Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ASK JAI DUVAL SESSION: "Why Do Ya'll Block Folks That Don't Agree With You"

Never allow a female to ATTEMPT to shame you or accuse you WITHOUT intelligently challenging her.


This DOES APPLY to any female who behaves in this manner.

This DOES NOT APPLY to any female who does not behave like this.

This DOES NOT APPLY to dudes looking for JUST SEX because to you it really don't matter what they are saying.


The STUPID comments or conversations that MANY females have is because STUPID, WEAK and THIRSTY MALES have allowed it to occur with them.

STOP allowing yourselves to be DUMB DOWN by interacting with these types of females and START challenging them with they say something that IS NOT CLEAR or CLEARLY MAKES NO SENSE.


The MORE you entertain STUPID comments or conversations as opposed to challenging THEM, the LOWER YOUR I.Q. will become and if you do it long enough YOU WILL become an IDIOT, MORON or SIMP.

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