Friday, February 7, 2014


I am SIMPLY TIRED of hearing black people DEFAME the name of UNCLE TOM so I decided to give the IGNORANT (that's simply a lack of knowledge for you IGNORANT people that may get offended) some information so they can APPLY the name of Josiah Henson's character PROPERLY.


This DOES NOT APPLY to IDIOTS, MORONS and N-WORDS because JUST AS I CAN'T get them to STOP USING the "n-word", I'm sure that they won't STOP USING the "Uncle Tom" name as an example of a SELLOUT.


FOR THOSE OF YOU who ARE NOT any of the 3 mentioned in the above disclaimer, I would appreciate it if you would SHARE this post to ENLIGHTEN those who simply DO NOT KNOW any better and are VICTIMS of RACIST MIND FUCKING.

FOR THOSE OF YOU who would rather argue this point, save it for someone who is STUPID ENOUGH to GET BAITED in a meaningless argument because I AM NOT THE ONE and you should know that by now.


STOP DEFAMING the name Uncle Tom.  You should BE PROUD if you are called Uncle Tom because that OPENS the door of opportunity for YOU to explain to some poor MIND FUCK VICTIM the TRUTH about who Uncle Tom was.

STOP ALLOWING or BELIEVING those who have HISTORICALLY murdered your ancestors/heroes, MODIFIED your history (for their benefit), LIED TO YOU about your history/ancestors and then TELL YOU WHO YOUR HEROES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and HOPEFULLY MANY will share this post for other to see.

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