Sunday, July 6, 2014

MENTALLY STRONG MALES ONLY: "Single or Married SIMPS Not Allowed"

STAND YOUR GROUND: Considerate, Cooperative and Financially Responsible Women Welcomed Only Because We Do Not Negotiate With Inconsiderate, Uncooperative or Financially Irresponsible females.

The SIMP EPIDEMIC has GONE VIRAL and the number of Single and Married SIMPS are growing. Are you MENTALLY prepared? Don't allow yourself to get SIMPlified.

Still in production. I want to make sure the material is CLEAR and ON POINT before putting them online for purchase because I know Inconsiderate, Uncooperative or Financially Irresponsible females will be looking for contradictions.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE your blog -- please get out the materials in e-book form (or even a paperback on Amazon etc.) asap because HALF THE WORLD *REALLY* NEEDS TO WAKE THE FCUK UP BRO!

    ps: I only found your site because one of your brilliant thought-provoking comic images was in the background of some MGTOW video on Youtube :)