Saturday, July 13, 2013

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Do You Seriously Think That All Black People Can Come Together In Harmony As One"?

This is a NICE thought but an UNREALISTIC idea because not only do we live in a system that has created a culture that WILL NOT ALLOW IT, no other group of people in this culture we live in are ALL GETTING ALONG.


This DOES APPLY to anyone who believe any group in this culture we live in can all get along.


I guess since so many of us black people (myself EXCLUDED) still PRETEND to be kings and queens (in this country and culture), I am NOT SURPRISED when I hear many of them say that WE (black people collectively) need to come together as one.


ALL black people WILL NEVER come together as one on anything.

NO GROUP of people will ALL come together as one on anything.

You stand a far better chance of having thoughtful, informed (not programmed) and responsible people coming together for productive purposes REGARDLESS of color.


The biggest obstacle are IGNORANT (that's simply lack of knowledge for you ignorant people who don't know what the word truly means), irresponsible, selfish, immature, inconsiderate and believe it or not religious black people (since this is about black people coming together).


You can CONTINUE your DELUSIONAL attempts at pulling ALL black people together if you wish because THAT IS your right. I personally prefer to NOT attempt to ICE SKATE UPHILL.

I prefer to align myself with SENSIBLE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE people REGARDLESS of color and also have enough COMMON SENSE to not even wish you good luck on such a RIDICULOUS task.

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