Monday, February 24, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "Three For One Plan for Financial Comfort and Peace of Mind"

For MOST males, COMFORT WILL ALWAYS be measured by the AMOUNT of PUSSY they can get from ONE or MULTIPLE females.  If so, this post is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU.

When it's all said and done, MANY males will realize TOO LATE IN LIFE that their reason for DISAPPOINTMENT and FAILURE will be due to the TIME and MONEY WASTED with the COMPANY THEY KEPT.


This DOES APPLY to any male who seeks success in the form of financial comfort (i.e., able to comfortably pay bills) and peace of mind (i.e., little to no stress).

This DOES NOT APPLY to males that believe they can CHASE PUSSY and ACQUIRE FINANCIAL COMFORT and PEACE in their life because IT IS NOT POSSIBLE for BOTH to exist in your life AT THE SAME TIME.


If you take a SERIOUS look at the company you keep (like I did), you will find that MOST of them are emotionally damaged, financially stressed, unreliable and/or irresponsible.  

These are NORMAL conditions for most people and so normal such that IF you are NOT experiencing and living in the same manner you are looked upon as LYING about your condition or considered to be ABNORMAL.

I, Jai Duval, am an ABNORMAL individual because I have NO ISSUES in my life.


This is what MOST will say because THEY HAVE issues (i.e., problems) in their lives and CAN'T IMAGINE ANYONE not being in the same state as they are.

I have RESPONSIBILITIES and I REFUSE to allow ISSUES into my life. 

When I am approached with issues (i.e., problematic people), I resolve the problem at that time and if the problem can't be resolved at that time, I get rid of the problematic person IMMEDIATELY because I VALUE ME.


-  ISSUES.  More commonly seen as problems, is something MOST create due to THEIR POOR CHOICE in what they do or the company they keep.  Issues (i.e., problems) CAN BE AVOIDED if you make better choices.

-  RESPONSIBILITIES.  Something ALL people will have IF they expect to take care of themselves.  There is no way to avoid responsibilities UNLESS you place (or plan to place) YOUR responsibilities on someone else's shoulders.


My three for one plan INCREASE your chances of financial comfort and peace in your life IF you apply it properly.

-  3 PLATONIC FEMALE FRIENDS.  These are for SOCIAL INTERACTION ONLY which has nothing to do with PHYSICAL APPEAL because social interaction with the opposite sex is a HEALTHY thing to do.  These friends have NO EXPECTATIONS of you spending YOUR MONEY on them and YOU have NO EXPECTATION of having sex with them when you do things together.

-  4 RELIABLE MALE FRIENDS.  Males that are THIRSTY for females or pussy are VERY UNRELIABLE and SHOULD NOT be considered for this core element. These are for BONDING and ASSISTANCE when you need to get something done that you CAN'T DO alone.  Most males are UNRELIABLE when they have a selfish and inconsiderate female in their lives so this core MAY be difficult to maintain.

-  1 CONSIDERATE, COOPERATIVE, RESPONSIBLE FEMALE MATE.  Now this will be your MOST IMPORTANT and MOST DIFFICULT core element to acquire.  MOST females are TIME BANDITS, inconsiderate, uncooperative, selfish, irresponsible and behave like a spoiled child when it comes to being in a relationship.  This core element can contribute to financial comfort and peace of mind as well as cause you to destroy your financial comfort and peace of mind so it's very important that you CHOOSE WISELY.


You have to decide if YOU want to be a part of the NORMAL MAJORITY (i.e., overwhelmed with issues and/or problematic people) or the ABNORMAL MINORITY (i.e., financial comfort and peace of mind).

My 3-4-1 Plan (if applied properly) can assist you in achieving that financial comfort and peace of mind.

Class is dismissed.

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