Sunday, July 27, 2014

YOUTH "MENTAL" TRAINING CAMP: "Give Me a Young Impressionable Mind and I Will Strengthen It and Teach Him How to Value Himself First"

I had to post this information that came to me from a 16 year old 10 grader who's aunt introduced him to my blog site.


I need to reach out to the youth who have NOT HAD as much PROGRAMMING and CONDITIONING as MOST of you males.  Yes they have been PARTIALLY programmed through the MEDIA and SIMP male relatives or fathers but I truly believe that THERE IS STILL HOPE TO SAVE MOST OF THEM.


I truly believe that MOST, if not all, of my efforts are being WASTED on MOST male adults and ESPECIALLY those that are in marital or non-marital relationships regardless of race, color, ethnic or economic background.

If you doubt it, just take a look at what MOST of them are posting right here on Facebook.  Do you think what they are posting is going to BENEFIT many of these YOUNG minds or CORRUPT them in a negative way.

Here are just a few poor examples that GOING NO WHERE MALES will display to the young impressionable minds:

- Complaining about worthless females yet REMAINING with them

- Wasting time EXCHANGING insulting or meaningless comments with them

- Telling them they are Kings and they need to find themselves their Queen 

- Giving them STRATEGIES on how to get them or get sex from them

- Being a gentleman or ladies man in order to entertain them to get what he want

- Posting NONSENSE about worthless females yet providing no solutions and by the way, the BEST SOLUTION is to simply LEAVE THOSE TYPES ALONE

There are the BEHAVIOR and ADVICE from IMMATURE and FOOLISH males that, in most cases, will end up LIVING OFF OF someone else.


As usual, I don't give a shit if any female or male don't like this post because MY CONCERN is for the young males and not those OLD FOOLS.

"You can build their bodies but let me HELP build their minds or they shall WILLINGLY give up SOME or ALL of what they WORK and SACRIFICE for to a female"  - Jai Duval

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