Thursday, July 3, 2014


Do I really have to say something other that what's on this illustration?  Well I guess that I do have to for the IDIOTS, MORONS and SIMPS out there.

IF YOU WANT a GOOD woman then YOU MUST do at least 5 basic things:

1.  DUMP the DEADBEAT female that you have with you now

2.  STOP whining about, communicating and arguing with MEANINGLESS females that DO NOT PROVIDE you with USEFUL information

3.  STOP wasting your time with IMMATURE MALES that just sit around UNJUSTIFIABLY condemning ALL women or POSTING STUPID SHIT and START interacting with MATURE and PRODUCTIVE males

4.  START communicating and associating with women that are Considerate, Cooperative and Financially Responsible (pay their own way)

5.  SPEND TIME developing and improving YOUR SKILL SET so that you will be a MORE MARKETABLE individual.


Remember there are some GOOD women out there although their numbers are small and constantly decreasing and AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN with that DEADBEAT, your chances of having a good woman is CONSTANTLY slipping away.

I can only PROVIDE you with information that can INCREASE the chances of IMPROVING YOUR quality of life.  You have to choose to apply it or not.

Class is dismissed.

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