Monday, July 7, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "WRONG CLASS: My Classes Are Not For Whining, Complaining, Bashing or Immature (Clown-like) Behavior"

If you are here to whine, complain, bash or clown then you have CHOSEN or been REFERRED TO the wrong class.


These classes ARE FOR mature males that are seeking to IMPROVE the QUALITY SELECTION of females in their lives when it comes to interacting and/or having females as a FRIEND or COMPANION.

These classes ARE NOT FOR immature males, players, wanna-be players or SIMPS


These classes are about YOU CHANGING YOUR THINKING and BEHAVIOR in a manner that will BENEFIT YOU without:

- doing harm to,

- foolishly doing for,

- talking advantage of, 

- being taken advantage of by, 

ANY females in your past, present or future.


If you are here to clown, whine, complain or bash females, you should LEAVE NOW.

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