Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: "RID YOURSELF OF WASTE: Only 1 Out of Every 7 Black Women Nowadays are Worthy of Being in a Relationship With You"

This post is to be applied WITHOUT debate or argument because those 3 behaviors are something that SHE IS CAPABLE of doing but simply CHOOSES to NOT DO with or for you IF she is not doing it.


This DOES NOT APPLY to all black women because there are a FEW of them left that are CONSIDERATE, COOPERATIVE and RESPONSIBLE (but not too many).

This DOES NOT APPLY to black women who are RETARDS because we understand your INABILITY to CONSISTENTLY COMPREHEND.

This DOES APPLY to any black woman who behaves in a manner that does not add to the quality of your life as opposed to taking away from the quality of your life.


Do not allow BLACK HISTORY month to go away WITHOUT YOU contributing to it IF a female you are spending time with or trying to spend time with is a WASTE, LIABILITY and DEADBEAT.


I say that they are a WASTE and NO GOOD for a HEALTHY relationship based upon 3 key CONSISTENT behaviors that seem to be missing in 7 out of 8 black women TODAY:

1) CONSIDERATION FOR YOU.  Her attitude and behavior and how it brings stress or peace and impacts your life in a negative or positive manner. 

2) COOPERATION WITH YOU.  Her willingness to be reasonable and work with you as opposed to being argumentative, selfish and work against you for no legitimate reason at all.

3) RESPONSIBILITY FOR HERSELF.  Her accepting the fact that she (not you) is responsible for maintaining her lifestyle, paying her bills, managing her money maturely and paying her way when she is in your company.


Don't just accept MY WORD for it.  Take those 3 behaviors above and COMPARE it to ANY black female that you have a personal interest in.

REMEMBER that the key is CONSISTENT (not occasional) BEHAVIOR and if all that she is offering is PUSSY or the ILLUSION of getting pussy, DUMP HER.

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