Friday, February 14, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "Who Is a Better Mate for The (Not Her) Relationship"

I'm sure so many of you have heard females say, "I've got a degree, a great career/job, live alone and I'm very independent" and I totally agree with them UNTIL it comes to INTERACTION or RELATIONSHIP with a man.


This DOES APPLY to any male that is seeking contentment, peace-of-mind and productivity in his relationship.


If you are dating a so-called qualified female, seeking a relationship and she is NOT being, considerate, responsible and cooperative WITH YOU then she is WORTHLESS to you and in a MUTUALLY cooperative relationship.


She is TYPICALLY the PRETTY or VERY ATTRACTIVE and HIGHLY VISIBLE woman with the degree and professional career or no degree, works in a professional environment and is well-paid.

She dresses trendy, has a new or almost new automobile and POSSIBLY lives on her own.  I would say live with another qualified woman but usually those bitches simply can't get along with ANY woman so they go solo until they find a man doing FAR BETTER (financially) and MOVE IN with them.

MOST qualified women WILL BE financially over-extended AND emotionally stressed out due to THEIR immature and irresponsible choices in financial management and selection of people they interact with.


She has no degree, a regular job.  Dresses in a very conservative manner and is VERY FRUGAL when it comes to spending her money or EXPECTING YOU to SPEND YOUR MONEY on her".

MOST unqualified women (based upon my definition) WILL BE low keyed, financially comfortable AND emotionally healthy due to THEIR mature and responsible choices in financial management and selection of people they interact with.


When you look at being QUALIFIED or UNQUALIFIED for a relationship WITH YOU, as defined by this american society, the BOTTOM LINE come down to "HOW COOPERATIVE and CONSIDERATE is she WITH YOU"?


Qualified + Inconsiderate + Uncooperative = Disappointment (for you not her)


Unqualified + Considerate + Cooperative = Satisfaction (for both of you)


I can't make choices for you.  I can only provide you with information to think about BEFORE you make your choices.

Class is dismissed so enjoy your weekend.

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