do it especially since women are doing such a horrible job raising children... O_o I don't think a child should be used as a damn com up! PERIOD! uugghhh!""