Monday, July 21, 2014

CLASS IS IN SESSION: "NEVER EVER DO THIS: Never Surrender Your Balls, Backbone, Dignity and Finances for Female Companionship"

Far too many males have done this and ALL of them eventually REGRET doing it.

I'm sure that "maybe" your mom, some other females in your family, your EMASCULATED dad or OTHER EMASCULATED married or single males may have told you that YOU MUST DO WHATEVER it takes to get her and keep her happy.


Once you FOOLISHLY give it up, you will NEVER get it back from her.  the ONLY thing that you should be giving a female is TIME and the OPPORTUNITY for her to prove if she is a CONSIDERATE, COOPERATIVE and FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE female.


These types of females WILL NOT EXPECT or REQUIRE you to do something so STUPID.

They should EXPECT and REQUIRE the same thing from you that I encourage you to expect and require of them which is TIME and OPPORTUNITY to prove if you are a considerate, cooperative and financially responsible male.


I encourage DECENT, SENSIBLE males to:

- REQUIRE a woman he has a personal interest in as a FUTURE mate, partner and wife to DISPLAY her ability to be CONSIDERATE, COOPERATIVE and FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE (pay her own way) when she is with him. Otherwise, if he is just LOOKING FOR SEX then pay for everything and HOPE she gives it up

- ONLY RESPECT women who carry themselves in a respectable manner

- ONLY GIVE COMPLIMENTS regarding a female's appearance to YOUR WOMAN and NOT other women or the woman you are dating

- ALWAYS GIVE COMPLIMENTS to ANY female that does some sort of WORK be it personally, socially or professionially

I don't try to REACH OUT to those males that DON'T RESPECT a woman's ability to be INDEPENDENT. I simply avoid those males.


Formulate your own conclusions and make your own decisions on this one because "I HAVE WARNED YOU".

Class is dismissed.

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